catch the fever.

I don't know about you, but I've completely caught the Olympic fever. It is beyond inspiring to see these incredible athletes perform and reach the highest heights. Thank goodness for iPhone apps which help follow the action ;) Here is a little something I pulled together using the Olympic arenas as my guide...

it's a new day.

Hello again--and happy Monday! {cv} and I rounded out our two-week adventure this past weekend. I'll admit that getting back to "normal" feels a little weird. Being away from my every day routine helps me understand where I need to make some tweaks, so to speak. It's like the start of a new year--always so rich with opportunity.

After two weeks away from this little blog, I realized a few things:
My work-blog-life balance is a little out of whack. I need to make a better effort to turn off my computer at a reasonable hour and get some more shut-eye. 

The gorg guest posts helped me enjoy some much needed time away, but I absolutely missed pulling together my own posts. I'm also hoping some time away equals renewed creativity!

If I didn't already know it, the blog world is an incredible place. Whether it was a comment, a tweet, a "like", or an email, I truly count my blessings for being a part of this community.

As excited as I am to get my head back in the game, I'll miss those quiet nights spent with {cv} without a care in the world. We'll just have to work hard to earn another vacay ;) Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks. Please bear with me as I get back in the swing of things. And remember: it's a new day, even if it is just a random Monday in July! Resolutions aren't just for January 1st anymore...

P.S. You can buy this sunny design on Society6!

friday's fancies #87.

A very happy Friday to you! Though I'm already going through the carb withdrawals from our European adventure, it is nice to sleep in our own bed for the first time in two weeks! I hope you've enjoyed the positively yummy summer refreshment series while I've been away. I'm rounding out the series today by inviting you to join in the fun. My favorite summer treat? a heavenly key lime pie.  Ok, I lie...key lime pies are a year-round staple for me ;) Without further ado, here are my Friday's Fancies!

The fact the color of this Alice + Olivia Meghan Side Cinched Tank Dress is "key lime" made it a shoe-in. With a fun color that won't stop, it's sure to turn heads everywhere.

Who doesn't love some bling from J. Crew? This Crystal Circle Necklace may not have a direct connection to the key lime pie, but it's far from out of place in this ensemble.

Meringue takes a key lime pie to the next level, so I went searching for a fun and "fluffy" handbag. This sweet Kate Spade Gold Coast Ginnie Crossbody Bag was right on the money ;)

With graham crackers in mind, these Elie Tahari Alice Leather Bow Slingback Sandals tie this yummy get-up together. The bows on the toes are my favorite feature!

These Bauble Bar Seafoam Bangles made me think of the lime slivers on the top of a perfect key lime pie. {You know what I'm mean!} A bit of sparkle and shine adds the perfect "garnish" to this outfit.

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Thanks again to all of my lovely guest posters over the last two weeks--I couldn't have done it without you :) For those of you linking up this week, I'm honored to have you as a part of this series too! I cannot wait for all the mouth-watering inspiration. Have a fantastic weekend, friends! I'm Connecticut bound for a wedding, but I'll be back in full swing on Monday. See you then...

strawberry milkshake.

Rounding out this tasty series of guest posts, I have my sweet blog friend, Grace, from Stripes + Sequins! I only wish I lived in NYC so I could frequent her DIY craft nights ;) I'm thrilled to have her here sharing her most-loved summer sweet. I can't wait to see your own versions tomorrow for Friday's Fancies. Thanks again, Grace! xoxo {av}
Hello, hello, LDL readers!  My name is Grace, and I write the blog Stripes + Sequins.  S+S is a fashion + DIY blog for the sparkle obsessed.  I hope you’ll come by and visit.

My favorite summer treat isn’t necessarily the healthiest of treats, which is why I don’t necessarily let myself have it all that often.  But so what… the strawberry milkshake is one of my favorite ways to indulge.  And, it’s pink… what’s not to love!?  Inspired by this frosty treat, I put together some of my favorite pastel pink pieces.  Some of them, like the treat, are a little indulgent… but that’s why you only splurge every so often.

