toasty toes.

Happy Halloween! Though it is unseasonably warm for the last day of October, the snowy pictures from the Appalachians reminded me of the impending winter nights. In our loft, I can't swing slippers without some grip for our hardwoods--or I'll go flying down our hallway. I've been on the hunt for a great pair of cozymakers for a few years. Starting at just under $40 and creeping up over $120, these six slipper options make my toes feel toasty already...

top to bottom:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Though I may have treated slippers as shoes in college {oops!}, I have definitely changed my tune in recent years. I do find it hard to spend a lot of money on shoes no one sees, but when it comes to comfort, I'm all in. I gifted {cv} a pair of UGG slippers last Christmas and he loves them. I scored a pair of LLBean slippers a few years ago over the holidays, but they're a little slippery on our hardwoods. Maybe it's time to add some UGGs to my wish list for this Christmas?!

the full rundown.

It's been two days since the Cape Cod Marathon and I'm still riding the runner's high. I didn't want to blow up your Instagram feed, so I saved most of the photos for this post. The snaps from the course were actually taken by {cv}--who rode the course twice on his road bike during my race. His first lap was to feel out the hills and the wind and the second go-around was to replenish my fuel. {cv} won the best husband award 26.2 times over on Sunday, that's for sure! He tried to capture the hilliness, but these pictures don't do the hills justice ;) 

Compared to the race I planned on running on Sunday, the Cape Cod Marathon was infinitely smaller. It definitely felt like a "runner's race". The hills were everything I read about and more, but it just made completing the race that much sweeter. Roads weren't completely blocked off during the race, so it required a bit more attention. Crowds were sparse, but when they were around, they were great! I had an angel in Susan, the woman who was the first to tell me "I could rest on the bus". {See the story behind my t-shirt here!} The personalized t-shirt paid off because I got lots of love from spectators and runners alike. If you're running a big race any time soon, do take the time to make your own!

Though the official results haven't been posted online, I eked out a sub-4:00 marathon by all of 77 seconds. {cv} and my parents called me a few times throughout the race to keep my energy up. When my dad called me at mile 25 {running directly into a 25mph+ wind}, he reminded me how close I was to reaching this milestone. {cv} and I had done the math on Saturday night and I knew a 9:10 pace would get me a sub-4. When I heard a 9:07 average pace at mile 23.5, I knew I needed to kick it in gear. I took resting on the bus literally and booked it during those last few miles. I'm so glad I did! Here is what the course looked like via Nike+. It is almost humorous to correspond the deep reds {aka my slowest points} with the elevation profile. Those blips were BIG hills.

If you look below at my splits, I can give a few reactions. I took the first five miles much more quickly than I planned. At mile 7, there were tons of spectators so I sped up a bit there. The rolling hills started around mile 8 and continued through mile 23. {Yes, you read that right.} My least favorite hill was at mile 10, though I had been worried more about the one at mile 20. Though I never hit the proverbial wall, I started feeling way too full around mile 16. I was taking more water/cytomax than I planned during the water stops, so I think that might explain it. {cv} caught up with me closer to mile 23, which was later than he planned, but I was grateful. I needed him more there than I would have at mile 20.

All in all, it may be those last three miles I'm most proud of during the race. We were running into the wind on the coast into a wall of sea spray. It was seriously brutal. Getting the push from {cv} in the 23rd mile and the call from my dad in the 25th mile made me realize I couldn't back down. Had I walked on a hill or stopped for a bathroom break, I would have sacrificed those 77 seconds and missed the 4:00 hour mark. Though my knee may not like me much right now, I am so glad I kept pushing for the finish line.

With that, I can happily say my second full marathon is in the books. I'm looking to you all for some remedies to my post-race woes {i.e. crazy limping + achiness}. This girl needs some relief ;) Thank you again for your love throughout my training and the race. I couldn't have done it without you!

safety first.

Greetings from rainy Rhode Island! Today's post will be a simple one, with #Frankenstorm on its way. {cv} and I are both working from home today since the storm is expected to bear down on us this afternoon.

I promise a full marathon recap tomorrow :) the race went wonderfully, but you better believe I'm enjoying this day at home to ice and rest up. I truly cannot thank you enough for all of your tweets, instagram likes + well wishes, comments, and general rockstar fan status over the weekend. We're really happy we made the decision to stay up north, but more on that in tomorrow's post.

