friday's fancies #7.

I can't believe Friday is here! With a snow day on Wednesday, it feels more like Tuesday than Friday...but hey, I won't complain! Tonight, we'll be dining at Gracie's, one of our favorite restaurants in Providence, with another recently married couple from Georgetown. {j} and I worked at Intermix together for a few years in college--but we actually met freshman year working elsewhere...coincidentally where she met her husband, {t}. Since they moved to Boston, we got back in touch--and it's been so fun to have girls nights, but for tonight, we thought we'd include our boys. {j} is quite the fashionista herself, so we always chat about our recent I generally can't wait for tonight!

I anticipate a fun night, swapping Georgetown tales and reminiscing about our recent weddings. Since they're coming directly from work, I wouldn't want them feel overdressed, so I decided I would create a fun day-to-night ensemble. If money were no object, I'd wear this outfit...
{images are screenshots from the sites listed below}
1) This black miki top from my perennial favorite, Kate Spade, provided a great {albeit simple} canvas on which I built this outfit. 
2) Playing to my feminine side and further illustrating my love for Kate Spade, I thought these all wrapped up studs were a perfect choice to play up the sweater I chose. 
3) Milly strikes again...this Belle du Jour beaded cardigan feeds into that feminine angle flawlessly.
4) Though I'm just not a pink girl {apologies to all my pink-loving friends!}, I am trying to bring more into my wardrobe. For me, this fuschia pencil skirt from J.Crew would be a fabulous foray into the world of pink.
5) Growing up, I despised wearing tights. So much so, I went bare-legged {much to my mother's horror} from roughly ages 15 to 23...until I discovered Spanx. These dotted fishnet Spanx are delicately beautiful--and would help me {ever-so-slightly} with the cold night ahead.
6) As much as I love Kate Spade totes, I had a soft spot for this journal newspaper clutch. It wouldn't function well for work, but it would be perfect for this night out on the town...and I loved the contrast of the white and black with the fuschia skirt.
7) I obviously want to put my best foot forward...and these Jimmy Choo Private Patent Leather Sandals would help me do just that. 

If anyone feels inspired this week {or on a future Friday} to create their own Friday's Fancies, here, again, is the graphic you can add to your collage. {I'll add it on my sidebar soon!} I'd love for you to join me in dreaming up the perfect Friday ensemble.
Here's to the Friday night ahead--and whatever it spells for you! 
Happy weekend! xoxo {av}

P.S. So glad you liked my fun {and affordable!} finds yesterday from Old Navy...
I'm hoping I can do a budget-friendly fashion find post every so often :)


  1. LOVE your outfit choice :) I need that pencil skirt in my life.

  2. I'm one of those pink loving friends, so obv, that skirt is amazing. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ooo...those choo's are so chic! happy to have discovered you via my cup of te!


  4. have fun tonight!! love love the polka dot tights! xoxo jcd
    ps i was totally going to do a fridays fancies post and i forgot. epic fail! will schedule one for next week!

  5. Love the color of that skirt.

    It'd be awesome if you did a link up for Friday Fancies!

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Ahhh I love Friday's Fancies! And that clutch.. it WOULD be Kate Spade. So so cute. I should just assume that everything that catches my eye at this point is Kate Spade. I'm so jealous you worked at Intermix! They have such a gorgeous selection, even though I can only afford half of it. Have fun with your friend tonight and a lovely weekend!

  7. oh my oh my do i love that clutch! it is darling. this whole outfit is :) xo
    i hope you have a wonderful evening and an amazing dinner lovely lady!

    hope you have a magical weekend as well!

    much love ♥ lindsay

  8. The newspaper clutch is so clever. oh, and, the shoes are pretty sexy!

  9. Great look! hope you have a great night and weekend, dear! :)

    i wander, i wonder

  10. Hey! Darling outfit. That clutch is so presh. I read your post about our Lauren! Really enjoyed it! She is so fab ;-) Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  11. cute shoes!! OMG so I just found out Rent the Runway is soon going to be offering bridesmaid dresses!! YAY!

  12. Love the outfit. Have a lovely weekend pretty lady:)

  13. I'm loving the skirt and cardigan!! LOVE!

  14. I'm also one of those pink loving friends,I fancy your choices too!

  15. i love all your choices :) especially the skirt and the shoes. stunning.
    so happy i came across your blog, i love it. i am a new follower :) x

  16. i love that skirt! hey just wanted to say thanks for your gym comment! here's a post i wrote a while back on group classes if you've never taken any! maybe it will help? Thanks gir!

  17. Love your outfit! I picked an outfit out too!

  18. love it - those shoes are so great!


  19. i love the color of that skirt!!!

  20. Love this outfit choice, perfect for date night, maybe someday $$$ will grow on trees...I am hoping!
    Very cute Blog!