value valentines.

Last week, I picked up the February issue of Country Living...mostly because I spotted the beautiful bookshelves on the front cover. When I finally had a chance to look at it this week, I spotted a simple and an inexpensive way to make my valentines this year! 

I decided to take my own twist on this little gem...

All photos taken by {av}, except the magazine cover--found via Country Living

What you need: paint strips, glue, glitter, + a metallic pen {plus optional hole punch}

Before you get started: use a solid-colored paint strip to punch a few hearts + locks to use {if you choose to purchase the punch}

Step-by-Step Instructions {after trial and error with the pen + the glitter}:
1) Using the glue, create an "O" in the second square and make sure it isn't too raised with the tip of the glue bottle
2) Sprinkle the glitter on the glue "O" with a piece of paper underneath - repeat until fully covered
3) Take the metallic pen and write one half of an "X" in the first square and a full "X" in the third square
4) Glue the key as the other half of the "X" in the first square and use the heart as an "O" in the fourth square**
5) {not shown} Fill in the remaining squares with a short and sweet message
**Should you not purchase the whole punch {which is certainly ok!}, you can use a different color pen to draw the key or the heart

Though I felt a bit scandalous picking up paint strips {without an intent to buy} at Home Depot and Benjamin Moore, I couldn't be more happy with the end result!
After trying out a number of different types of paint strips, I found that the ones from Benjamin Moore worked quite well. The one I used even had a color called "yours truly"! {It was Strip #009 - with colors 1317 through 1323.} 
The cost on this value valentine is minimal, considering you may already have glue and glitter in your craft goodies. I did buy the Martha Stewart Heart + Lock punch at Michael's. Though it had a $12.99 pricetag, Martha's tools were on 25% off this week--so it came home with me for $9.75! {I'm planning to use it for future bachelorette parties and bridal showers for my yet-to-be-married friends.}

As a sidenote, a BIG hooray {and a BIG thank you!} to Jillian, Ashley, Ashley AnnAna, and Kells who joined me for this week's Friday's Fancies...I'm so happy they did! I'd love to have more of you join in next week :) Thank you all for all your sweet comments too! It means the world to me that you take time out of your days to stop by {long distance loving}.

I hope you all had a great Saturday--and enjoyed this little value valentine! 
More tomorrow! xoxo {av}


  1. THIS is the cutest thing ever :) I love love that heart and lock punch :) Martha Stewarts punches are the best even though they are pricey and so glad you got it for that cheap! I definitely want to add this to a post I'm doing for Valentine's Day if you don't mind :)

  2. That is adorable & I will probably be doing something very similar!!!
    Thank you so much for posting this!!

  3. What an incredible idea! Going to raid Home Depot tomorrow to make these for my girlfriends. :)

  4. I LOVE IT! I love the names of the paint colors too! I spent so much time thinking of perfect color names for my cowls in my ETSY shop; there is a lot in a name!
    <3 Leigh

  5. How neat! AND such a great idea!! I love the way that they turned out!!

  6. This is SO adorable! What a great idea!! I absolutely want to do this!

  7. Well this is just adorable. Thanks for sharing! they turned out very well.

    have a great rest of the weekend while it lasts.

  8. this is verrrrrry cutE!

    come check out the 100th post!

  9. what a super cute and personalized idea.

  10. So cute- what a fabulous idea! Love!!

  11. Ohhhh love the valentines idea!!

  12. That is an adorable idea! I might have to try some of these out... I have enough paint strips to make 100 little cards. :)

  13. This is sooo cute!! You're so creative!

  14. what a FUN idea! I've got to try this for sure! on Valentine's day my family gives each other small homemade gifts. It's so fun! and this will be on my list of to dos before V day. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  15. Such a cute, inexpensive idea! I always forget about doing valentines crafts!

  16. Pantone ( or Ben Moore, it's all good) color palette v-day goodness. what a cute idea, love it.

    thanks for visiting me lovely!!! ♥

  17. this is beyond adorable. I so have to try this!! xoxo

  18. Just bought my glitter glue and scrounged some paint strips from Walmart. What a cute (and favorite!) idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  19. What a fantastic idea! I love any idea with paint samples. Your Valentine's are so cute!