all the trimmings.

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We literally just walked in the door after a whirlwind's one of those Sunday nights where you look at the clock and wonder just where the weekend went. Suffice it to say, we made our rounds of New England! 

Friday night, I "shipped" up to Boston for girls night before heading back to our home base in Providence. Saturday began early as we were busy decorating our church for the Christmas season. We caught a few minutes of our Hoyas on TV {yay for college basketball!} before hopping on the road to New Hampshire. 

We spent Saturday night trimming the tree at his aunt and uncle's cozy home. I was especially happy because his cousins {who are now more like sisters to me} pulled out home videos...and for the first time, I got to see my adorable husband as a four-year-old. 

Dream. Come. True.

This morning, we got some playtime in with our 18-month-old nephew in Maine before jumping back over to New Hampshire for a family birthday party. We jammed to some Pandora all the way home before meeting our dear friends for a quick bite, which gets me to the present...
Hipstamatic Print by {av}
Lucy and Gus are aching for attention, so I won't keep you much longer.
Hipstamatic Print by {av}
I can't believe the holiday season is passing quite so quickly. Sometimes, I wish I had a remote with buttons to transport my family and friends to us in Rhode Island or to pause time so I could really enjoy the season. Sadly, such a remote doesn't exist...but wouldn't life be so much more interesting if it did?

Hope you all had a relaxing/productive/wonderful winter weekend! 
Until tomorrow...xo {av}


  1. Yes it would be so much more interesting!! I guess we should savor the time we get to spend with our families until someone creates that control lol. Sounds like you had a busy/fun weekend. Nothing like spending time with our loved ones.

  2. Seriously, this Holiday season is going by faster than I would like. It's my favorite time of year!

    Surprisingly, my weekend went by slow. I looked at the clock today at noon and I thought it was six PM. haha :/

  3. I did, I had a great weekend!! And look at those kittys... looks like they're having a relaxing holiday season! ;-)

  4. I can't believe it's already December 6th, it still feels like November to me!

  5. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog !! I'm glad your are happy to have found my blog :)

    cute blog !!

    Kenza xxx