Thanks again for everything, friends. I'm so lucky to have such supportive + loving readers :)

P.S. I'm still in awe of your love from the Friday's Fancies celebration last week. you. are. the. best.

you can rest on the bus.

By the time you see this post, I will be running the Cape Cod Marathon! Though Hurricane Sandy may have derailed my year-long plans to run the Marine Corps Marathon, I couldn't be more grateful the wonderful folks at CCM let me join their fold this weekend. After months of training, I knew I had to get the 26.2 miles in somewhere. Running one of the most scenic {albeit hilly} marathons in the country makes up for the fact I won't be running by my favorite sights in DC.
In preparation for my race, I had a few t-shirts made. After my first marathon in 2004, I learned how important it is to have your name on your shirt somewhere. Spectators are fabulous human beings--and when they see your name and yell for you, it gives you a little extra spring in your step. On the back of my shirt, it begs the viewer to pretty please say "you can rest on the bus" to me. It may sound random {and maybe a little strange} to you, but these few words mean the world to me.

I ran cross country during all four years of high school and loved every minute of it. My parents were incredibly supportive of my running adventures, traveling all over Indiana to see me race. As a runner himself, my dad was notorious for running all over the course and cheering on our team. Just before every race, he always whispered these six words in my ear: "you can rest on the bus." It was his way of encouraging me to put every ounce of effort into my race because I really could rest on the bus ride home.

{Fast forward seven years to our wedding day} As we were turning to walk down the aisle, my dad whispered this little phrase in my ear. I knew exactly what he meant when he said it: he wanted me to soak in the day but also to remember what great adventures awaited {cv} and me as we started our life together.

This phrase has always been tattooed on my heart...and my dad always says it at just the right moment. Sadly, my parents are attending a wedding this weekend in Tennessee and couldn't make it to my race. Though it won't be exactly the same to hear strangers yell this catchphrase to me, you better believe it will give me a smile and the courage to keep on pushing.
Today, I'm focusing on completion--and not my time--because of the hills which await me. The only thing I could ask for are your thoughts and prayers as I run on my robo-leg. I promise a full race run-down very soon! If you want more up-to-the minute info, I am @amv529 on instagram, so you can get a few glimpses of my sweaty self there. The Cape Cod Marathon is so small {think 1,300 runners compared to the 35,000 in DC!} that they don't have "text alerts", but I'll be sure to tweet when I finish. The best part about today? I know I can "rest on the bus" once I'm done.

P.S. Mom + Dad: I can feel you cheering all the way from the Midwest! Thank you for being a constant source of support--and for loving me to the moon and back. The same goes for {cv}: I know his face will be a shining light throughout the  entire race. I am so lucky to have him as my lifelong cheerleader! And to my friends who have put up with my crazy schedule for the past few months: I'll be back to normal soon! Love to you all :) 

friday's fancies #100.

Three cheers for Friday--especially this one! Today marks the 100th edition of Friday's Fancies! This little series has come a long way since the beginning and I have each of you to thank :) This week is one huge party to celebrate you. With that in mind, here is my sparkly celebration attire...

Why can't this alice + olivia Azala Sequined Dress find its way into my closet?! le sigh. The sparkly goodness is too hard to pass up, especially when you consider the gorgeous back. Check it for yourself!

These irresistible Bauble Bar Triple Ice Drops bring an extra dose of bling to this sparkly celebration. 

With sequins and sparkles everywhere in this outfit, this Kate Spade Post Street Little Adair Clutch gives just the right dose of metallic without overdoing it.

I could tout the Perfect Pumps from Ann Taylor every week, I would. In my opinion, these Glitter Perfect Pumps are more than party perfect.
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I truly could never say thank you enough for being a part of Friday's Fancies! I seriously pinch myself on a weekly basis when I see each of your posts. Thank you for making this little link-up a part of your week--and for devoting your precious time to dreaming big with me!

One quick note: With Hurricane Sandy in mind, {cv} and I made the last-minute decision to stay in New England. Instead of running the Marine Corps Marathon in 40mph gusts, I will run the gorgeous Cape Cod Marathon. While I doubt I'll be breaking any records on this hilly course, you better believe I'll be pushing through all 26.2 miles. There isn't a reliable runner tracking system with this marathon, so you'll have to wait for my recap next week. Have a fantastic weekend, friends--and thank you for all of your love on so many fronts. YAY for 100!!!

