friday's fancies #83.

Happy Friday, friends! With June nearly in the books, it is only appropriate to devote a week to being beachy chic for #FridaysFancies :) I crafted this sassy ensemble with my sun savvy pledge in mind. After a few years out of the sun, I have finally found a happy medium and this outfit showcases it!

Since my bout with melanoma, bathing suits scared me a bit. When I realized that covering my stomach, where the melanoma had appeared, would help eliminate that fear, I felt loads better. I now swear by La Blanca suits, and only wish this One Piece Bandeau Swimsuit were in my beach bag.

I discovered this Clarins Sun Care Milk Lotion Spray SPF 50+ in April--and will likely never buy another sunscreen ever again. Not only does it smell good, it provides fantastic coverage. It really is a 'lotion spray' and is incredibly easy to apply. The pricetag is a bit steep, but it's worth it in my book.

I've fallen head over heels for Mott 50, a brand which weaves UV protection into their clothes. This Christine Sleeveless Shift Dress would work as a cover-up or a fun sundress, so it's a winner to me!

Jack Rogers require little explanation. These Rio Navajos are bold, beautiful, and perfectly beachy.

I've been dying to own a Sea Bag for as long as I can remember and this Whale Tale Tote might need to be my first purchase. It's functional and fashionable, which makes it ideal for the sun and sand.

For an extra ounce of protection, I always pack a floppy hat. This sunhat from Hat Attack provides just the right amount of shade for reading in the bright sun--and staying protected.
If you haven't seen it yet, I wrote an article all on my love affair with sunscreen in the current issue of Sweet Lemon! It starts on page 63 :) {Shout-out to one of my bloggy besties, Jenna, for taking the photos!} Endless thanks to those of you joining in the beach party today--I wish you all could join me in Laguna Beach with my besties! You can follow me on Instagram to feel like you're there. Want to join in the #FridaysFancies fun?? Click here to join the Friday's Fancies mailing listI'll see you on Monday!

P.S. See more of yours truly today over on Schue Love and The Urban Slant :)

bestie birthday gifts.

Happy Thursday! Today happens to be one of my bestie's birthdays--and in light of this special day, I thought it would be fun to pull together a little birthday gift guide. Another of my takeaways from my reader survey was that many of you were hoping for more wallet-friendly get excited, each and every one of the gifts below is at {or under} $25. They're fun and thoughtful and sure to please!

There were so many other goodies I didn't include, so I might save those for another day. {I didn't want to bombard you!} Since birthdays happen all year round, maybe I'll create one later this year with fresh goodies ;) I'll see you all tomorrow for a beachy round of Friday's Fancies!

three years ago.

I can't really believe it, but three years ago today, {cv} and I officially ended our long distance days and moved into our little loft apartment in Providence. It feels a little like yesterday, but it also feels like a lifetime ago. After years spent in Georgetown townhouses and citified apartments, we opted for this space because we knew it would be different than any space we'd ever buy. It may not have all the finishes we wanted, but it works beautifully for what we needed {then and now}...

This little anniversary had me thinking back to the absolute joy of walking in our apartment that day with {cv} to know we'd never have to travel to one another again. It was amazing to see the blank canvas to create what we wanted. I reveled in knowing we would no longer be buying two of everything--and that we could finally start our life together.

It is so strange to look at these pictures today. This space didn't hold any memories then but it holds so many today. With our friends and family. With our kittens {turned cats}. With each other.

This little loft will always have a soft spot in my heart, even if I simply cannot wait to get into our house next year. Having actual rooms--rather than one huge space--is such a novel concept, though I'll never forget how it forced us to learn about that much more about each other. Honestly, every couple should be forced to live in a space with no doors {with the exception of the bathrooms, of course!} ;)

You may not see many photos of our apartment as it looks today, except little instagram peeks here + there, because we're maxed out. {Read: we have a house full of wonderful wedding gifts in an apartment-sized space!} In the very least, it is your little peek to imagine me sitting on our couch writing blog posts. It is also encouragement for those of you who aren't done with your long distance days to know it will end one day. Thanks for helping us "celebrate" this little anniversary!

P.S. If you're looking to submit your story for my bi-weekly {distance makes the heart grow fonder} series, click here!


