on the horizon.

This week, I'll be jetting to Pittsburgh for work.
{cv} will be left to fend for himself on the homefront in Providence ;)

In my absence, some of my favorite bloggers will be posting in my place!

...the lineup...

Tuesday: Jillian of cornflake dreams

Wednesday: Carly of College Prep

Thursday: Kristen of A Kapple A Day

I'll be back on Thursday night, ready and raring to go for another round of Friday's Fancies
An enormous thank you goes out to my guest bloggers for taking the time to pull together such fabulous content for all of you! I owe each of them big time! 

Another round of applause goes out to the Friday's Fancies faithful! Your beautiful 
{and fashionable!} posts never cease to make me smile :) Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves this week!

Make sure to stop by this week to see the posts these lovely ladies have for you...
Until Thursday night! xoxo {av}

P.S. If you have any suggestions for where to go in downtown Pittsburgh, I'm all ears:


  1. Enjoy the business trip! - Hope you are able to check out some cool parts of the city :)


  2. Have a great time in Pittsburgh - my hometown! Make sure to get a sandwich at Primanti's, and pancakes at Pamela's in the Strip. :)

  3. Have a safe flight and enjoy the trip, xoxo

  4. have a fantastic trip lady! and thank you so much for letting me guest post! xoxo jillian

  5. Travel safe, my dear! And though I'll miss your posts, I'm loving what you've lined up -- can't wait! :)

  6. have fun in pittsburgh and looking forward to the guest posts!


  7. have a safe trip love! so happy to be guest posting for ya :)

  8. hope you have a wonderful trip! can't wait for the guest posts! :)

    safe travels! xo!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  9. You will love Pittsburgh! It is my hometown. I was going to tell you to grab a Primanti's sandwich but someone beat me to it!

  10. I have an unhealthy obsession with Man v. Food and I am seriously dreaming of going to this place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT5eYEBwWH8 You should check it out!

  11. Hope you have a wonderful trip! I'm your newest follower! LOVE your blog! So much fun, I look forward to following along!


  12. I adore your blog! I came across it from Jillian's! I'm also in a long distance relationship...have been for 2 years now! Can't wait to read more!