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Happy Wednesday! We've been enjoying our swing through Tennessee--I just love our visits here :) Today's couple, Adam and Nicole {from BusyGirl}, met in college and then learned to navigate long distance after they started their careers. Even though they were in the same state, they definitely experienced how difficult it is to call two different cities home. They are now married and live in Cleveland--and are enjoying every minute of their togetherness!

Name: Nicole
Significant Other's Name: Adam
When did you start dating? November 2004

At what point did you begin dating long distance?  Our long distance years began in the summer of 2008. I stayed in Columbus, Ohio after graduation, but Adam's job was based in Cleveland. This job required him to move home - a two-hour drive away.

How do you fill your days while you're apart? Adam had an easy time filling his days because he was home with friends and family. He just kind of fell back into his old routine. Being somewhat of an introvert made the time apart a bit easier for me and I had work to keep me busy. While I had friends in the area, I didn't have the full schedule Adam did, so I filled my days with learning photography and enjoying time with our pup.

What do you find most difficult about being long distance?  The biggest test for me was being so close, but so far. A two-hour drive was absolutely taunting. After spending nearly every day together, it was quite the change. We were able to see each other once a week, but we had to give up those normal, everyday moments. It made it hard when we had to miss important nights in the other person's life just because they fell on a weekday.

How has long distance changed your relationship?  It greatly improved our communication skills. We had to work at making time to talk since we were on different schedules. It meant a lot of late nights and early mornings, but having to work on a relationship without being face to face all the time brought us so much closer. Once we were together again, everything felt brand new and exciting!

What sacrifices did you make in order to make things work? Once we were engaged, we knew we needed to find a solution. We couldn't live two hours apart when we were married. I sacrificed a job I loved in Columbus and headed to Cleveland. It was an extremely difficult decision to make, but once we were together in one place, I knew I had made the right choice.  

How has your life changed now that you're back in the same place?  It is amazing--seriously amazing.  Being a part of one another’s lives day in and day out is such a blessing.  I love the life we're building together and that every day begins with a good morning smile from Adam.

Many thanks to Adam and Nicole for sharing their story! Be sure to stop by and give her some love today :) Thank you all for your patience as I enjoy this time with my family! I promise to be back to normal programming in the new year. See you tomorrow...

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  1. I think what we can learn from this series is that to make it, you must become great communicators. I've gotta say {av}, this series makes me feel not so alone in the distance. Although we aren't anymore, people STILL look at us like we're freaks when we tell them. Now I know of all these freaks with blogs ;)

  2. What a cute couple! So glad to see they made it work!



  3. What an encouraging couple! The boy and I are about to have a similar situation to theirs.. and I am so glad you shared their story! I sometimes feel silly saying we are "long distance" when we are only a little over an hour from each other... but, it is just the idea that our day to day lives are about to be different than they've been the past 3 years. And that's hard. Thank you for sharing these stories!

  4. Oh they are sooo cute. :) Love those wedding pictures! She looks lovely!

  5. I love all these long distance love stories to end the year. I can't wait for our long distance to be over (just 3 more days!!). Ringing in the new year with lots of love is sure to be a good thing!

  6. Their wedding looks gorgeous! And I love what she said about long distance improving their communication skills!

  7. Such a cute couple! Great story! Kelli

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