Happy Monday! After closing on our land last Friday and making an all-too-quick jaunt to North Carolina over the weekend, I am officially back to reality. With my marathon only six days away, my excitement is growing--and so are my nerves! I have a crazy week of work {including a three-day meeting in Porstmouth, New Hampshire} standing between me and the plane ride to DC on Friday night. 

In order to help me keep my focus, I have three very special visitors on the blog this week...

Many thanks again to Melissa, Caitlin, and Kelley for making my life infinitely easier this week :) 
Trust me: you won't want to miss their beyond gorgeous guest posts. We're talking serious eye candy!

I'll be back on Friday with the 100th edition of Friday's Fancies! SO EXCITED! 
Thank you for being such a loyal and loving crew! #countingmyblessingsthisweek

P.S. If you need anything at all this week, please email me--it's the best way to catch me :)


  1. glad you had a fun weekend and im getting SO excited for your race!! xoxo jillian:: don't miss the custom blanket giveaway on cornflake dreams

  2. I hope you have a wonderful week! xxoo

  3. Have a great week and get some rest before your big race- I thought it was this past weekend- opps. Can't wait to check out the new bloggers that you have filing in!

  4. Have a fabulous week -- and try to relax a little! Good luck on your race! xo

  5. Eeeeeeeek, what an exciting week AV!!
    I have a terrible time at being focussed but my best way is to reserve 30 mins of my day for some serious me-time and do whatever you enjoy most and relax... Lie in the sun, read a good book, have a cuppa or kiss your man. Just enjoy it x

  6. Good luck!! You'll do great :)

    xoxo andrea

  7. Congratulations on your closing and good luck getting so much done this week. :)