dynamic duo.

You're in for a special treat today because I have a second helping in my {distance makes the heart grow fonder} series! This afternoon, you'll meet A and C {from the real mean girl}-- college sweethearts who have been quite the dynamic duo since 2003! Despite crazy schedules and many miles between them, they are now under the same roof in NYC. I had the pleasure of meeting C in November at blogger blitz nyc--and she's as sweet as they come, though her blog name may say otherwise ;) Find out how they made their crazy schedules work and check out their first picture together in the bottom set. It's priceless...

Name: C
Significant Other's Name: A
When did you start dating? April 2003

At what point did you begin dating long distance? We started the long distance years in 2005, when I was still in undergrad and he was playing baseball. He traveled all over the country and kept strange hours, as minor league players tend to do. 

How do you fill your days while you're apart? In college, it was easy since I had class, a job, lots to study and a fabulous social life to keep me busy. Now, I get really mopey, which is quite strange as I'm used to not being with him for extended periods. I think it's because I've gotten selfish being able to see him daily that when I don't, it really bothers me. 

What do you find most difficult about being long distance? While in college, it was so tough to have such conflicting schedules. He was up when I was asleep and vice versa. I think not the worst of it was not being able to see him when I was having a bad day or get a hug and a few encouraging words when I wasn't feeling great about things.

How has long distance changed your relationship? It has definitely made it stronger. Things that normal couples seem to fight about aren't even an issue for us. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that when you're long distance, you really learn how to communicate with one another because that is all you have. Remember, when we were long distance (for the longest period of time) skype and video chat didn't exist. 

What do you enjoy most about the time you have together? I love just being together and laughing. We both find each other quite hilarious. 

What sacrifices have you made in order to make things work? We used to go six months between visits, which was so hard, but with school, work, and lack of funds, we didn't have a choice. We definitely sacrificed seeing each other. I wouldn't say that I've sacrificed friendships and family outright, but I moved 3,000 miles away from home to be with A, so I don't get to see my peeps much. To be fair, he also moved away from home and doesn't see his friends and family as much. Since we're from different parts of the country, this would be a sacrifice for us being together wherever we live. 

How has your life changed now that you're back in the same place? Oh my gosh. So much. We've lived together since October 2010 and I still can't believe I get to see him everyday. We have a routine and I love it. I know that I never have to go home to an empty apartment, which is huge. It is so nice to be able to make him dinner, although I should do it a lot more than I currently do :) I don't plan my days around his calls anymore. He's right here with me.

Stop by and give C some love today--after years and years apart, she and A are a phenomenal example of how hard work and determination can really make a long distance relationship work. I also love that their initials are A and C, kind of like {cv} and me ;) Much love to you, C! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday--and I'll see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Awww I had no idea you were in a long-distance! Wow. I think long distance relationships really put love to the test, to be honest. They either make it or break it. You two were obviously meant for each other. ;)

    You and your bf are cute together. Loving these photos.

  2. Yayy for long distance! I feel ya girl. We need another NYC reunion! :)

    Have a wonderful night, ladies!!


  3. She's probably one of my favorite bloggers, right next to you {av} :) So sweet!

  4. Wow, they've been together for a long time! Cool to see how much they've changed over the years.

  5. I love seeing how they grow and change over the years.... Great post.

  6. My hubby and I did long distance near the beginning of our relationship and it wasn't hard because I knew that it was only a speed bump in the road of our life (cheesy I know ;) and we are about to embark on a "long distance" relationship again while he is deployed :( It is gonna suck this time.