It's only appropriate Laguna Beach is back on MTV this week. Why you ask? In mid-June, I booked an impromptu girls' weekend with airline miles in LC's old stomping grounds. For this coming weekend. For a planner like me, my spontaneity took me by surprise--but I cannot wait to be reunited with two of my besties on the west coast on Saturday.

This weekend, I feel as though I'll be living out a 36 Hours feature on New York Times. I arrive mid-morning on Saturday and then have a red-eye home on Sunday night. The schedule isn't ideal, but I'll be back to work bright and early on Monday, riding the wave of what is sure to be a great weekend. With the quick turnaround, we're still trying to plot out our short time together, which is where you come in. With your help, each and every trip since I started blogging has been better than the one before. 

I'd absolutely love your input on the must-see's in and around Orange County. We'll have a car, so mobility isn't an issue. We love yummy food and tasty drinks--and anywhere we can relish in some girl time. Since little {v}s aren't in the picture just yet, I knew I had to jump on the chance to fly west. I'm only young once, right? And please forgive me for not staying longer--I promise a west coast Blogger Blitz soon!

starting today.

A very happy Monday to you! If there was one surprising takeaway from the survey I posted last week,  it was that many of you wanted to hear more about my life. First things first, I was beyond flattered my life even matters to you. I assume with blogs that most people read because of pretty pictures or content, but your responses made me realize I should be giving you more of me. I'm starting today :)

In seventh grade, I knew I was going to be cut from the volleyball team, so rather than risk imminent failure, I decided to try something else: cross country. {Ball sports are not my forte. At all.} My first year, I was last at nearly every meet. It was frustrating beyond belief, but the sense of accomplishment for simply finishing a race was enough for me. I kept working at it--and came back the next year near the top of the roster. The hard work paid off for me in middle school and high school. Though I wasn't breaking any records, I found a certain solace in running--and an incredible circle of friends.

I made the decision not to run in college because I wanted a more "normal" collegiate experience--and because the schools I wanted to attend had much better programs than the D3 schools who recruited me. When I left for Georgetown, my running ended up on the back burner. At the end of my freshman year, I realized I needed to do a little soul searching and decided to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon. Truth be told, I loved every minute of training--even when it was incredibly hard. I got an ear infection the week of the race, but I finished {though not quite as quickly as I would have liked} and found my "rhythm" in the process.

Running became a bigger fixture in my life again after the marathon. It gave me time to think and get away from the craziness of college life. After graduation, I kept with it and ran a few ten-milers and half-marathons here and there. It wasn't until right around the time I started this blog that I decided it was time for another marathon. I signed up for a marathon in May 2011, knowing full well I'd be doing most of my training during a New England winter. The problem was that I picked the worst winter in ages to train, which relegated me to a treadmill for the entire month of January. {If you remember my lack of ball-handling skills, you'll understand I'm a huge klutz--which is a bad recipe with ice and snow.}

The month on the treadmill handed me a nasty setback: a severe tibia stress fracture--which meant no May marathon. I signed up for another in October, thinking I'd be recovered by then, only to be sidelined by a longer recovery. I managed a half-marathon last year {strangely, with a PR}, but somehow, by January, I felt that sneaky little pain in my lower right leg...and knew the injury was back.

I didn't {and haven't} talked about it much because I know so many people have much worse ailments than I do. Running helped me stay centered--and without it, I felt more than a little lost. My physical therapy this winter helped me regain my confidence enough to sign up for this October's Marine Corps Marathon. I started my training last week. I'm loving each and every run, but I'm also paying lots of attention to my body because I don't want to be sidelined again. I'm sharing this today because I know it will be a big part of my life in the next few months. 

Don't worry--I have no intention upon changing {long distance loving} into a running blog, though the name fits ;) As I push for that finish line in October, the quote above was a solid reminder to try to be better--in running, blogging, and life in general. If you've made it this far in the post, thank you! I promise shorter posts in the future, but this topic needed some explanation. I simply would love your thoughts and/or prayers as I try down this road again. Any tips would be welcome too! I am beyond grateful for readers like you...

friday's fancies #82.

Happy Friday's Fancies! It's finally {color}block party time! As this outfit evolved, I realized it looked a little patriotic, which wasn't my goal at all {though it may be my inner American Studies major talking!}. In reality, red and blue are true compliments on the color wheel, a major element of successful color blocking ;) I'd like to think I rocked the color block, but I'll let you be the judge...