P.S. Check out my moving-ready guest post on Case Study!

pumpkin spice latte.

Hi--I'm Kelley from Kelley Maria! When this time of year rolls around, I can't help but get excited for a yummy drink that is associated with Fall--the Pumpkin Spice Latte... no big surprise there, right?  Well, it came as quite a surprise to me when I found an easy recipe to make this delicious drink at home!

A Pumpkin Spice Latte is equally as comforting as it is delicious and I am thrilled to have found a recipe to make from home!  There is no need to go out into the cold weather, but instead stay curled up with a good book and the perfect fall treat.  Try out this easy recipe for yourself!

And this outfit?  If I were to translate this fall drink into an outfit - this would be it!  I imagine a crisp fall day, with leaves falling and the sun shining -  worn for work or play, this outfit is sure to keep you cozy while looking fabulous at the same time.

outfitbag  |  boots  |  sweater  |  sunglasses  |  skirt

Thank you for having me over, {av}! xoxo Kelley

apple cider sangria.

Hello! I'm Caitie from Color Me Caitie, and I'm here to share one
of my new favorite fall drinks with you: apple cider sangria!
I recently found this recipe for apple cider sangria and knew that I had to make it. I only made a few changes to the original recipe (I used regular brandy instead of ginger brandy, and organic ginger ale instead of club soda). This drink is a breeze to make. Once you have chopped your apples and pears, put all ingredients (except for the ginger ale) into a large pitcher and refrigerate for at least an hour. When ready to serve, add the ginger ale. I love fruity drinks, and this one has a fun fall twist to it!

shirt: j.crew / sweater: j.crew / cords: j.crew / boots: madewell / clutch: kate spade 
neckace: baublebar / earrings: j.crew / nail polish: essie bordeaux

 Thanks so much for having me, {av}! xo Caitie

the bee's knees.

Hello, loves! Melissa from the atelier here and I'm so excited to be guest posting for {av}! Today, I'm serving up a delicious Prohibition era cocktail, The Bee's Knees, and pairing it with a darling deco ensemble inspired by that amazing Parker dress. Made up of just 3 ingredients (honey syrup, gin & lemon juice), this classic concoction is extremely easy to whip up and makes for a perfect signature cocktail for Halloween and holiday fêtes...

Thank you so much {av} for hosting me today! 
Cheers, Melissa


Happy Monday! After closing on our land last Friday and making an all-too-quick jaunt to North Carolina over the weekend, I am officially back to reality. With my marathon only six days away, my excitement is growing--and so are my nerves! I have a crazy week of work {including a three-day meeting in Porstmouth, New Hampshire} standing between me and the plane ride to DC on Friday night. 

In order to help me keep my focus, I have three very special visitors on the blog this week...

Many thanks again to Melissa, Caitlin, and Kelley for making my life infinitely easier this week :) 
Trust me: you won't want to miss their beyond gorgeous guest posts. We're talking serious eye candy!

I'll be back on Friday with the 100th edition of Friday's Fancies! SO EXCITED! 
Thank you for being such a loyal and loving crew! #countingmyblessingsthisweek

P.S. If you need anything at all this week, please email me--it's the best way to catch me :)

friday's fancies #99.

Happy Friday! I don't know about you, but I have been longing for this week's Friday's Fancies! While browsing Rent the Runway for inspiration, I had a lightbulb moment. What woman can rock sequins on a five-day-a-week basis? Vanna White, of course! I have been a huge fan of Wheel of Fortune for as long as I can remember, so here is a costume I concocted, channeling my love of my favorite gameshow. It could be easily translated with any sparkly dress in your closet--or with a quick rental from Rent the Runway :)

This little Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Mini Sequin Pixie Dress could be my favorite rental from Rent the Runway to date. I felt like a major princess when I wore it to a holiday party last December--and I would love to rock it as Vanna White ;)

Since Vanna is always blinged out, I know she could rock these Elizabeth Cole West Earrings {also via Rent the Runway}. Who can resist some serious sparkle?

To showcase her million dollar smile, this Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick would be an absolute must for an Vanna costume.

