paint the town red.

Welcome to the first day of December! Today is also World AIDS Day--a day with a call 
to action to help end the HIV/AIDS pandemic across the world. One organization who 
works tirelessly toward this cause is (RED). They partner with brands we all love to bring
awareness and build passion behind their efforts. {Click here to read their manifesto!} 
All the goodies below provide much-needed support to their world-changing organization:

1) 50% of the purchase price of this Isabel Marant (PRODUCT) RED™ T will go directly to support the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.
2) Starbucks will donate five cents from every hand-crafted beverage today, December 1st!
3) Converse released these special edition Chuck Taylor All Stars to rock out in (RED).
4) Download this special edition of Shazam {one of my all-time favorite music apps!} at a special price this week with (RED) in mind.
5) If you're gifting an iPad this holiday season, think about adding this (PRODUCT) RED iPad Cover to your cart. Not only is it a great color, you will be helping a phenomenal cause.
6) This (FEED)RED Love 30 bag, created by Lauren Bush, will help support the (RED)'s efforts. Read this post to find out more about Lauren's trip to Cambodia, which "opened her eyes to the reality of HIV/AIDS."

Whether it's a red cup full of your favorite coffee from Starbucks, buying one of the goodies above, or simply spreading the news about (RED)'s cause on facebook or twitter, every little bit counts. I know I want to be a part of a generation that is AIDS free...and supporting (RED) can make that happen! I'll see you all back here for a fashionably INSPI(RED) Friday's Fancies tomorrow...with (RED) in mind!


  1. amen to all of this sista! Love it!xo

  2. So glad you posted this - this is horrible seeing that I'm living in Africa - but I didn't even realize it was world AIDS day today! We haven't gotten any publicity or anything about it that I've seen.

    I'm totally going to try and buy something which contributes to the cause today!


  3. Thank you for posting this! AIDS in Africa is such an important matter and I fully support (RED).

  4. great post and a great reminder of a wonderful cause. i had a red ipod back in the day! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Love all these, especially that bag! I just saw Bono on the Daily Show last night. It's incredible what he has done for this organization!

  6. Great post about awareness and love your products. xo

  7. thanks for bringing awareness to this great cause- the products are amazing.

  8. I LOVE that red FREED bag! It's a super great way to help people out.
    Didn't know they had a special Shazam either! Shazam is a lifesaver! :)

  9. Great products for a great cause! Thanks for sharing {av}. Every little bit counts... can't wait for the INSPI(RED) FF tomo. xo

  10. not only did i buy starbucks today but one of those items is on my friday fancies tomorrow!!

    life spelled jen

  11. Loving the Feed Bag and that gorgeous Isabel Marant T! Such a wonderful cause.

  12. I just found this blog.. and am encouraged by couples who stay together through the distance- 3 years! We are coming up on our second. Glad we found this blog!

  13. YES TO RED CHUCKS! I love this! Get the awareness out there!!!

  14. i love the RED campaign :) i just saw you're originally from indiana! i spent a semester there a couple of years ago :) //dariadaria

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