friday's fancies.

Here is my first edition of Friday's Fancies...a series of all the things I'd love to be wearing tonight.  This outfit, for example, would be perfect for the dinner date we have with a few friends this evening. I am learning to love the blue and black contrast, though my old fashion instincts would have otherwise prevented it.  I also adore the Lindy platforms...they are a little oomph to what would otherwise be just a pretty top and jeans.

Without further ado, here's my J.Crew masterpiece for this Friday:
1) Lisette lace shell in navy
4) Half wing earrings in dark charcoal
5) Glitterati Party Clutch in silver black


  1. Love the outfit! Cute blog, thanks for following mine :) - Liz at Shorely Chic

  2. I think I quite like the blue/black but the shoes are fab!!
    keep blogging, its addictive!
    Trish xo

  3. Liz - So happy you liked the outfit :) your blog makes me smile! Thank you for taking the time to check out mine too :)

    Trish - the black+blue is definitely a winner in my book now! Thanks for the encouragement...I think I've found a new hobby! Your blog is fun too!