Sassy shoes {like these Kate Spade Licorice Pumps} would be ideal for any letter-turning walks!
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I hope those of you linking up today had as much fun with this post as I did--and thank you so much for linking up! If you're in need of even more costume ideas, check out the Halloween posts from last year. After our big closing, I am NC-bound for the weekend to go wedding dress shopping with my bestie!! I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend :) I'll see you on Monday!

P.S. Don't miss my Friday's Fancies getaway guest posts on la chapstick fanatique + Ellie Love!

it's getting real.

It's been a long day coming, but...

Though we won't get to walk into the doors of our new house, we will officially become landowners in the Ocean State! Since {cv} and I have never been homeowners, it all feels pretty surreal. We have been drawing up plans for months now and this is one {big} step toward making that dream home a reality :) {cv} and I hope to break ground early next spring, giving us plenty of time in the winter months to pick out some of the smaller details. While it will be a labor-intensive process, it will be worth it to finally walk across our wrap-around porch into our front door for years to come.

For those of you who have done this before: how dressy do I need to be for the closing? Does it take a long time? Give it to this girl straight ;) Many thanks for all of your encouragement along the way--the process is really just beginning and I'm so excited to have you all along for the ride!

P.S. Don't forget that Friday's Fancies is all about costume prep tomorrow...I'm so excited to see what you make! I have mine ready and I'm itching to share it ;) See you at midnight!

road-ready playlist.

With my marathon quickly approaching, I have begun the tedious task of weeding through my playlist for race day. I only plan on wearing one earbud so I can enjoy the race environment, but I need it because music definitely helps me stay on pace. Over the last few months, a few friends and blog readers have asked what music I use to help pass the miles. This is my current latest 45-minute running playlist, though it is always changing, so expect updates in the future :)

My 45-Minute Road-Ready Playlist: Forever {Chris Brown} | Till the World Ends {Britney Spears}
Bulletproof {La Roux} | That's What You Get {Paramore} | Written in the Stars {Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner} | Sugar, We're Goin Down {Fall Out Boy} | Too Close {Alex Clare} | Dead and Gone {T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake} | Dark Side {Kelly Clarkson} | Run This Town {Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye West} | We Run the Night {Havana Brown featuring Pitbull}
Ok, some of these may be oldies, but they are definitely goodies in my book. There are a few rather new songs on there too, just to keep me current ;) {And yes, there are non-explicit versions for all the rap songs, Mom!} I can't wait to hear what else you have on your running or workout playlists...I am always looking for additions. Enjoy your Wednesday, friends!

recipes for a stylish weekend.

Over the weekend, I noticed a little trend in my wardrobe: I paired a button down with stud earrings on two separate occasions. Though I "talk" a big game with Friday's Fancies, my weekend outfits are usually focused on something easy and comfortable. With that in mind, I decided to pull together four different combinations for weekends to come...

top left: J.Crew Jacquard Dot Popover + Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings
bottom left: Madewell Dotted Chambray Boyshirt + Loren Hope Neon Sophia Studs
top right: Madewell Penfield Haverhill Flannel Shirt + Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Stud Earrings
bottom right: Mossimo Button Down Blouse + Bauble Bar Ebony Sun Studs

Though I don't own any of these goodies, this planning will help me plot out future outfits with pieces already in my wardrobe. I know button downs aren't always the portrait of fashion, but they work beautifully under vests and sweaters as I endure another brisk fall in New England. I love pairing fun studs with them because they add just enough flair without going over the top.

catch your breath.

Let me start by saying that I had bold plans for my Sunday. With football season in full swing and a windy day in the forecast, {cv} and I planned to hunker down and enjoy the day at home. I woke up at 7:21am to my phone buzzing on my side table to discover the power had flickered. No biggie, I thought, until I heard a strange whistling noise from downstairs.

The cats discovered the source of the whistling before I did: the plug for our modem/router. In other words, it signaled the end of my productive Sunday. It ruined my skype date I had later that morning. Two fruitless hours on the phone with tech support and countless other inconveniences aside, {cv} and I are without internet at home until late Tuesday.

As I write this post in a crowded Panera, it realized something I should thought about at 7:22 on Sunday morning: maybe I just really need to catch my breath. I don't need to spend the entirety of my Sunday prepping for the week ahead. Maybe I need to lay low, watch football, and eat some chili with {cv}, even if my to-do list is growing by the minute. Why? Because it always gets done anyway.

