drumroll please.

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

This week, I hosted my very first giveaway--
and now, I'm very happy to announce my first winner

{Screenshot from RTR}

I counted 22 successful entries. Using a random number generator, I produced number:

{Screenshot from random.org}

So...who's the lucky lady with $50 to spend?

{Photo by Betsy Kershner}
Lena writes an incredibly lovely wedding blog which you should all check out...even if you're not planning a wedding. She has a classic style which I could only hope to emulate. The photos she features are a daily dose of prettiness and perfection. 

  Even better for Lena, she can turn this $50 turn into $70 with a promotion running on Rent The Runway during the month of January. That could spell a fun accessory :)

{Screenshot from a RTR email}

If you didn't happen to win, consider this promotion a little consolation prize! You can get a $50 rental for $30. Hello, happiness! I see a few dresses for our girls weekend in NOLA in my future...

A very BIG thank you to all who entered--and Lena
we can't wait to see photos of you in your fabulous get-up!

Have a great Sunday night everyone--until tomorrow...xoxo {av}


  1. ahh lucky her!! Thanks for the promo Code though :D

  2. Congrats!! xoxo jcd
    ps thanks for the promo code :)

  3. I'm blushing like mad-you are too sweet! I can't wait to pick out something perfect and wear it for a much-needed night out on the town!

  4. ahhh so jealous! hope you have a give away like this again soon! :)

  5. congrats Lena! I hope you enjoy the dress that you decide, which shouldn't be hard, because all the dresses they have are AMAZING!

    thanks AV for the promotion code also, should come in handy for lots of us ♥

  6. lucky lena!! wish i'd seen the giveaway earlier ;)