twenty eleven.

Happy 2011 everyone! I don't know about all of you, but I'm still getting a grasp on the fact that 2010 is over. We went out to dinner on New Year's Day and I saw this timely posting on the wall...

Hipstamatic Print by {av}
"Another chance to get it right!" What a hopeful phrase! Sure, we may be getting a "new start on old habits," but that chance to do things differently is what is always so refreshing about turning the calendar from December to January. With that in mind, 2011 and I had a chat on Saturday and we made some big plans. 

This year, I plan to:

1) keep writing! Not only did I find a new creative outlet through this blog, I've met some fabulous folks who have enriched my life so much. I can't wait to see what all of you teach me in the coming year!

2) finally run another marathon! I ran my first marathon as a college sophomore and have been aching to do another for years. I'm registered and ready to start training!

3) become a better cook. I can bake {see proof here}, but I lack in the actual "creating a real meal" end of things. I'm sure {cv} would appreciate a little more from me on this front, though he doesn't complain ;)

4) read more. I have shelves full of books waiting to be read. eeks.

5) continue broadening my food horizons. I must confess that I am eating Goldfish while writing this post. Am I 5?  I'm an incredibly picky eater, but I desperately want to get better!

6) develop myself {and hopefully find some direction} by taking night classes at RISD. I'm pre-registered for a web design class for the winter term. I'm also hoping to take a photography class in the spring to get the hang of my new camera!

7) be the best wife and partner I can be. Note: I did not say perfect. I just want {cv} to know how much I appreciate his love, support, and hard work on a daily basis. I have truly been blessed with an amazing husband.

8) take a few minutes each day to organize {and file} papers, emails, etc. Letting it pile up doesn't do anyone any good, especially the people who need something from me.

9) make our bed every morning. Doesn't it always feel so much better to walk into a bedroom with a made bed? This little act takes a minute--maybe two--but it gets my day off to a much better start...and a much more inviting end.

10) be more prompt with thank you notes. This one is pretty much a no-brainer.

11) actually complete the One Year Bible. {cv} and I made it halfway through in 2009, but life got in the way. It was always a special time we took together every day to slow down a bit.

12) smile. Be happy. Though many of my closest friends and family are miles away, I will continue to find joy in our fun little life as Mr. & Mrs. {I must also not let the New England winters take away my smile!}

That's my list for 2011! I know many of you have already posted your own resolutions, but I would love to hear about your biggest goal for the coming year. What are you going to do with "another chance to make it right"?

Thank you all for your well wishes on the new year in my post from last Wednesday! I can't wait to share more from my trip later this week :) 

Hope the first three days of 2011 have
been all you hoped they would be! 
xoxo {av}

One side note: I promise to reply to all your sweet comments from the last few days when I make it home from the gym...I have to get my first day of marathon training under my belt ;) 


  1. I love your list!!! So great. I as well want to become a better cook...or really just learn how to cook. I'm also hoping to save more, spend less:) And that making the bed...great idea.

    Happy 2011 love!

  2. What a wonderful way to start 2011! If you need any recipes, shoot me a note-I used to be an impossibly picky eater, and with John's help become much more adventurous!

  3. what a wonderful list! they are all great goals to make yourself and others happy and i LOVE that! good luck with everything and i cannot wait to see how 2011 goes :) xoxo jcd
    ps youre going to love the making the bed thing.. i finally got into the habit of it and h helps too if he gets outta bed after me (which is a rare occasion). it's nice to go to home to annnd i dont have to close our bedrm door when guests are over.

  4. What a great list you have!! One of my goals is to save more money, do more with less. To travel as much as I can and to spend more time with my family.

    Have fun at the gym!!

  5. wow these are amazing resolutions! very inspiring. good luck with the training - i'm training for a half so you're basically like my hero! happy 2011!

  6. love your list av! and how perfect is that little new years post from the restaurant!? i was thinking about training for the prov half in may. i find it's the best motivation to just sign up for a race. i already am doing a 10 miler in april so maybe i'll just keep going! cheer to 2011 and good luck with the rest of those goals!

  7. So so glad that you are back! I have been waiting on your update!! I'm telling you, one thing that just makes my day when I come home from work is when hubby has made the bed...such an awesome surprise! It just makes the house look clean!

  8. Hello, happy to have found you. Really sweet plans for 2011, good luck. I also plan to be a better cook, considering i'm home alone most of the time & cooking for 4 growing children. My husband makes our bed, it's the soldier in him, ahhhh, but the bed bug authority do recommend you pull all your covers back each day to let your bed breathe, so if you ever skip a day, you're doing a good thing!! Love Posie

  9. what fantastic 2011 goals. good luck with them!
    xo meg

  10. I definitely feel you on eating like a 5 year old... I am the exact same way! I love gold fish and fruit rollups... they are just so amazing!

  11. love all of your goals. i think my biggest challenge will be to bake 12 desserts. i had a VERY hard time finishing my 12 meals last year, but i am hoping my sweet rewards will help motivate me to do it in a timely manner :)

  12. Best of luck with your resolutions :-)
    Happy New Year's!