The lesson I will take away from this goofy fiasco? I need to slow down. And be ok with it. Really.

P.S. I know having the internet is a luxury in and of itself, so I don't mean for anyone to think I'm taking that for granted. I was just surprised at what a wake-up call this incident gave me!

friday's fancies #98.

Happy Friday! This week, it finally felt like fall in New England. With autumn on the brain, it makes sense to share our love of leaves through our Friday's Fancies ensemble. {cv} and I are planning to soak up the gorgeous red, yellow, and orange hues this weekend in Rhode Island. Here's what I would love to wear on our leaf-peeping adventures...

With a friendly pricetag, these Kate Spade Retro Sunglasses make chic more accessible!

Who doesn't love a gorgeous gingham button-down? This J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Check Thomas Mason Fabric is an easy winner for any fall road trip.

This Tory Burch 797 Clutch is the ideal size for a day of exploration. The hybrid envelope clutch + crossbody bag will transition well into the cooler months.

Blair's recent Bauble Bar collaboration is beyond amazing. This Flame Duo Strand Necklace needs to find its way to my jewelry box. Pronto.

I am dying to try these Jack Rogers Pima Wedges. The soft tan suede is the perfect shade to mix with nearly every fall outfit. I'm in love!
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To those fabulous ladies linking up this week: you. are. the. best. {if you didn't know it already!} I am so happy to have you as a part of this family! Can't wait to see how you brought your leaf love to life!

one day in lucerne.

Happy Thursday! Though our European adventure ended three months ago, I still have two
more countries to cover: Switzerland and Germany. I'll start with Switzerland today :) 

{cv} and I wanted to make the most of our only day in Lucerne, Switzerland, so we took an early {and I mean early} train from Paris. After a quick turn in Basel, we were bound for this small Swiss city.

When I say the views from the train were unreal, it is a vast understatement. Even though we were exhausted from our early morning departure, we couldn't help but be glued to the mountain views.

Little towns like these were around every bend on our way to Lucerne. 
Even with the rain, it was positively beautiful.

Once the train pulled into Lucerne, we were inundated with signage for the Blue Balls Festival
Yes, it sounded weird, but there were actually a few acts we recognized. More on that in a sec...

The rain made it infinitely more difficult to take photos, but I snagged a few cheapy plastic hoods at our local camera store. These ugly monstrosities managed to keep my Nikon dry, though I looked like a complete crazy person using it. This lake on a clear day is absurdly beautiful. On a rainy day, the charm factor is still out of this world. Don't you agree?

Though I don't think the Swiss are known for their beer, {cv} had to capture the crazy volume of yellow during our afternoon happy hour. We also beasted those Swiss chocolates at the far left while sipping those beers. It may not have been the best combination, but we were carpe-dieming.*
*self-coined word

The Blue Balls Festival {complete with its crazy "fair" food options--Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, etc.} ended up being the perfect way to cap off our day in Lucerne. Because of the rain, we chose to hang out in a pub around the corner during Robert Randolph's set. Thirty minutes before Gary Clark Jr. was set to take the stage, I ran to the pub bathroom--during which {cv} realized we'd actually been sitting at the bar with Gary the whole time. He was gone by the time I got back to our table, but we managed to snag front row standing room at his amazing show which made up for the missed connection.

Lucerne played a gracious host during our 24-hour stay. Though it is a bit on the touristy side, it is a terrific place to start a Swiss adventure like we did. A rainy travel day forces you to appreciate the fact you're thousands of miles from home. At home, we spend those days inside. While traveling, we learned the weather makes your stay that much more memorable.

counting down.

18 days stand between the finish line and me. I'll be pounding the pavement in the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 28th. I am so excited to tackle 26.2 for the second time. The only problem? I'm a big klutz and my left knee bore the brunt of my clumnisness. According to my doctor, I have a collateral ligament sprain--a not-so-glorious development in my marathon training regimen. 

In mid-September, I stepped very poorly onto a tree root eight miles into a thirteen mile run. Though I thought I might have rolled my ankle, I continued on and finished my miles. I ran another 5, 8, and then 20 miles on it that week before finally admitting something was really wrong. Rather than rolling my ankle, I over-extended my knee and caused some major discomfort.

