loving fast.

Happy Tuesday! I know I'm not the only one with a to-do list a mile long...so, in order to maintain sanity, I thought it would be the perfect week to feature a few extra long distance couples. Don't fret--Friday's Fancies will still be up and running on the 23rd :) 

The first couple of the week is one of the most inspirational couples I've featured to date: Matt and Jessica {from Loving Fast} just ended their long distance stint after Matt returned from his deployment. Read on to see how Jessica made the most of their time apart...

Name: Jessica
Significant Other's Name: Matthew

When did you start dating? We started dating in September 2007, but we mark October 3rd as our official "dating" anniversary. We got married on June 26th, 2010.

At what point did you begin dating long distance? July 2010--just two days after our honeymoon

How do you fill your days while you're apart? I try to keep myself very busy, which has been so helpful in keeping me sane while my husband is away. Keeping my mind clear also helps me worry less. I have a great job which affords me lots of opportunities to travel. I find lots of other ways to keep busy, like working on my Masters degree at Johns Hopkins University, volunteering with fellow military families going through deployments, spoiling our 3-year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever and spending time with friends who let me laugh and cry when I need it most.

How has long distance changed your relationship? The biggest change is that we are forced to communicate differently. For the last year and a half, "normal, everyday" conversations don't exist. Although we get to talk more than I had planned (at least twice a week), our conversations are usually short so I've learned to cherish every second. There is no time to worry, complain, or fight over the little things. We have learned how to show our affection verbally and express our emotions differently. I have learned to fulfill all of the roles in the house, take on new responsibilities and somehow keep everything together. I have also begun to work on myself. At first, I thought this concept sounded so selfish, but I realized that I am building myself up to be a stronger person in our relationship. By volunteering, continuing my education, and focusing on being healthier, it will better our life and make me a better partner. This deployment has strengthened our bond, deepened our love and made our forever longer.

What do you enjoy most about the time you have together? I miss laughing with my husband.  Honestly, there is nothing better than seeing his face light up and just laugh. It melts my heart. Truthfully, I just miss being average...walking our dog, cooking together, putting on the most comfortable clothes and staying in for a movie night, working around our house, and just being us... together. My husband also makes the best travel companion, so we definitely taking some getaways now that he is finally home. 

Is there any end in sight to your long distance days? oh my gosh, it is finally over! :) :) I have learned that there is no such thing as a schedule in the Army, so I didn't have a date I could circle on the calendar, but it was so exciting to wait for the news!!!! We will be making the most of Christmas together.

All of my love to Jessica and Matt--I can't imagine what an incredible Christmas they'll be having this year. Be sure to stop by her blog and give her some love. She shares lovely photos of her life that you won't want to miss! Thanks again for sharing your story with us, Jessica! Enjoy your Tuesday :)


  1. Let me be the first to say that even though this love story might sound too good to be true it is 100% the real deal! I love the Fasts! What a great feature {av}! Maybe the best one yet :) (Although as bestest friend I might be biased about that, hehe)

  2. This is such a great post! I must say I give props to anyone that can do long distance. I "tried" it once (it was an hour apart with no cars) and I hated it.


  3. Oh I seriously LOVE this couple! I knew them back in our ol Flagler days :) So happy they get to spend Christmas together! Love them both and their love so so much. I love hearing how much it helped Jessica while going through that. I just can't even imagine. She's a rockstar <3

  4. Oh wow totally tearing up at work!!! Great story, so happy for them! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to these every week! :)

  5. What a sweet couple-so glad they get to spend this Christmas together!

  6. What a fabulous story and such a wonderful couple!! It will definitely be a magical Christmas for sure :) I hope you have been having a wonderful holiday week Alison! Be sure to check out my Holiday giveaway on Twirling Clare xoxo

  7. That's so sweet! I loved what she said about missing his laugh.

  8. {av} you're the sweetest! thank you for sharing our story. I never want to forget what it was like to go through this year because it has made my husband & I so grateful for each other. so happy I was about to be apart of this series among other beautiful love stories. xoxox