giving thanks.

Tomorrow will be our first {married} Thanksgiving! We started dating in August 2005, so if you're counting, this will be our sixth Thanksgiving together.  The first Thanksgiving, we spent with our respective families since we were both still students at Georgetown. The second and the third were spent in Charlotte, North Carolina. His work schedule made it tough to book any sort of airline tickets, so I came to him from DC. Looking back over our three years of long distance, those visits held some of my favorite memories. 

{cv} mastering the potatoes - Thanksgiving 2008

For our fourth Thanksgiving, we went home to my home in Indiana--he flew from Charlotte and I flew from Washington. Little did I know, this Thanksgiving visit would also include a conversation with my parents during which he asked for my hand in marriage. {I was clueless.} Last year, my parents flew from Indiana to New England to spend Thanksgiving with us in Maine, alongside his family. We were all abuzz with talk of the wedding, which was looming on the horizon.

This year, we are celebrating Thanksgiving with a few dear friends in Providence. His work schedule is back to the way it was during his early days in finance {ie 16+ hour days}. Needless to say, even driving two hours to Maine was out of the question. We are making the most of it--and I'm actually thrilled to have a low-key holiday, after years of being on-the-go. It doesn't discount, however, just how much I'd love to be home.

Today, I'm eternally grateful for my husband, for our family and friends, for our health, but most of all, for love. 2010 has been a big year for love in our makes me all the more hopeful for what's to come in 2011 :)

Have a very lovely Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Enjoying yours now too! :)
    happy thanksgiving!! xo

  2. my new husband and i started dating in august 2005 too! (I was a freshman and he was a junior in college.) And we got married in 2010 as well. So fun!

  3. my hubs and i started dating in august 2005 too! i am reading through all of your posts and we have so much in common!