new holiday obsession.

Happy Monday everyone! After decking the halls this weekend in New Hampshire, I realize it is time to get my act together in our humble abode. A few small difficulties...

1) Any extra cash flow we had this year went toward the wedding, so there really isn't much moolah carved out in our budget for holiday decorations.
2) Lucy and Gus enjoy nibbling on anything green...which means a real tree is out of the question for us {for now}. 
3) We just don't have the space. As renters, we have no real place to store decorations since we are already at our spacial capacity. This just keeps me dreaming of our future home, a few years down the road.

These roadblocks aside, I have to find some way to make our apartment look, feel and {even} smell festive. Cue the holiday wreath...the answer to my decorating woes. Not only is it high enough off the ground that the kitties can't reach it, it's also affordable and relatively easy to store {or put in the compost}.

I've seen a few great wreath ideas across the blogosphere, but I wanted to pull a few from a few of my favorite decoration inspiration websites: Martha Stewart, Country Living, and Southern Living. Here they are:
1) This picture took decorating with wreaths to another level for me...all I have to say is WOW! {Photo Credit: Ralph Anderson via Southern Living}
2) I just finished a beginner's interior design course at RISD and this photo adhered to one of the rules I learned: decorating in threes unifies a space...and who wouldn't want to recreate this space? {Photo Credit: Laurey W. Glenn via Southern Living}
3) Yay! A quick and easy way to stay green this holiday season: use your wrapping scraps to make this wreath! {Photo Credit: Laurey W. Glenn via Southern Living}
4) You can easily adapt this wreath to any color scheme and add a lot of pizzazz! {Photo Credit:}
5) With this miniature wreath, you may annoy your neighbors with the sound of jingle bells, but I still love it. It could make a great DIY gift too! {Photo Credit:}
6) Another solid contributor to my recent obsession is this little masterpiece, chock full of berries, greenery, and lady apples. {Photo Credit: Jim Bastardo via Country Living}
7) I couldn't pass up this wreath--it has a few touches of our wedding colors and is so full of life! {Photo Credit: Robin Stubbert via Country Living}
8) I pine {ha!} for this Noble Fir and Eucalyptus Wreath. The silver touches just make it shine in my book! {Photo Credit:}
9) Though the flowers look may look real, they're actually made of ribbons! I think the colors could be swapped in this one as well to fit any decor. {Photo Credit:}
10) Over the years, I've seen countless old frames at consignment shops. The next time I see one, I'll definitely have to swipe it up to execute this idea next year. {Photo Credit: James Merrell via Country Living}

Do you have any new holiday obsessions? 
Tell me--I'm curious! xo {av}


  1. as for new holiday obsessions, this is my first christmas w/ the bf so its all new to us :) and as renters we have a lot of the same problems with space. might have to get a wreath too--i love #7, #8 and #10 (the frame is such a cool idea!) xoxo jcd

  2. These are all SO GREAT! Well I made my boyfriend a Christmas stocking so I think they might be my new obsession! ha

  3. love them all! #8 is my fave! i have a new obsession with mantels, even though we don't have one...yet! and how cool that you took an interior design course...that has sorta become a new obsession for me as well with buying a house!

  4. I say wow to #1 as well! And also to that house!

  5. My number one Christmas obsession is white trees- I want one desperately but they are pricey- still trying to find a way but we will see:) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! xo

  6. UHM I just watched your wedding video...I may watch it again soon and you can bet your 'Bottom' ( I don't want to be too profane here) that it will be featured on this wednesday's "Wedding Wednesday" for sure! :)

    YOU have to tell me more about it!
    OR like something about how you met or anything like that!
    I will leave you my e-mail, and you should feel lucky! I never do that! :)

  7. I adore putting wreaths on the inside of windows like the 2nd photo...enjoyable all day long!!

  8. hi there and thanks for commenting about my new layout. i am currently obsessed with it! as renters i feel your pain! i don't want to spend the money we should be saving or use up the little room we have : /

    life spelled jen

  9. whoa. these tips are amazing! please share more inspiration! xoxox

  10. great blog!



  11. New follower...and I love these wreath ideas!! I think they are the perfect holiday decoration!

  12. Interior Design course? Yay to that!! I love decorating and want to take one someday.
    Oh, here's the address to Brickway Wicknended, 234 Wickenden Street -Providence, RI 02903-4330. you will love it, they have all day breakfast service :)


  13. Oooohh, those are all great wreath ideas, too!

  14. yay! so happy ya'll enjoyed my new obsession ;) I served up some more holiday inspiration today! xoxo

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