jersey shore.

If you live in the US, you are probably acutely aware of the TV show, Jersey Shore. The show has always held a special place in my heart...but not because of their crazy antics, but because it was originally based in New Jersey. But why the affection for New Jersey from the native midwesterner? 

The week I met my future husband, I took a {very random} trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey at about 1:00am. We had been celebrating a friend's 21st birthday and thought the best idea was to continue the party...and at the encouragement of our future best man, I decided I should absolutely go on this crazy adventure. 
Taj Mahal in Atlantic City - August 6, 2005 {av}
Just prior to our departure from DC, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get my now husband's number...he was driving one car and I was bummed I was riding in the other. I convinced him that I needed it to make sure the two carloads didn't get separated.

You can see us in the picture above...I'm wearing the goofy earrings and big belt {it was 2005, ok?} and he's behind me in the black polo and white undershirt. Cue my weird love of New Jersey, though I do hate to drive through it.

We even went back for Columbus Day weekend of that one of the gestures which really made me realize this guy was for real, he got us tickets to see my all-time favorite musician. This was in college when we had absolutely no money for things like concert tickets...especially when you have to buy them weeks in advance, only three weeks into a relationship.
Atlantic City Boardwalk - October 9, 2005 {av}
This picture will forever make me smile. His necklace? Holy moly! With the Taj Mahal looming behind us, I can't help but laugh at the crazy start of "us"...and the weird way that New Jersey plays into it all :)


  1. What a sweet post!! I loved it. xoxo

  2. Ugh, Jersey Shore, a guilty pleasure indeed.

    I have a few pictures like this, that will always make me smile even if things aren't the same.

  3. ah, amazing--i love that that's the reason for loving new jersey! it holds a special place in my heart as well.