This vibrant BB Dakota Penelope Dress would work all summer long, but the pièce de la résistance is its back! Another feature which made me happy: the $60 pricetag :)

I've professed my love of Ann Taylor heels before, but I'm hoping a 40% off coupon circulates soon because these Darcy Leather High Heel Sandals need to be mine. They're super versatile and fabulous!

Since I have a whole pinterest board devoted to cobalt blue, it was an easy task to track down a great bag in this shade. I didn't have to look any further than this Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Crossbody Bag. It's perfect for walking around a farmer's market or sightseeing along the coast.

These Gucci Sunglasses are large and in charge--exactly how I like my sunglasses. I only wish I could splurge on a bold and beautiful pair like these!

Elyssa Bass outdid herself with these Blue Chalcedony Double-Drop Earrings. Though I've seen similar styles, this rich blue hue had me singing from the rooftops. #love
Join the Friday's Fancies family by clicking here--we'd be so happy to have you in the fold! Sending my love to all my loyal #FridaysFancies ladies this week...I just wish we could actually have a {color} block party altogether ;) We're off to a family wedding celebration in Maine this weekend, but I will see you all back here bright and early on Monday morning! Enjoy each minute of your weekend...

P.S. Chicago ladies--the price for #BloggerBlitzChicago goes up tonight! Do you have your tickets?
P.P.S. If you haven't replied to my reader survey, I'd still love your input :)

a perfect pastime.

Though I can't really believe it, {cv} and I celebrate three years in our apartment complex this month. Sadly, we just discovered this hidden yet magical courtyard--complete with grills! We both grew up loving backyard barbeques, so this find was quite a revelation :) Sure, we may have to cart all the food and tools down the elevator, but our recent grilling exploits have us even more excited to get in our own house. With that in mind, this little round-up has me dreaming of future BBQ feasts...

The best part? Most of these items are on sale at Sur La Table! I wish I could snatch them up, but our apartment is already full to the brim. I'll just cross my fingers they'll have more next year! 

I'll see you all tomorrow for the {color}block party :) Until then...

love or loathe.

Happy Wednesday! I have two important things to share with you today! First things first, I'd love love love your feedback about what you love or loathe on {long distance loving}. Click here to take a short and anonymous survey so that I can give my readers what they want! I can't thank you enough for your feedback--I'm constantly looking for ways to make this little blog better for you

Secondly, I've received a number of emails about my {distance makes the heart grow fonder} series over the last few weeks. Am I going to continue it? Am I still accepting submissions? The answer to both questions is yes--I'm simply going to streamline the process a bit.

If you have a long distance story {either past or present} you'd like to share, please use this form to send it my way. Should I choose your story for publication, I will email you one off for photos. Be sure to take your time with the form because what you share could ultimately end up on {long distance loving}. I'm looking to share two of the best submissions each month--and that could be you!

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to send one off, please email me :) I'm happy to help! Thank you again for everything, friends--especially your feedback! Have a great Wednesday!

P.S. I've turned comments off in this post--you're not going crazy ;)

block party summer.

I needed to do some research to prepare for the {color}block party I'm hosting this Friday. Since this week's round of Friday's Fancies is all about rocking the colorblock, I decided to pull together a round-up of some of my current faves. I love the mod feel of colorblock and only wish I had more of this trend in my closet!

left column: long-sleeved dress + belt + tank + cuff
middle column: bracelet + wallet + purse + skirt
right column: dress + pumps + earrings + cap-sleeved dress

With the clothes which do live in my closet, I find myself more inclined to go bold this summer. I'm not shying away from bright {and unexpected!} color combinations, thanks in part to my drawer full of fun J.Crew chino shorts. {Thank heavens for the factory outlet!} Suffice it to say, I hope the colorblock trend sticks around for a little longer...I have it to thank for my plunge into the fabulous world of color!

Join the {color}block party this Friday and link up for Friday's Fancies! Click here for all the details :) 

yours truly.

I'm here to share a few photos taken of yours truly by the ever lovely Kate Headley. I first met Kate in 2009 at a coffee shop, where she shared a few photos from her recent weddings. Little did she know, I didn't need any convincing. Kate was the only photographer I contacted because her aesthetic just spoke to me. I trusted Kate's eye from the beginning--and it paid off. Our wedding photos truly make the day feel like a dream. The best part? I now call Kate my friend.

