so honored.

Yesterday, I got quite a fun surprise in my inbox--a sweet email from Jen over at Life Spelled Jen letting me know that she chose me to receive the Stylish Blogger Award! Not only was I honored to make her list, I was super excited to pick up my first blog award!

As the rules go, I must first link to the fabulous blogger, Jen, who gave me this award, share seven facts about myself, and then pick fifteen other lovely ladies who deserve this award!

Here are my seven facts:
1) I was tongue tied when I was born, but you'd never know it because I talk so fast.
2) I reallllllllllllllllly hate pickles. And cucumbers. And broccoli. And onions. I desperately wish I wasn't so picky.
3) I held my first job at a grocery store, where I nearly lost my pinky in the floral department one Mother's Day. 
4) I had my first kiss one day before I turned 16--the same night I got hit in the face with a bottle rocket. 
5) I started reading the Gossip Girl novels in 12th grade, long before the show graced our televisions. They were my guilty pleasure all through college.
6) I hated chocolate until age 4. Somewhere along the line, my tastes changed...and I'm now a chocolate fiend. And could eat warm chocolate chip cookies all. day. long.
7) I don't play sports with balls. I played soccer for seven years and basketball + volleyball for two years and scored only 8 points in my entire career {with underhand volleyball serves}. Thank goodness I picked up running!

Here are fifteen stylish ladies you need to check out NOW:
{Apologies if anyone has already received this award--I tried to find new recipients!}
In alphabetical order by blog name... 
Kristen @ A Kapple A Day
Anna @ annawithlove
Kendall @ C.W.F.H.L. 
Caroline @ Her Own Eden
Katie + Leigh @ Kate & Leigh
Jessica @ Loving Fast
Deanna @ Mellow Fever
Ashley @ Run With Me

A big thank you again to Jen--you definitely brightened an otherwise lackluster Wednesday! An even bigger thank you to each of the ladies I listed have made the last two months so rewarding! Even better, your style is thankfully rubbing off on me ;) 

Can't wait to share Friday's Fancies with you tomorrow! 
Until then, 
xoxo {av} 

P.S. You have a little over three days left to enter my giveaway
Make sure you get your picks in before Sunday :)


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out and award! I'm excited to pick the bloggers I have met who also deserve this award! :)

  2. what an awesome start to a day-big congratulations to you! and I am honored to be included in your 15 - seriously - that alone made my day- and maybe your #4 fact - b/c it was funny :)

  3. Wonderful to get to know you a bit better, and to discover some of your favorite bloggers!

  4. Hello!! So happy you graced my comment page and became one of my newest followers! I totally heart you and your blog because..

    a. I love jcrew
    b. I love JIFF so much that a classmate of mine found the last thing of it at a random import store here in England and got it for me...
    c. 20 something newleyweds are my fav...because I am one...

    ALSO the husband and I are trying to figure out places to live when we get back to the US in October and New England seems like a fun idea...thoughts?

    Meg {your newest follower}

  5. Congrats on the much deserved awar Av!! :) Happy New Year gorgeous!! xo

  6. Yay! Congrats on the award, girl! You totally deserve it! Yippee!

  7. Congratulations and thank you for passing it on to me! You are SO sweet! So glad we are bloggy friends!

  8. oh congratulations! isn't it so happy when you get a reward? fun!

  9. i guess i should have said AWARD not REWARD. haha don't judge!

  10. Congratulations and thank you! You definitely deserve it, and I'm so flattered myself to have been picked. I started reading Gossip Girl long before the series, too -- so different. Hope you've had a wonderful week! :)

  11. Congratulations on the award! I hated chocolate for the longest time and now I can't get enough.. I sure wish my tastes hadn't changed!

    Come by and enter my giveaway for a 5-pack of Softlips lip balm if you like:
    just click here

  12. How was your trip darling?!
    I hope you had a fantastic time! And I hope the weather wasn't too bad for you. I sure did love Easy A! It was a riot!
    Hope you're having a swell Thursday ;)

  13. Congratulations on the award. I loved reading your fun facts, specially #4. I had my first real kiss at age 15 as well, minus the bottle rocket of course. Thank you so much for the award, I am flattered.

  14. thanks for the love and congrats again!

  15. Yahhhh!! Congrats girl, you def deserve this award :) love the little facts (my first job was at a grocery store too!!) I hope you have a lovely weekend! Xoxo jcd

  16. aw congrats! and thank you for this! my first job was at a grocery store as well!

  17. Congrats and thank you lovely lady!! You are the best!!!

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so LOVED. I'm going to have to do my post sometime tomorrow ;).

  19. Oh my gosh! Thank You so much! :)
    I've been so busy with life so I haven't gotten around to posting it, but I will be thinking of my seven random things and congrats to you for wining it yourself!

    PS You're a runner? I am an aspiring runner! :)