hello december.

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I wrote our rent check this morning and did a double-take. Where did 2010 go?! The reality is that I don't know how happy I am for the year to end. Even though we won't celebrate our anniversary until April 2011, you really only get one calendar year to say, "Oh, the year we got married." 

This year was joyous for so many reasons, but in the same breath, it was also tough for reasons I didn't expect. In February, I lost my 92-year-old grandmother unexpectedly--just six weeks before the wedding. She died peacefully while reading a book on her bed, after a wonderful birthday lunch in my dad's honor--where she insisted upon paying. She was healthy, happy, and even drove to pick my dad up for lunch that day. God just decided it was her time--and we all had to learn to accept it. Goodness knows, she was as happy as a clam to find her true home.

Though she wasn't going to be able to make the trip from Indiana to DC for the wedding, it didn't ease the pain knowing she wouldn't even be able to see the photos. We had even planned another party back home in July so she could be included in the celebration. Until I arrived home in Indiana, my family would call with little stories about notes they would find hidden around her house. It wasn't until my father read the last words of her final diary entry that I found any comfort in losing her:
To think she found it important enough to mention our engagement announcement in the last few words of her life...well, suffice it to say, it brought a quiet realization that she really was getting a better seat at the wedding from heaven, alongside my grandfather--and with my maternal grandparents. It also made me recognize the importance of writing down what's going on in our lives, a very real reason I started this blog.

So, 2010, I'm going to make these last 30 days count. I hope you all will too! 

Hello December! :)


  1. What a sweet post, your grandmother sounds like such a loving and strong woman. I felt the same way when I wrote my rent check this morning. I hope you have the best December yet!

  2. Such an amazing post! your grandmother loved you so much! I need to write my rent check! Thank you for reminding me! :)


  3. What a beautiful post - inspiring me to make the last days of this year count as well.

  4. Such a sweet, heartfelt post. Your grandmother would be so proud that she inspired your life as she did. Looking forward to following your blog!! Have a great day! xoxo

  5. Exactly...Hello December!!! :-) Love your insight!
    xxx Emily from EL Vintage

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    Come check it out and I hope you enter. xxx

  6. What a beautiful post, your Grandmother sounds amazing with a beautiful big heart.

  7. This is such a beautiful post. Your grandmother sounds like she was wonderful, and I'm sorry for your loss. I call my grandma every single day because I know if something happens, I won't see it coming. I hope your December is nothing but awesome!

  8. What a sweet post. I just saw your beautiful wedding photos & video on a different blog. Congratulations on getting married.. and while I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandmother, I'm glad you've come to peace with it. It took me a very long time to get there when my grandfather passed.