When I was in DC in early June, we decided to have a little fun--which involved sneaking into a community garden, being chased by a crazy woman named Barbara, and borrowing a few items from the different plots as props. {Don't worry--we returned them all!} Kate shot entirely on film that day and waiting for the results was worth it :) Per usual, Kate made me feel completely at ease in front of the camera and captured "me" on film. Without further ado...

There you have it! My 13-year-old self would have balked at the tremendous volume of my curly hair that day, but my 27-year-old self embraced it. These photos also give a nod to my southern Indiana upbringing. Though I can't say I ever lived on a farm, I was a twelve-year veteran of 4-H! 

I truly cannot thank Kate enough for a more perfect day--or for these photos. {And yes, you can fall in love with her too--find her here on twitter and facebook. She shares phenomenal photos from recent weddings that will make your heart swoon, I promise.} 

For those of you who liked my new facebook header or my updated twitter picture over the weekend, thank you! I'll share a few other snaps from the second half of the shoot soon :) 

friday's fancies #81.

Hello friends! I'm back from paradise--just in time for another round of Friday's Fancies :) I fell in love with the look below {via Emma's Diary} when it made the rounds on Pinterest. When I decided on the outfit crush theme for this week, I knew this bright + happy look would be my inspiration. It may not be cardigan weather these days, but I re-created this beautiful ensemble the best I could...

I spied the sparkly collar on this Vero Moda Peter Pan Collar Top--and absolutely fell in love. I simply adore the slight pleats down the front of the top too. It's divine.

Leave it to 7 For All Mankind to make The Skinny Jeans: a pair of perfectly crafted white jeans. Whether with heels or flats, I'd love to rock these beauties from May to September!

It may not have many frills, but this DKNY Double Flap Shoulder Bag stands strong on its own. The bone color could make it the most versatile bag I could ever dream of owning...

Diane von Furstenberg nails it with these Lais Oversized Round Sunglasses, but I'm not an ounce surprised. Every detail of her creations make me smile!

The pricetag on these Prada Bow Ballet Flats may have me running for the hills, but one look at them changes my mind. I only wish I could make them my own! Thank heavens for #FridaysFancies, where I can dream big--without forking over a few Benjamins to buy them.
Join the Friday's Fancies family in weeks to come--click here to join the mailing list and start dreaming with us! I love each and every one of my linkers and can't thank you enough for making #FridaysFancies what it is today. {You're awesome!} I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, whether you're relaxing or taking the summer by storm. See y'all on Monday :)

P.S. If you've been thinking about having me polish your blog, now is the time! I'm adjusting my rates on Monday--so email me if you want to get on the schedule before then ;) I'd love to work with you!

arnold palmer.

Hi! I'm Kate from DomestiKated Life and I'm so excited to be covering for {av} today! When she asked me to pick one of my favorite summer treats to bring to life, I knew I had to pick a cocktail combination that is perfect for a warm Summer day:

1) When I think of Summer,  I think of a refreshing Arnold Palmer in a cool, tall glass. And sometimes when I need a little more to my libations than just cooling-power, I kick it up with a dash of sweet tea vodka.

2) I'm a bit of an easy target when it comes to shoes with bows, they win me over every time. Is there anything more lady-like than these?

3) This might be the perfect floral dress for Summer events, from bridal showers to BBQs.

4) Dainty daisy earrings in bright citron yellow complement the floral patterns in the dress.

5) This nail polish color is called Primrose Hill Picnic -- it sounds like Summer; the perfect pop on your toes for when you kick your heels off in the grass.

6) A hot pink clutch in rattan finishes off this ensemble, I love the natural basket weave popping through.

7) And don't forget to dress up your tech, I'm thinking of switching to a cheery yellow gingham iPhone case  to match the season!

Thanks again for having me, Alison! xoxo Kate

miami vice.

Hello lovelies! Carly here from a simple affair, and I couldn't be happier to be here today sharing some summer inspiration! 

I don't know about you, but in the summer I love me some strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas.  And what is the one thing better than the both of those? Well, I'm glad you asked: a Miami Vice, of course, the best of both worlds. 

Not only is the taste magnificent, but there is nothing quite like a classic red and white pairing in my humble opinion, whether it be for a drink or an outfit.  Add a little pop of leopard and gold while sipping on a Miami Vice and that, my friends, would be my ideal summer night.  