Clockwise from Top Left:  Jeans // Cardigan //  Earrings // Mary Jane T-Straps // Oh la la // Tote // Strawberry Earrings // Ring // O.P.I. Pink Friday (the perfect opaque pastel pink) // Dress // Jeans

P.S.  Make a healthy version with 1 cup fresh strawberries, 1 cup (organic) skim milk, 4 ice cubes, and ½ cup vanilla frozen yogurt.

Food images from here and here.

french 75.

Hello again, friends! Another treat for you today--this one from Jessica at The Love List. Her eye never ceases to amaze me! Enjoy this very European cocktail while we enjoy our last full day in Europe. Thanks again, Jessica! xoxo {av}
I had my first French 75 at a Prohibition-style bar in Austin, Texas... and two more after the first. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Palm Beach, Florida into a hotel directly across from the Breaker's Sushi Restaurant, Echo. I was introduced to a bartender there whom, under assumption I was making an obscure request, I cautiously asked to make me one. He didn't even blink. He proceeded to whip me up a French 75 even better than that first one that got me hooked. I spent many nights paying him a visit at Echo's bar after that.

Recently, in New York, I was visiting the incredible home of renowned book and object collector Tom Cary, and he showed me one of his most recent acquisitions, an incredibly rare version of the original Savoy Cocktail Book, the very one where the drink recipe first appeared! 

Though there is an argument about whether it was originally made with cognac or gin. I learned then that the Savoy instructs gin use, and I agree. I think a clear liquor makes it much more refreshing -- perfect for hot summers in my current home of Atlanta, Georgia. Lucky for me, I live in Buckhead near Bistro Niko, which makes an on-par version of the drink with lemonade. I still contend that it's the perfect drink, and I can't wait to over-serve myself many more in the future. 

champagne cocktail.

Hello again! {cv} and I made it to Germany yesterday--and are loving every minute. Having tremendous guest posters like Shannon makes it easier to go away ;) Her tasty summer cocktail has me excited to get home to try it out! Many thanks to Shannon for standing in today! Have a lovely Tuesday! xoxo {av}

Hi, I'm Shannon Darrough from the blog I Love Your Crazy! Summer is one of my favorite times of year because it means that most of my time is spent outside. I love inviting people over for drinks on our screened-in porch. It's way too hot for anything but a ponytail so I always make sure my outfits and drinks are just as effortless. Today I put together a look and cocktail I would whip up for an afternoon of screen porch sitting.

Get the look:

I'm thrilled to be a guest on Long Distance Loving. Thanks for having me! xoxo, Shannon

moscow mule.

A very happy Monday from Switzerland! {cv} and I are traveling today to Germany after a few seriously beautiful days in the land of the Swiss, even in light of the rain. {Instagram should prove that!} Today, I have Hanna, the fabulous graphic designer behind Gadabout. For spot-on style and an amazing eye for design, Hanna is your girl :) Have an amazing Monday--thanks again Hanna! xoxo {av}

1. Moscow mule | 2. bowl | 3. napkins | 4. sandals | 5. scarf | 6. earrings | 7. dress

friday's fancies #86.

Greetings from Europe!  Today, {cv} and I are en route from Paris to Lucerne, Switzerland--and I would love to be sporting this get-up on our train ride. We managed to limit ourselves to only backpacks for this trip {to avoid lugging suitcases all over tarnation}, so most everything in my bag works together. The upside to Friday's Fancies? I can dream about having an endless closet in my suitcase which includes pretty prints like this one ;)

Soft and flowy, this Splendid Racerback Stripe Maxi Dress would be any traveler's dream. This downright dreamy color palette is both unexpected and fabulous.

