one small psa.

I cannot profess to be the green-est girl around {I try!}, but I've been doing something over the last few weeks to do my part for this beautiful earth.
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My mother loves her catalogs. Growing up in the Midwest, we didn't have the best of shopping available, so catalogs were a great option for my gift-saavy mother. Now, in the age of online shopping, it seems almost superfluous for companies to send out catalogs.  
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However, I must admit I do enjoy holding these five catalogs {J.Crew, AnthropologiePottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and Crate & Barreland turning their pages...rather than just seeing their goods online. 

This brings me to my point though: I get roughly 6 catalogs a day. Somehow, my mother's love of catalogs has transferred to our address in Providence. They believe she's resident #3 in our apartment, which is clearly not the case {no offense, Mom!}. So, while listening to NPR a few weeks ago, I heard an ad for CatalogChoice.Org and I was intrigued. Could they help me minimize these annoying catalogs?
{Image from CatalogChoice}
I've unsubscribed from 60 catalogs so far {yes, you heard me right}. I didn't even know 60 catalogs existed, especially for things like popcorn and ___ of the month clubs. The results are starting to show in a smaller mailbox load, but I don't think I'll feel the full effects until early next year. Catalog Choice essentially works on your behalf to communicate with the companies to remove you from their mailing list.  Though I haven't become a premium member, it certainly might be worth the $20.

This is the exciting part: they show you just how your "catalog choices" are helping the environment.  Here's my screenshot...I have to say, I'm pretty proud!

I think it's worth doing a little bit to keep enjoying the stunning world we live in {like in the pictures above} Hey, I may have only saved 3 trees and 311 gallons of water, but it's a start, right?

When it comes right down to it, catalogs only serve two purposes for me: dreaming of my future home and what I'd love to be hanging in my closet, but from the stores I choose. That's my little PSA for today...thanks for indulging me with a little air time. 

Have a great night everyone :) xo {av}


  1. this is a great idea! we just moved into our apt a few months ago but the magazines are trickling in...

  2. I adore the J. Crew catalogues -- the models just look so happy! I should definitely sign up for this, though.. I subscribe to an embarrassing number of magazines.

    P.S. Your comments on my blog are the nicest; you have no idea how much they brighten my day! :)

  3. I had no idea this service even existed! Very cool!

  4. Just found your gorgeous blog! I'm a newleywed too! Isn't it great!?

    WOuld love you to visit my blog (I'm posting some of my wedding photos today)!

    love from

  5. Seriously, is there anything better than getting the JCrew catalog in the mail? I LOVE looking at all the great new clothes!! I fall in love everytime :-)

  6. What a great idea! I've never heard of this service before, thanks for the tip!