Thank you so much for having me today {av}! Cheers to you! xo Carly
{image via}

the macaron.

Hello {long distance loving} readers! I'm Natalie from Natalie Merrillyn, and I'm thrilled to be taking over Alison's blog for the day. Lately, I've been so inspired by my favorite summer refreshment, the macaron. Soft, delicate, pastel, girly, and oh-so-delicious!

Tell me, what has been inspiring you lately?
Thank you so much, Alison, for having me today! 
And be sure to stop by Natalie Merrillyn for more inspiration! 
xoxo Natalie

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a little hello.

Happy Monday from the Bahamas! I'm here for work {I truly can't complain about this one!} and we're making the most of every minute. {cv} couldn't get away from the office, so I got to bring my bff, {ch}, instead--not a bad trade-off if you ask me ;) Thank heavens for free wi-fi because I've been able to Instagram from my beach chair...

This post will be short and sweet because I'm off to a morning meeting, but I couldn't leave you all without a taste of the Bahamas. If you need a little vacay in paradise, be sure to follow me on Instagram :) And don't worry--I'm being sun savvy as always, sporting my trusty SPF 50. More soon, friends!

P.S. I have some very special friends filling in for me this week while I'm away--but don't worry, I'll be back for Friday's Fancies! They'll be sharing their favorite summer're going to love it!

friday's fancies #80.

Raise your hand if you're happy it's Friday! After work, I'm headed to NYC for the night before jetting to the Bahamas for work. In other words, I'm absolutely itching for the weekend. This week's Friday's Fancies is devoted to an essential for any summer wardrobe--shorts. I hope you'll forgive me for using some more coral this week because I couldn't help but use it again once I found these shorts. Without further ado, here's my shorts-centered ensemble...

Free People always has easy, breezy clothing, so it's no surprise this beautiful Bermuda Triangle Tee caught my eye. The bold pattern stands out against the weathered white. I seriously love it.

I'm a long-time fan of these Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings. It is really time to just ante up and buy them, but until then, I'll just included them in my Friday's Fancies ;)

This Milly Elle Metallic Leather Mini Bag adds a little pop of metallic--who can argue with that?

For some pure summer fun, these Splendid Print Shorts do just the trick. I love the polka dots so much! Though they may be a bit of a contrast from the top, it was a risk I was willing to take!

I nearly purchased these Soludos Dali Espadrilles--and after seeing them with this ensemble, I really wish I did. Their lemony yellow scream happiness.
If this outfit doesn't have you wishing for the weekend, I don't know what will! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I can't thank you all enough for linking up with me this week...I'm so grateful to have you! If you're new to #FridaysFancies and would like to link up in future weeks, join the mailing list here so you can get the themes in your inbox. Enjoy each and every moment of your weekend! Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you'd like some peeks of sunshine in the next few days :) See you Monday!

a short story.

Though I shied away from shorts for a few years, I'm head over heels for them these days. Because we're now into June, I thought it would be fun to devote a week of Friday's Fancies to this summery staple. If you need it, here is a little inspiration as you get your posts ready for tomorrow...

left column: top + middle + bottom  |  middle column: top + top middle + bottom middle + bottom 
right column: top + bottom

I adore seeing two solids paired together. With a quick look at this collage, you'll see a lot of bold bright colors paired with a simple white top. Talk about the ultimate warm weather wear! A peek of pattern can also take this look to a whole new level. In other words, solids and patterns are both your friend!

The bottom line is this: shorts are here to stay--at least while the weather cooperates! All I have to say is that you folks who live in year-round short weather are lucky ducks.

{If you love shorts--or fashion in general, join the Friday's Fancies mailing list here so you can join in the future!} I'll see you all for a short + sweet round of Friday's Fancies tomorrow--have a fantastic Thursday!

finding joy.

When {cv} and I were long distance, 400 miles separated us. This song by the Gabe Dixon Band captured my feelings about those miles perfectly: "The countryside between us is fortunate indeed - to feel the love from me to you...and so from you to me." I really felt like those 400 miles and I became old friends along the way. They saw me giddy with excitement for a visit and saw me ache with loneliness on the return. Perhaps more than anything, they taught me enormous lessons about the importance of the sacrifices you make for love.

Here's the truth: I was the one making the drive 98% of the time. {cv}'s job wouldn't let him get away from the office until late in the night on any given Friday. If we wanted to see each other, it meant I was on the road. I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but roughly a year into those drives, I forced myself to find joy in those 400 miles.