Bauble Bar gets it right again with this Mini Monogram Necklace. It is understated enough to wear without worry while changing trains and navigating unknown streets ;)

Though I didn't bring a "real" purse on this adventure, I would have loved to sport this J.Crew Biennial Satchel. Big enough for my DSLR, this bag and I are a perfect match.

With seasonable temps, {cv} and I are prepared for all weather situations. A Fitted Cropped Jacket {like this one from Joe's Jeans} would be a versatile addition to my rotation, on or off vacation.

They may be basic, but these Sam Edelman Gracie Sandals are a definite step up from my Rainbows!

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I hope you've been enjoying the sweet + summery guest posts I lined up while I've been gone :) There are a few more on the docket for next week which can't be missed! Thanks again for linking up while I'm away. I only wish we could be galavanting around Europe together. I'll see you back stateside next Friday!


One more treat for this week! This one is coming to you from Sue at  The Zhush--and it's sure to get you in the mood for her tasty treat! I'm so happy to have her here! Have a great Thursday--xoxo {av}
Hi, I'm Sue from The Zhush and and I'm tickled pink to be guest posting over here today! (sorry, but I couldn't resist that one...) When Alsion said I should write about a summer treat, I didn't hesitate as lately, my fro-yo addiction has reached epic proportions.  Inspired by my weekly pinkberry ritual, these pinky fresh finds are all calling my name.

At our next BBQ, I plan to make a summer berry cobbler and dish it out with these fun servers.  My friend's younger sister is pregnant with her first, I think this sweet notebook would make a great gift for a new mom to jot down all the first milestones in.  I tried out a blue/green color on my toes this summer only to realize that shades like this one are really my true comfort zone.  I own this easy warm weather top and have worn it at least a dozen times this summer already! This necklace with its chunky cool ways is haunting me...My all white kitchen could use a little pink, not to mention a flamingo or two, these adorable little tea towels must be mine!

Hope you all enjoyed my pinkalicious post! Thanks for having me over today {av}!


Greetings! It's been so fun to see these summer treats filter in, don't you agree? Today's post comes from Julie at Julip Made--and I know you're going to love her and this perfectly yummy post! Enjoy! xoxo {av}
Hi Long Distance Loving readers, Julie from Julip Made here! When I think summer refreshments, I immediately think of one cocktail... the caipirinha. The caipirinha is a Brazilian cocktail made using cachaça, a liquor made from fermented sugar cane juice. The drink itself is simple using only cachaça, muddle limes, and sugar. I add in some club soda to make the drink last and to make it even more refreshing. It really pairs well with what I think is the most important concept of summer entertaining... simplicity. Whip up a pitcher of these, throw something on the grill, and invite some friends over for a casual, fun, night to remember.
JulipMade for Long Distance Loving
Julip Made
See below for my idea of the perfect backyard bbq to pair with the caipirinha.
JulipMade for Long Distance Loving2
1.Bubbled beverage dispenser 2. Vintage badminton racket 3. Marais throw 4. Iron & twine hurricane 5. Outdoor umbrella 6. Olive wood paddle board 7. 19.6 weck jars 8. Batik salad toss 9. BBQ grill.
Thanks again {av} for asking me to participate and I hope this has inspired you to make your own caipirinhas!  For many more cocktail, entertaining, and food ideas hope on over and visit me here!


Hello again! I have yet another fabulous treat for you today in the form of a guest post from Sarah at Note to Self. I'm a huge admirer of Sarah's blog and I'm sure you are too! It's such an honor to have her here, so without further ado, here she is :) xoxo {av}
Hello hello! I'm Sarah from Note to Self, here to share with you 
one of my absolute favorite summer treats -- Limoncello!
Though it can be snagged at any liquor store, this Italian delight seems that much more refreshing when you make it yourself. (Giada de Laurentiis has a great recipe.) Give your mixture some time (1 week - 1 month) to come around in airtight bottles, and then plan a tasting party or use them as summer cookout hostess gifts. When life gives you lemons... "Cin cin!" ("Cheers!") 

