far, far away.

As much as it pains me to say, we will be apartment dwellers for at least four more years.  I watch more episodes of House Hunters and Property Virgins than I publicly like to admit.  (Really though, there is NO possible way those homebuyers look at only three potential homes, but moving on...) I've begun to realize the best outlet for my house-buying envy is to dream of the house I hope we occupy by the time I'm 35.

Today, you'll get the first glimpse of this dream home, courtesy of House Beautiful.  I recently became a subscriber to this gem of a magazine after I turned through its pages in Barnes & Noble--and couldn't get enough.  Without further ado, meet the staircase of my future dream home:

photo credit: Joshua McHugh


  1. I can see myself walking in that front door now ;) I love it too!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. OMG av.. my bf and i are obsessssed with house hunters, property virgins and my first place...we watch it all the time! so to minimize our tv time we decided if the couple isnt in our future price-range-ish or somewhere we wouldnt consider moving we dont watch. ah good stuff tho. i love sandra haha xoxo jcd