friday's fancies #6.

Though the holidays got in the way of my Friday's Fancies posts, never fear! I'm back with this week's edition :) With the possibility of snow tonight, this is an aggressive choice of a dress...but I couldn't help myself. I wore my first full sparkle dress on Christmas Eve--and fell in love. No, I'm not going to suddenly jump onto the pageant circuit, but I wanted the sparkly eye candy to continue. There's no harm in that right?

With two days left in the Rent The Runway giveaway, it was only appropriate to pick a dress from their website for this week. In fact, the shoes are the only item not available to rent or purchase via RTR. {Yes, they even have Spanx!} I hope you like what I picked!

{All photos are screenshots via the links below}
1) This stunning Confetti Sequins Dress by Tibi rocks my socks off. {Kristen from A Kapple A Day liked it too--it's her pick in my giveaway!} The best part is that you'd look like a million bucks without feeling the guilt of spending it! Sadly, my favorite feature of this dress isn't visible in this picture--the scoop back is killer! And I'd still be able to wear my normal "undergarments", shall we say, which is a HUGE positive in my book.
2) To offset the crazy sparkles on the dress, I knew I needed to take the accessories in a more simple direction. I chose this versatile Judith Leiber Black Magic Clutch because it has the sheen of sparkle without being too overwhelming. I also liked having a chain available, so I could be hands free while roaming the room and not constantly worrying where to put my bag.
3) + 4) Before you think I committed fashion suicide, I would not be wearing all of those bracelets at once. My intention was to take a few from the AV Max Geometric Bangle Set and add in a couple from the AV Max Metallic Silver Stack, creating a more dimensional "stack," a new term I learned from my fellow Hoya, The College Prepster.
5) Ok, I have to admit something...I don't think I'm brave enough to wear booties until I saw these fine specimens from Elizabeth & James called the Skylar Booties. They're the perfect mix of peep toe and bootie...and they got Rachel Zoe's vote, so I take that as a win. 

I'd love to have others join me in my pursuit of Friday's Fancies! If you want to take an escape today, create your dream outfit for tonight like I did and share it :) I do these collages on Picasa, which is super user-friendly. If you do one, here's a little icon that I made for you to use

If you do your own edition of Friday's Fancies, make sure to let me know :) I'd love to see what you picked! Hope each one of you have an "easy" Friday...the weekend is almost here! Yay! xoxo {av}


  1. If i had somewhere fancy to go..I would totally wear that dress...

    ALSO, than YOU for the amazing RTR info! That site is and I fully intend to utilize when I go back to the US in october.


  2. Love this!! Those shoes are to die for!

  3. Oh my goodness...that dress is to die for!! Love at first sight!!!

  4. Thanks for your comment!! :) And that dress is gorgeous, now I need a place to wear it...:)

  5. I have never worn booties either, but I love those! The peep toe makes them adorable! Loving that sparkly dress, too! : )

  6. ok seriously REALLLLLLY would love to own that sequin dress!

    PS - kinda' umm LOVE it if u could stop by and 'follow' me .. *please*

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  7. Oh gosh, those sparkles! Love that it has a scoop-necked back, too.. man, how I've missed the Friday Fancies. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  8. Your foray into sequined territory is so inspiring-I might have to give it a whirl! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Ooo love that dress! I think ill do a 'friday's fancies' next week--looks like fun :) xoxo jcd

  10. ahh, i love that dress, obviously! :) have a great weekend!

  11. Love it! The dress is too cute. Plus I love the heels. :)

  12. Oh my goodness...that dress is soooo to die for!!