the first good-bye.

On May 31, 2006, I began a tradition which carried on until our last (long distance!) good-bye on May 25, 2009. I cried my eyes out. More often than not, I created a scene. It didn't matter to me. In each good-bye, I found myself at the absolute furthest point from when we would see each other again. Looking back, I always thought the first good-bye would be the worst. The reality is that the good-byes never got easier.  In my opinion, they only got harder.

When this tradition began, we were in the Indianapolis airport. He was heading home to Maine before making his pilgrimage to North Carolina to start his first job. I was home in Indiana until my departure for a summer in France. After nine months of what I deem "convenient dating" while in college, we were embarking on a forced separation, thanks mostly to the Atlantic Ocean.

I assume most people lay the foundation for a long distance relationship with drawn-out conversations about how to make it work.  We didn't broach the topic.  Standing in the airport, I looked into his familiar and comforting eyes and knew he wasn't going anywhere. 

An hour before the first good-bye {5.31.09}


  1. I totally know what you mean how it gets harder!!!!

  2. Sometimes I feel like the goodbyes are worst then just missing him.

  3. I am having fun reading your posts! I love blogs about relationships, and yours is so interesting.

    My boyfriend lives 10 minutes away from me, but I like hearing about your relationship. I look forward to reading more. xoxo Natalie

  4. I'm [most likely] about to embark on a long distance relationship and just came across your blog! I look forward to reading your past posts (and future!) about how your relationship thrived. Love your blog! :)


  5. I'm currently in a long-distance relationship that is going to last from 1 - 2 more years. Seeing that you did it for 3 years is so encouraging. And the line about "I knew he wasn't going anywhere" is absolutely how I feel. Thank you for sharing your story.