Let's be honest: I had not planned such an early "taper" before the race. Unfortunately, this little hiccup managed to slow me down quite a bit. After regular visits to my chiropractor, I am now a firm believer in kinesiology tape. {I seriously feel like I have a robo-leg when I'm all taped up!} I am running every few days--albeit short runs--and supplementing the missing runs with elliptical workouts. The tape really does help hold my tired muscles in place, which is exactly what I need.

Having a 20-miler on the books makes me confident I can do the race in a few weeks, though it may not be as fast as I originally hoped. When I trained for the marathon I ran in college, I put in half the effort I'm putting in now, so I know I'm already a step above. I simply have to remember how mental a marathon is--and keep my head in the game until I cross that finish line.

I'm doing this marathon for me. I want to prove to myself that I still have "it." When my tibia stress fractures sidelined my previous attempts in 2011, I still couldn't give up on this dream. People think marathoners are crazy {and maybe we are?!}, but in all honesty, we're just focused on a pretty big goal: the finish line.

Don't worry: I will absolutely follow my doctor's final recommendations about the race. I still had to gear up in advance though. Say hello to my latest {and umpteenth} pair of Brooks Adrenaline, my new-fangled Brooks Utopia Arm Warmers, and my fancy schmancy Brooks Infiniti Headband. {Yes, I'm a Brooks loyalist, if you couldn't tell.} I may not match, but I'll be ready for whatever weather comes my way ;)

I can't thank you enough for all of your support over the last few months while I work toward this major goal. Any of your thoughts/prayers are welcome in the coming days. My problems are minor in the big scheme of life, but I would really love to crest the hill at the Iwo Jima Memorial again on October 28th. If you have any advice in the running/injury department, I'm all ears. Have a great Wednesday!

green goddess.

If you saw my Friday's Fancies last week, you would know I'm having a bit of a love affair with emerald green. Makeup is an easy way to let this color creep in your everyday rotation. Here are nine different green makeup options to give this hue a try and channel your inner green goddess!

Lorac Eye Shadow {in Green Room} + NARS Single Eye Shadow {in Night Porter}
Smashbox Waterproof Liner Eyeshadow Liner {in Shimmering Ivy}
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil {in Covet}
theBalm shadyLady Eyeshadow {in Jealous Jordana} +
Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palette {in Green Design}
Illamasqua Varnish {in Rampage} + Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer +
Essie Polish {in Going Incognito}

Though I'm pretty scared to try green on my nails, I would try a liner or an eyeshadow without any hesitation. I've also heard fab things about that Smashbox Primer! Any tips for getting over my fear of green nails? {Mostly, is it in any way okay in the corporate world?} I can't wait to hear your opinions!

a little tip.

Happy Columbus Day! Many thanks for your love on my second Pinterest post last Thursday! As a little thank you, I have a free printable for you today. I get loads of questions from all of you about how to do technical things on your blogs, so I'm hoping this one helps.

Have you ever pinned something from a blog and wondered how a title magically appeared? 
Since I want to help make Pinterest a better place, this printable is a how-to guide for pre-naming your pins in Blogger. {If you don't blog in Blogger, you should still be able to take the HTML guidance and put it to work!} To download, simply click on the image below to save it for future reference :)

{or click here to download it!}

Though I'm still learning as I go, I'd love to do more features like this down the road.
Leave a comment below or email me with all your "techie" questions :)

friday's fancies #97.

Happy Friday! This week for Friday's Fancies, we're exploring the monotone trend. To give this look a while, I opted for the gorgeous shades of emerald green. After writing this post, I finally have the confidence to try out this trend in real life. Here's how I translated it...


 As if I couldn't love my birthstone hue any more, this Adelia Dress from Shoshanna walked straight into my heart. Its classic shape makes it a worthwhile investment.

The graphic feel of this Bauble Bar Deco Emerald Bib Necklace pairs well with the clean lines of the Shoshanna dress. It also incorporates another shade of green to keep the monotone look alive.

A favorite of everyone's favorite princess, these L.K. Bennett Shilo Pumps need to find their way in my shoe rotation...immediately.

With a nod to my favorite street in Boston, this Lauren by Ralph Lauren Newbury Mini Shoulder Bag rounds out my affection for emerald green with ease.
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I am so excited to spend a New England weekend with the always lovely Sarah Tucker :) {Yes, you can be jealous!} For those of you who get a long weekend, enjoy it. I'll see you all back here on Monday with a fun tip you won't want to miss!

hear me out.