Thanks for having me, {av}! 

blood orange martini.

Happy Monday! {cv} and I just landed in France, so the adventure has officially begun :) I have an absolute dream of a guest post coming to you from Samantha at Could I Have That. This California girl has amazing style and I am thrilled to have her today! Enjoy! xoxo {av}
Hi there! I'm Samantha from Could I Have That and I'm so excited to be guest posting today on Long Distance Loving. When Alison asked me to share a favorite Summer treat I knew exactly what I wanted to do: A Blood Orange Cocktail. The color and taste is too sweet and pretty to pass up! See below some orange inspired picks I'm currently craving.
Get the recipe and a how to on this blood orange cocktail here.
Clockwise from top left:
Garrett Leight Brooks sunglasses

friday's fancies #85.

Happy Friday, friends! This week of Friday's Fancies is all about what to wear as a wedding guest. We have four weddings to attend between now and September, so I'm anxious for some inspiration. Since we will be wedding guests this weekend, I thought I'd share a little peek at what I'm wearing. I'm renting two of the goodies below from Rent The Runway for this weekend's festivities! {RTR is a closet gamechanger for me, especially in the facebook age.} Here's a souped-up version of my ensemble...

As a perennial Shoshanna fan, this Sadie Ruffle One Shoulder Dress was an easy pick. A cheery yellow paired with fun ruffles is sure to make a statement in a sea of wedding guests ;)

I have rented other Kate Spade earrings and I'm very excited to test out these Chandelier Earrings. These pink beauties will be a fun pop of color against the sunny yellow of the dress.

NARS knows make-up, so when I discovered 'The Multiple' Stick, I knew it had gain a place on my wishlist. This stick would be a fabulous addition to my "prettification" regimen.

I nabbed these Ann Taylor Perfect Exotic Embossed Leather Peeptoe Pumps on super sale at the end of last summer. They work with nearly every summer wedding ensemble and are perfect for dancing!

Sadly, this Rebecca Minkoff Minaudiere is out of my price range--but that's the glory of Friday's Fancies...I can still include it ;) Even though pink isn't one of my go-tos, this clutch rocks.

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All of my love and gratitude to those of you linking up today. Don't worry--even though I'm gone next week, #FridaysFancies will still go on! {cv} and I are Chicago bound tonight to attend the wedding of one of my dearest friends--who many of you might know ;) I'm also chomping at the bit for Blogger Blitz Chicago! The best part? At the end of the weekend, {cv} and I will be on a plane to Europe! I just wish I could pack you all in my suitcase. I'll be here and there on twitter and instagram, but I have tremendous bloggers standing in for me. Talk to you all on the flip side!

P.S. Find more from yours truly on Cornflake Dreams + Wine Taste Girl!


My summer refreshment series starts off with a bang today :) I'm so excited to have my close 
friend and fellow Hoya, Carly, here to share her favorite summer treat in style! xoxo {av}
Hello! It's Carly The (recently graduated) College Prepster! I'm so excited to team up with {av} for this post! Two things I love combined in one post: food + fashion. Both themed around summer? I'm in!

I tried to think of what my favorite food is for the summertime and I stumbled on the obvious answer... Watermelon! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Muddled in a drink and it's even better!) My mom always buys watermelon during the summertime. She cuts it up into chunky squares that we store in a bowl in the refrigerator. The whole family grabs a few chunks at a time... basically whenever we're in the kitchen. It's so refreshing. Especially since it's so incredibly hot here in Florida! (My favorite thing to do is sit down with the leftover watermelon, still on the rind, and eat it with a spoon.)

inspired by the wonderful watermelon...
Polka Dot Café Capris | The perfect alternative to watermelon seeds.
Ballet Flats | Great shoes year-round.

Good enough to eat! xoxo Carly

sweet sandwiches.

