dangerous territory.

{also known as an Anthropologie in Rhode Island}

warning: this is an extremely photo-heavy post...which it's necessarily a bad thing in my book, if you love Anthro as much as I do.

Never before had I been happier to be a frequent shopper...
which is how I assume I got my invite to this lovely little event ;)

After we were denied photos during our engagement shoot at the Anthro store
in Georgetown, I was pleasantly surprised that they let me take some snapshots
during the pre-opening event {and by some photos...I mean a boatload}.

We were treated to lovely flutes {with buttons on the bottom!} 
filled with bubbly, which made browsing a bit more difficult while 
juggling a glass, but we weren't complaining!

The beautiful Kristen stands next to the dress she'd spotted online...

I love anything with baker's twine--and this display was no exception.
Flour is normally so messy, but the folks at Anthro execute it with precision.

The American Studies major in me loved the antique 
cookbooks and Betty Crocker boxes. 

This wire script lined one of the rooms full of housewares...it reminded 
me of the great bridal hangers I've spotted recently on etsy.

The haphazard nature of it all works exquisitely. sigh.

I would squeeze this bag of flour if I could. how cute! eeee!!!!

Can I just have it all? Please and thank you.

Their bedding? Eclectic and awesome. Too bad {cv} wouldn't condone
this mix of colors...I want to create my own backdrop like that toooooooo!

These bedspreads remind me of my college roomie and girlfriend, {jt}.
She always had the coolest 'spreads. 

Both Kristen and I squealed in delight when we saw this Rhode Island
pillow...only to find out it was a display. {sad face}
You all know how much I love states!

Growing up the daughter of a sign maker, 
I will never get enough of cool letters like this...

With my love of blue glass, I couldn't help but love this dish. Can I just buy their props? 
{Oh! And there are the champagne flutes with the buttons!}

You may or not see us sporting these beauties in future posts ;)

I had quite a bit of success on this table--as did Kristen!

Loved the mix of stripes + florals here...the whole look rocked really.

And if you saw my Friday's Fancies post from yesterday...
you would know how much I reallllllllly wanted to buy this cowlneck.
{ Instead, I just loved it from afar ;) }

I couldn't resist documenting the incredible jean "succulents" in one of 
the rooms full of housewares. The creator was on hand at the event!

Could it get any cuter {or cooler!?} than that?

I always enjoy seeing what books they have for sale...

And seriously, wiffleballs painted yellow to look like dandelions?
one word: ah-maz-ing.

You better believe I'm loving this use of lemon drops...they used
after dinner mints in another part of the store. How perfect!

Appealing to my inner gardener in the checkout line...

I couldn't help but love the use of corks in the windows as we left.
They really do think of everything!

Though it may not seem like it, I have lived in a town with an Anthropologie before {DC!}. It's just been almost 18 months since I've had one within an hour of my house, so I hope you'll forgive me for my overwhelming excitement with this opening. Since cameras aren't typically allowed, I was so grateful their staff allowed me to look like a journalist {I got asked that a few times--hilarious!} and document their store in its finest condition. I can't wait to be a loyal customer ;)

Have a fantastic Saturday, everyone! I still can't believe the turnout from yesterday's Friday's Fancies! I hope y'all love it as much as I do! Until tomorrow--xoxo {av}


  1. oh. my. GOD! the wiffleballs? the corks?? the succulents??? the flour bags!! it's too good! too too good!

  2. I love the pictures of our new ANTHRO!!!! Maybe I will run into you there lol, have a great weekend!!!

  3. Don't blame ya for being so excited. You showcased so many great things!!

  4. I have never bought anything at Anthropologie.... can we still be friends?!


  5. Ah!!! Finally, someone just as obsessed with Anthro as I am. Seriously, being there all by yourself sounds like a dream. Those wifffle balls??? Their visuals get me every time.

  6. I'm so glad they let you take pictures and that you shared them on the blog! Lots of great inspiration there, that's for sure!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend :)

  7. Oh my gosh! I'm SO SO jealous you have an Anthro ... The closest one to me is 1.5 hours! {now that I'm saying that, it's not terrible!}

    The private event looks so fun! Love all your pics! Happy Saturday! xo!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  8. Loving the little 'merci beaucoup' French bulldog - are those thank you notes? That or a Boston terrier is my and my husband's dream doggy!! Maybe when we're more responsible... :)

  9. This is dangerous territory. Once I read this post I have been browsing Anthro's website.

  10. I heard about Rhode Island getting their first Anthro! How neat!

  11. These pictures are awesome... and so is anthro! You're right, they really do think of everything! Glad you were allowed to snap some shots.


  12. WOW!! Awesome photos! The nearest Anthro to me is 2 hours away, so I totally understand your excitement. :)

  13. great photos, looks like you'd a great time. I have to swing by sometime this weekend :)

  14. This is making me want to go to Anthro right now! Looks like you had a great time!!

  15. UMMM I am SO buying those earrings...they're GORG!!! Love all the photos on this post! Makes me miss having an Anthro close by! *tear!*

  16. Ahh the store looks awesome!! I was just at their store in Westport, CT today... and spotted a few things that now I am home feel I must have haha. You are a journalist!! hehe

  17. Oh my gosh!! What a great event to be invited to. I am in love with anthropologie. Im always looking at their stuff online. Ive never been to a real one.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  18. Everytime I visit Anthro, I seriously want to move in!!!! I could live there...on pound cake, amazing clothing, and rad home decor :) I am glad that this post was so picture heavy...I needed the eye candy! :)

  19. I love your photos. I want to go on a shopping spree with you.

  20. Looks like a lovely time...makes me want to go to our local Anthro stat:)

  21. so many great things! anthro is really dangerous :) xoxo jcd
    ps did kristen cut her hair?! it looks cute.

  22. beautiful pictures!!! My favorite part of anthro is their decorations!
    xoxo em

  23. i want all of this. seriously every last thing. & maybe the anthro store designers to do a little something at my house :)

  24. i hope by tagging this as "dream home", you mean anthro is your dream home. because it is mine.

    that storefront is amazing! i love the worn look of the wood.

    and i don't know if i should feel pathetic admitting this, but when i have a really bad day, i go to the anthro down the street and walk around. it makes me happy. and i loooove their velvet ribbons and bakers twine as well. thanks for this post.

  25. everytime I enter an Anthro store its at least an hour stay. new spots I haven't been to is probably longer. I appreciate all of the little details, and of course their rich supply of one-of-a-kind items. I would probably say that everyday of the week I am wearing at least something from Anthro. lovely post!

  26. anthropologie is my favorite store in the world. it's beautiful and everything about it makes me feel more feminine. i can ALWAYS remember when i bought a piece from anthropologie, whereas jcrew and LOFT and other places just seem to run together in the closet. this one is just gorgeous. lucky for you that you go to go to the pre-opening event. swoon...

  27. I think I could spend all day in this store, just to see every products It's so beautiful~~~ Even if I have nothing to buy, I will spend time here
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