southern hospitality.

Though we've been home almost a week, I have been super busy and haven't had time to go through pictures from our getaway to South Carolina. I spent half of the week in Connecticut for a work meeting, which didn't help my cause. Thankfully, it's {finally!} Saturday, so I have fewer excuses. 

WARNINGThis is a picture-heavy post. Since we were on a relaxed family getaway, I'm not much of a fashionista in these photos ;) These photos come from three cameras, my iPhone Hipstamatic camera, my Nikon CoolPix, and my {new!} Nikon D5000. 

We jetted out of Providence before the sun was up on Wednesday, December 29th--and got to stop in one of our favorite cities: Washington, DC. Here's a photo proving we were there!
We managed to get a direct flight right onto the island of Hilton Head, which was pretty fantastic because we were literally on the beach within 45 minutes. As you can tell from the photo below, it wasn't "beachy" weather...but we made the most of it. In this photo, you'll see my uncle {J}, my aunt {K}, me, and {cv}.
A good portion of our time in Hilton Head was spent roaming the beaches, a theme which keeps recurring in the photos below. It's so therapeutic, especially since we're in the middle of winter in Rhode Island. Sure, it wasn't balmy, but it was just what we needed. I love this photo of my parents, walking hand in hand.
Our first dinner on the Island was at the Crazy Crab--which just so happens to be a long-standing family favorite. I grew up going to Hilton Head and our trip wasn't complete without a stop there. {cv} and I ate there too when we came in 2006. I don't think I had ever seen the Harbour Town Lighthouse decked out like this though...
We took a slice of key lime pie {a.k.a. a little slice of heaven} back to our villa that night. {cv}, my parents, my uncle {J}, my aunt {M} and I got up early the next morning to walk that pie off on the beach ;) After a shower, the whole crew made the 45-minute drive to Savannah, Georgia. I didn't take half as many pictures in Savannah as I hoped, but here is a fun one of the two of us on River Street, where normal open container rules don't apply...
I couldn't resist getting with picture of my cousin {H} on Santa's lap. Pretty hilarious.
After River Street, we made our rounds of the spectacular historic squares in Savannah. We passed by Forsyth Park, where I got this lovely picture with the fountain in the background. {I haven't read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but I think this park is significant in that book.} You have to love the live oaks and the Spanish moss.
My father makes signs for a living, so I've grown up with a deep appreciation of all things neon {including the song by John Mayer :) }. I adore old theater signs like this one:
Though we were pretty tuckered out from our day in Savannah, my parents, {cv} and I went to Corks Wine Co. {A BIG thank you to Ashley from Run With Me for this perfect recommendation!} Such a snazzy little hotspot for an otherwise quiet island!
I couldn't pass up this photo of my dad. He'd forgotten his glasses and was struggling to read the little print on my iPhone. Priceless.
On the morning of New Year's Eve, we ran a 5K on the beach. It wasn't an easy run, with the wind in our faces, but it was totally worth it. After the run, we bopped over to Harold's Diner, one of my grandfather's old haunts. Their staff is notoriously rude {similar to the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld}, but it made for quite a few laughs. My dad wasn't quite ready for this photo after breakfast:

We cleaned up post-run before meeting everyone a few short steps away from our villa at The Salty Dog Cafe for lunch. Here is proof that it actually hit 70 degrees while we were there:
Though my uncle {J} and my aunt {K} were already on the road home to Nashville, we grabbed this group shot before heading back to the villa to watch some football.
We had to get one too.
{cv} and I ran to the grocery to grab some bubbly for later that evening when we got a call from my parents, beckoning us to hurry back to catch the sunset. I'm so glad we made it--because this is the way we closed out the daylight in 2010:
Can you see the dolphin?!? There were so many!
My little family :)
{cv} snapped this one...
Goodbye 2010...
The whole family ate a yummy--yet funky--dinner at The Studio. After dinner, we headed back to my aunt {M} and uncle {S}'s villa to watch the ball drop. This picture isn't our best, but here we are ringing in our first full married year:
We got up leisurely that morning before {cv} went golfing with my uncle {S} and I went out with my mom, my aunt {M}, and my cousin {H}. Hilton Head isn't the best for real shopping, but they have a lot of fun little kitschy shops. Here's a Hipstamatic Print of the Harbour Town light in the sunshine:
On New Year's night, we had one final family dinner at Wise Guys, which felt more like we were in NYC than HHI. It was an early night since my parents had to jump on the road early the next morning for Indiana. Before we headed back to the airport, {cv} and I took one final long walk on the beach. I'll never get tired of walking beside him.
We had an easy flight up to Charlotte, another of my favorite cities, before we finally made it home on Sunday night. 
There truly is nothing like time spent with family--in a relaxing environment like we have in Hilton Head. I can see {cv} and I returning there in the years to come, with children in tow, or maybe even next New Year's ;)

Hope you enjoyed my little recap--thanks for bearing with me! Have a lovely little Saturday...I'm Boston bound to meet up with one of my bridesmaids, {kj}, but I promise to catch up on commenting before the day is out. If you haven't done so, make sure to enter my giveaway--the odds are in your favor! xoxo {av}


  1. It looks like yall had a great time! I love looking at all the pictures! Happy Saturday!

  2. family reunions are refreshing! I love each photo, specially the one of your parents walking around the beach.

    Have a nice weekend!


  3. no people don't enter the giveaway ;) totally kidding! These are great photos and your hair is so pretty! Let me know the next time you're in Charlotte and we'll have to meet up somewhere!

  4. thanks for posting - it looks like you had a wonderful time. we were in North Carolina for the holidays and it was so nice. xo kendall

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  9. It looks like you had trip. I spent a week on Tybee Island a few years, beautiful place. My husband and I spent days in Spain over the holidays and you had better weather than us, only one day of sunshine and that was the day we left...........ugh.
    great photos, good to be back,
    Trish xo

  10. I love all of your pictures!! Savannah is one of my favorite cities....and yay for open containers, right? :)

    I have the D5000, too! Don't you just love it!?

  11. lovely photos {av}!! i am so glad you had a great trip :) xoxo jcd

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