spike the punch.

I'm BEYOND excited for this Monday, not because it is the start of a new work week, but because I have a phenomenal giveaway for you from Spike the Punch!!  You may have seen these sparkly necklaces on Atlantic-PacificGlitter Guide, Cheetah is the New BlackSterling Style, and countless other blogs, but today, you see them here! Their fabulous creator, Elizabeth, has kindly offered two--yes two--necklaces for you lovely folks! Read on to find out how you can get your own...

How fabulous are these necklaces for packing a punch {pardon the pun!} and adding a major glam factor to any outfit?! I can't wait to wear mine while mingling at parties--and running errands--this holiday season :) Two of you will get your hands on this stunning sparkler:

If you're attending blogger blitz dc, you have a chance to win one there too--YAY! {By the way, next Sunday seriously can't come soon enough!} Many, many thanks to Elizabeth for her generosity :) I just love hard-working, creative, and talented entrepreneurs like her. If you'd like to order your own necklace, simply email Elizabeth and add yourself to her design queue. Should you have any questions {or would like to partner with me on a future giveaway}, please email me. Best of luck to each and every one of you!