Here's the weirdest part: I honestly miss the drive. {Yes, you read that right.}

Those 400 miles helped me to realize just how much I wanted to be with {cv} for a lifetime. During those seven hour treks, I had the chance to really get my head on straight before the start of a new week. Though I don't miss the traffic, I miss that time to just focus. Finding joy in the drive seemed like an impossible feat at first, but in the end, I would do it on repeat. In a heartbeat.

Some people don't believe in the unequal "back and forth", but let them think what they wish. They will never understand the invaluable lessons you learn and immeasurable joy you find during those trips...

P.S. I hope you're enjoying this shift in the long distance posts. The {distance makes the heart grow fonder} series isn't going away--
I've just missed doing my own reflections. Crossing fingers you don't mind! Please let me know!

a love affair.

I don't remember exactly when it happened, but I fell in love with blue glass at a very early age. My mom had it lining certain windowsills in our house and I was enchanted with its warm and beautiful glow. It was no surprise to my mother that this blue glass then became a focal point of our wedding decor, prompting many decisions in the way of that rich cobalt blue. Since all the blue glass I found for the wedding is in storage {in my parents' home--thanks again, M+D!}, I can only look lovingly at photos like these...and grow my love of colored glass around the color wheel.

{left column: top + middle + bottom | right column: top + middle + bottom}

Colored glass, whether it is subtle or unmistakable, provides an extra dose of life to any tablescape or collection around the home. I cannot wait to get my blue glass out of storage--and to add to the collection in future years! I hope this post brightens up your Tuesday a bit ;) I'll see y'all tomorrow!

 P.S. See a little more of me at the moment on Elembee, Etc. :)

out with the old.

Happy Monday! After celebrating my fifth college reunion this weekend {and my 27th birthday last week}, it's one of those weeks which could easily make me feel...old. If this weekend taught me anything, it is that "old" is most certainly a frame of mind.

George Burns said it right: we will all get older, but it doesn't mean we have to get old

After this weekend, I realized I can still: for hours with my girlfriends but happily wear flats rather than kill my feet in heels.
...allow myself a week of pure indulgence--and realize I have this week to work out ;)
...feel giddy when I walk by the house where {cv} and I first met back in 2005.
...walk through the gates of alma mater and have it feel like home. 

I could go on, but I'll spare you. Suffice it to say, I've made the decision to stop saying that I feel "old". I may be older, but being "old" is a choice! More from me tomorrow after I get my head on straight after this fantastic weekend--I hope you all have a phenomenal week :)

P.S. Many, many thanks to the fabulous friends who came out to Blogger Blitz DC last night! The weekend couldn't have ended on a better note--I am already plotting the next one ;) If you're in Chicago, don't miss my blitz in the windy city! Be sure to send all your #bloggerblitzdc posts my way! yay!

friday's fancies #79.

Happy June, friends! Can anyone tell me where this year is going? I'd like to know! I've been anxiously awaiting this round of Friday's Fancies. Maybe it's the DC weekend we have on the docket {including #bloggerblitzdc!!} or the warmer temps--whatever it is, I'm really happy for the summery weekend on tap. With that in mind, we're rocking the white for Friday's Fancies this is post-Memorial Day, after all. I would love to rock this ensemble at my Georgetown reunion this weekend.

The gorgeous texture of this Tibi Pyramid Embroidery Sleeveless Dress would make me a very happy girl. It takes a basic white shift dress to a whole other level. I only wish I could have it in my closet!

For an ultimate pop of color, these coral Kate Spade Cindy Sandals bring this neutral outfit to life. 

Keeping the coral alive, this J.Crew Cabochon and Crystal Stretch Bracelet distributes this stunning hue north of those vibrant wedges. The touch of sparkle helps brighten up this summery ensemble.

Though I normally stay away from hoops because of my curly hair, these Adriana Orsini Pavé Hoop Earrings were too beautiful to pass up. They are dainty and fun, all at the same time.

This Elle Metallic Leather Mini Bag from Milly would be a classic piece to add to any collection. These gilded chains make it a versatile choice, taking it from summer to winter with ease.
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For another dose of white from yours truly, check out my guest post on Covergirl and Converse.
Take some time to enjoy the absolutely deserve it :) I'll see y'all back on Monday!