A few weeks ago, I shared a post on cleaning up my Pinterest. Consider this post an important continuation on a similar and equally important topic. I am writing this post to support the people who spend their lives making the content we pin so freely. They work tirelessly to design the rooms, style the outfits, and whip up recipes so they can share their talents with the world. The absolutely awful part of what is happening is that some bloggers {and pinners} are taking the hard work of others and passing it off as their own. When did this ever become ok?!

#1: Using a photo found on Pinterest and not properly sourcing it in a blog post. 
Properly sourcing a photo does not simply mean providing the URL for the individual pin--or better yet, a general Pinterest user profile. It means going the distance and finding the actual source of the pin. {If you didn't install it after my initial post, you need to install this bookmarklet pronto.}

#2Sharing photos in a post with the intention of gaining traffic--even though the content is not yours.
Let's be honest: we all know the power of Pinterest when it comes to generating traffic for our blogs. We know a few good pins can help tremendously with pageviews. This knowledge does not mean we should use it to our advantage at the mercy of those who created the content for the pin. They deserve the credit for their efforts to make the "pretty" we share.

#3: Executing #2 and then self-pinning from a generic blog URL rather than an actual post. 
Again I say: we all know well what a game-changer Pinterest can be. The tough part of this equation is that when trying to track down sources, pinning from a generic blog URL stinks. It takes much more time to track down the pin than should ever be necessary. Though bloggers can't control how other people pin from their blogs, bloggers can certainly be aware of how they do it on their own.

#4Pinning without first looking to see if the pin is properly sourced.
I see some of the biggest brands, bloggers, magazines, and pinners violating this every day. This is far from ok. I have learned to maximize the "like" feature of Pinterest as a way to try and combat this. If I'm on my phone or don't have time to track down a source, I will "like" something to save it for potential pinning. This way, I'm not further perpetuating a bad source by pinning it first and sourcing it later.

The reality is this...
We should be pinning in a supportive manner--rather than one which works for our own gain. 
I may sound naïve, but I get it. Maybe the people who have "gamed" the system really know "what's up"...but I would rather reach readers with content that is my own, even if I'm incorporating the work of others. It simply requires the appropriate sourcing to make it right. {If anyone else can help me say this, it's Leela Cyd.}

What am I doing to change things? I'm still working diligently to clean up my entire Pinterest. Each and every pin I've shared since my #cleanupyourpinterest post has been sourced as accurately as humanly possible. I am also making a whole-hearted effort to give more credit where credit is due when I make photo collages {see example here and here}. I wouldn't be able to make such a collage without their photos after all. I know it takes a little extra time, but we should willingly give that time in return for using the content of others.

Should you still be reading by this point in the post, thank you: it shows a real commitment to making the blogosphere a better place. If, as a result of this post, you realize you've been doing any one of these things, there is always time to change! I'm far from perfect {and will never be}, but I'm going to try my best to be cognizant moving forward. I know it is worth writing this crazy long post to change where things are headed. One day, when we're all successful fill-in-the-blank-here's, we will be eternally grateful for the people who shared our work the right way.

marvelous monotone.

While in Paris this summer, I noticed countless women sporting "monotone" looks. For Friday's Fancies this week, I decided it would be fun to play out this look en masse. To get inspired, I picked a few of my favorite looks and expanded on their color palettes.

{Sources: The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman | Elle by Courtney D'Alesio | Tuula by Zanita Morgan}

Here are three incredible interpretations which magically channel monotone:

{Photo from The Sartorialist | Taken by Scott Schuman

This outfit may not have fifty shades of gray, but this lovely lady rocks a few shades of gray to a tee.

{Photo from Atlantic-Pacific}

Everyone's favorite blogger, Blair, nails the monotone look by picking hues in the same color
family and then incorporating a few other fabulous pieces to knock this outfit out of the park.

{Photo from Could I Have That? | Taken by Leela Cyd}

Samantha is as pretty as a peach. This ensemble proves just how well monotone really works.

Pulling together this post made me feel even more confident that I must try this look soon!
Trying it out for Friday's Fancies this week may just push me over the edge ;)

P.S. Have questions about joining the Friday's Fancies family? Email me and I'd be happy to help!