Last week's heat wave created quite a craving for yours truly. Trolling around Pinterest only feeds this recent obsession. One reoccurring theme seemed to be sweet little sandwiches, filled with ice cream, mascarpone, and other sugary substances. Here are a few of my favorites from my latest research...

Though they may not be the best for the waistline, these delectable goodies are sure to bring plenty of smiles. The only thing better {in my book} would be a sweet sandwich shop. Maybe they'll be the next cupcake ;) Enjoy your Wednesday, friends!

 P.S. Get ready for an exciting few weeks of sweet treats translated in brilliant ways by a few of your favorite bloggers--starting tomorrow!

a big adventure.

I've dropped hints here and there, but the trip is finally upon us! {cv} and I leave on Sunday for what ranks as our biggest travel adventure yet--we're bound for France, Germany, and Switzerland! 
Here's a little play-by-play of where we're headed...

We honeymooned in Paris {with one night in the Loire} back in April 2010. We were even blessed with a few extra days in paradise, courtesy of the Icelandic volcano! {cv} and I wanted to go back because there was still plenty on our to-do list. Switzerland and Germany made the list because we love the outdoors and historic cities...and because {cv} loves a good beer ;) 

Our days in France are well mapped out, but I'd love your help in Switzerland + Germany. {Don't get me wrong: I won't turn down French recs!} All our trains and hotels are booked, but if you have any favorite restaurants, museums, or other things-to-do, we are all ears.

While I'm gone, I have an incredible line-up of guest posts...and when I say incredible, I mean it. There will be fantastic treats to help you round out your summer in style from some of the best bloggers in the blogosphere, so get excited! {And don't worry--there will still be Friday's Fancies while I'm gone!}

Can't wait to hear what you world travelers have up your sleeve for've never let me down!

image sources: loire - paris - lucerne - lauterbrunnen - munich

fortune cookies.

Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend. This is the last one we'll spend in Providence for a few weeks with our crazy travel schedule, so we soaked it up. {cv} and I rarely eat Chinese, but on Saturday night, we indulged. Strangely, one of my favorite parts of eating Chinese is opening my fortune cookie. I wait until I've completely eaten my cookie before reading mine too--which is torture because {cv} reads his right off the bat. Everyone else at our table had goofy sayings which really made no sense, but mine read a little something like this...

Life is about making some things happen, not waiting for something to happen.

My lucky word was "winter" {strange in the heat of the summer!}, but suffice it to say, this little message struck me at my core. I may never be a big risk taker, but it doesn't mean I should watch and wait for things to happen. I have to take the bull by the horns and go for it, which is much easier said than done. 

My takeaway from all of this? Life lessons can come from fortune cookies...

friday's fancies #84.

Hello hello! I'm happy to draw out the fourth of July festivities for Friday's Fancies today! As an American Studies grad {and as a former DC girl}, the stars and stripes are close to my heart. Here's a patriotic ensemble that I'd sport on any summer day...because I love America ;)

Though it looks more black+red, this navy+red J.Crew Stripe Derby Dress is right out of my preppy daydreams. I love the subtle twisted waistline and the flowy skirt. It gets an A in my book!

To really draw out the navy in the dress, I spied this Sabine Twisted Multi-Strand Beaded Necklace and knew it would work wonders. 

Anything nautical makes me happy, so when I spotted these understated Dogeared Charmed Anchor Stud Earrings, it was a match made in heaven. They won't overwhelm the necklace or the dress!

I own this Lauren Merkin clutch {after finding it on the cheap on RueLaLa!}, so I chose this Tatum Raffia Clutch knowing full well it would bring the right amount of spunk and function to this ensemble!

