the return.

I'm backkkkkkkk! Did you miss me?! ;) I missed all of you! I sure hope you enjoyed the guests posts from Christine and Deanna! They were so kind to step up to the plate and fill in for me while I was in New Orleans. I know I couldn't get enough of Christine's spot-on playlist or Deanna's perfect picks. For those who follow me on twitter {and if you don't, you should!}, you would know it was quite the trip home. The good news? We all made it back safely, despite some nasty weather in the Midwest. 

Before I left, I told you I rented a few dresses for our girls weekend in the Big Easy. I know you're probably sick of me talking about Rent the Runway, but it still continues to amaze me. The dresses arrived right on time Thursday--along with packing envelopes that I stuck in my suitcase so I could send them on their merry way on Sunday. The best part was that my suitcase was a little lighter on the way home, leaving more room for other goodies from New Orleans.  I haven't uploaded pictures yet, but the dresses I chose worked perfectly for some fabulous nights out with my ladies. {Expect some New Orleans updates in the very near future, by the way!} 

On top of my fun weekend in their dresses, I got an email from Rent the Runway today announcing the addition of a few new designers {who happen to be among my favorites!} to their line-up, including Lilly PulitzerTrina Turk, and Yumi Kim. Even better? The prices for a few of these dresses are only $40 for a 4-day rental! They even picked up Lauren Merkin, whose bags I've been coveting for ages. Here are a few of my new RTR favorites, some of which I'm sure you'll see pictures of me sporting this summer on wedding roadtrips...

{images are screenshots from the links below}

1) Trina Turk - Aztec Adventure Dress {4-day rental = $40}
3) Nicole Miller - Crush on You Gown {4-day rental = $100}
5) Kara Ross - Snow Queen Clutch {4-day rental = $95}
7) ADAM - Red Ripple Effect Dress {4-day rental = $75}
8) AV Max - Blue and Gold Bangle {4-day rental = $10}
9) Lauren Merkin - Ocean Pearl Clutch {4-day rental = $25}
11) Yumi Kim - Girl Next Door Dress {4-day rental = $40}
12) Lee Angel - Etienne Necklace {4-day rental = $25}

{I'm also loving that Rent the Runway is offering more in the way of handbags and accessories. Though dresses can really only be worn once, bags and jewels can be used multiple times over the course of a weekend! Hello fabulous!}

Do you have any favorites from the new Rent the Runway additions?

Can't wait to get caught up on what's been going on with my lovely readers--your comments never cease to make my day! Happy almost Wednesday! {Hard to believe, but Friday's Fancies will be here before we know it! Yay!} More soon! xoxo {av}


  1. wow rent the runway is amazing, was just going through it all for the last 10 mins. they even have aussie designers on there. so awesome. do they ship to the UK? so glad you had such an awesome weekend :) xx

  2. yah! so happy youre back lady! and yes i did miss you :) cant wait to hear more about the trip. LOVELY RTR finds... i might rent a little something something for my portland trip! xoxo jcd

  3. welcome home!!! you are about to break sophies ^ heart when you tell her they dont ship to the UK....

  4. I didn't know that theyre now offering Trina Turk, love it! I love their tibi selection it'd been way too long since I'd been on the site they have so much more now I'm glad you showed me! Hope you're having a good week! Virginia

  5. Why oh why don't I live in the States?! There is nothing even close to Rent the Runway here in New Zealand - nothing! Oh well, I have discovered I can get a one year visa - next year I shall doing more than just Renting the Runway!

    Andrea x

  6. I had SO much fun guest posting for you! And I'm sorry about the nasty weather in the Midwest (sigh) no surprise, but I'm glad you got home safe! That Robert Rodriguez Black Label dress is absolutely gorgeous. I have a formal on Saturday and am now about to see if I can get it here by then!

  7. Heyyy!!! I'm glad your back, I missed your posts lol. I never have looked into rent the runway but I have a feeling I will be looking into it soon!

  8. SO glad you had such a fun trip! Welcome Home!

    I did a post today on Rent The Runway too ... I've never used it before and am nervous ... Though with your rave reviews ... Not so much anymore! :)

    Lauren @ tickled.

  9. Welcome back! Glad you had such a fun time with your friends!! I've never rented from Rent the Runway before but I think the idea is so great and the next time I have a big event I want to try it!

  10. so rent the runway is really that great? how does it work as far as sizes go? i would hate to rent something and then find out it doesn't fit right...has that happened to you?

  11. Missed you! I am definitely going to have to rent one of these dresses for my next big event -- how fun!!
    <3 leigh

  12. I loveeee number 10 on your list, although I am far to pale for yellow.

  13. i did miss you! how was your trip friend? LOOOOVE trina turk so obviously that first dress is amazing! :)

  14. Yay for returning safely from the Big Easy... Maybe I should start opening some of the 3 emails Rent The Runway sends me per day.


  15. SOOO glad you're back! I hope you had lots of fun and I am really considering using a dress from them for my rehersal dinner :D

  16. Ah dress #1 caught my eye on their e-mail today!!

  17. ohmygosh those dresses! so exciting! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  18. I love RTR anyway, and with the addition of fabulous Lilly dresses? ADORE.

    Glad you had a fun vacay!


  19. I am loving dress number 6....Glad you're back :) we missed you here

  20. The Thread Social polka dot number is high on my list, too! Glad you're back safe and sound-can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

    xo, Lena

  21. I'm in love with purple/cobalt dress in number 3... it is stunning! Next time I make a trip to the States... probably in December I am definitely going to find an excuse to make use of this site!

    ps Can't wait to see pics of New Orleans and I'm glad you made it home safely!

  22. hope the trip was fab and can't wait to hear more about it! i loove trina turk and so glad to see it's affordable b/c most of her dresses + skirts are too informal for an event. and i die for that lee angel necklace!


  23. Those dresses are freaking fabulous! Rent the Runway is genius! I hope that you had an amazing time on your trip and I cant' wait to see all the pictures and stories from it!

  24. Rent the Runway, eh? Interesting. #12 necklace is to.die.for. welcome back. :)
    <3 erica