As a huge fan of Jack Rogers, I'm longing to add a pair of these Navajo Metallic Hamptons Mid Wedges to my growing collection. Including them in my #FridaysFancies will have to do for now...
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Crossing fingers you can extend your festivities into the weekend! All my love and gratitude to those of you linking up this week--you never cease to amaze me. I'll see y'all on Monday :)

P.S. Don't miss another dose of yours truly over on Framed Frosting today :)


A very happy Thursday to you, friends :) It may feel a little like a Monday, but thankfully, there are only two days left in this week! I captured a few fun photos on Instagram in the last few days. I seriously wish the entire summer was devoted to the red, white and blue.

{cv} walked downstairs in this outfit before seeing me...and I couldn't help but smile. We were pretty patriotic, huh? {I snapped up that top and those shorts at J.Crew on sale last week!} We hopped over to Bristol, RI to see their crazy festivities. Let's just say it was an all-American extravaganza, complete with frozen lemonade, flags, and fireworks.

To add to the fun of your summer festivities, don't miss a little guest post I did over one of my daily reads, DomestiKated Life. I'm sharing my love of backyard brews in Kate's summer entertaining series. I have one of my favorite {and unexpected} cocktails on tap--along with plenty of ways to make it come to life in your own backyard. Be sure to check out all the goodness here!

Phew! Are you tired of me yet? Go ahead and jump over to DomestiKated Life to see more about these backyard brews. I'll see y'all back here bright and early for some patriotic Friday's Fancies. Feel free to link up any outfits you've shared over the course of the week :) See you then!

happy 4th.

To all my American ladies out there--Happy 4th of July!! As an American Studies grad, I'll confess that today ranks just behind the big name holidays {i.e. Christmas and Thanksgiving} for yours truly. As goofy as it is, I love everything about this holiday. We don't have big plans this year, but you won't find me complaining. I'm looking forward to a quiet day with {cv} that we will hopefully close with some major noise in the form of fireworks!
{Show your patriotic pride and hang this print in your home!}

Now, go and enjoy your holiday! If you're sharing a patriotic outfit on your blog, don't forget to link up  your post on Friday for the stars + stripes round of Friday's Fancies :) See you all tomorrow!

a fun announcement.

A very happy Tuesday to you! I have a fun little announcement for all of you. I discovered society6 this spring and realized it would be the perfect place to share the "prints" i've featured in past posts. Many of my readers had asked for ways to get these in their hands and this is my solution for the timebeing :)

I don't expect you all to go purchase a boatload of prints today {though I wouldn't mind if you did!}, but I wanted to thank those of you who persuaded me to take the plunge with your sweet emails and comments. Your encouragement means the world to me!

If you have a favorite song or quote you'd like me to feature down the line, please shoot me an email. I'd be happy to create something just for you! Thanks again for your love--do let me know what you think of my "shop" so far. This is just the start. I can't wait to see where it can go from here :)
Happy almost 4th of July!

nice + nautical.

Happy July, friends! I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! I'm writing this post from 34,000 feet before I fall fast asleep on my redeye back to the east coast. My girls' weekend in sunny southern California was just what I needed before the start of another work week, even if it's a short one.

As promised, I have the second set of photos from my shoot with the fabulous Kate Headley to share today. {If you missed the first round of photos, click here.} My hair got a little wild, but time on the water does that to me. Let's be honest: doing "outfit posts" in the future will be tough because they'll never turn out quite like these! sigh. Without further ado, here I am in all my nautical glory...

from the shoot: J. Crew Maritime Striped Dress + Sperry Metallic Top-Siders + L.L.Bean Tote
{The monogram necklace belonged to my grandmother--and the sunglasses and scarf belong to Kate!}

I'm giddy with excitement for this week because it contains one of my favorite holidays--the 4th of July. Though {cv} and I will be laying low this year, I can't complain because we've been on the go lately. I just need some fireworks and I'll be all set. I may even wear this outfit to sport my stripes! 

Off to sleep I go...many thanks {yet again} to Kate Headley for making me look way more put together than I really am. Enjoy your Monday--see you tomorrow!