girls weekend playlist.

So honored to have Christine from bun&borough give us a girls weekend playlist! She has long been one of my favorite bloggers...full of inspiration on my favorite topics, like fashion, running, and life post college!  I don't even want to tell you this {because I want to win!}, but she's having a PHENOM giveaway right now...which you must check out! 

I can't thank Christine enough for this incredible playlist--
or her friendship! She definitely nailed this post!
Enjoy friends! xoxo {av}

P.S. I'm totally overwhelmed by the Friday's Fancies posts! Great job, ladies! 
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Hi everyone! My name is Christine and it's very nice to meet you. When Alison sent me the kindest e-mail last weekend asking me to guest post while she was away in lovely New Orleans with her girlfriends, I just had to say yes! We decided I'd post the Ultimate Girls Weekend Playlist. I can honestly say that my girls and I have rocked out to all of these songs... whether it's in the car with the windows down, on the way to the beach, in the apartment, at the karaoke bar. This playlist reminds me of the past year... celebrating our last semester of college, actually going through the whole bittersweet graduation thing, moving away from home and into the city, beginning jobs, surviving post-grad life, etcetera. There have been so many wonderful memories. I love my girls. I hope you can enjoy these songs with your friends too!

1) Good Life :: One Republic | My favorite song ever. Favorite part? We all got our stories, but please tell me what there is to complain about? Love life!
2) Airplanes :: B.O.B. | Ultimate dance-on-couches, dance-on-coffee-tables kind of song. 
3) Best of What's Around :: Dave Matthews Band | Dave's great. This is my favorite one of his.
4) Teenage Dream :: Katy Perry | If you've read my blog before, you probably know my love/serious obsession with this song. Let's face it: when we meet a special guy, we revert to our teenage selves. Have you seen the music video? It's cute.
5) Looking For a Good Time :: Lady Antebellum | Another feel-good song. Reminds me of summer (hurry here soon, please).
6) Bad Romance :: Lady Gaga | I performed this song at karaoke one time. People told me I "killed it." I'm pretty sure it was heinous. Epic song nonetheless.
7) MMMBop :: Hanson | Everyone's middle school favorite, he he. How amazing would it be if they went on tour again?
8) Everyday America :: Sugarland | Sweet song.
9) Dynamite :: Taio Cruz | If this one doesn't make you want to DP with your friends, I don't know what will!
10) Fearless :: Taylor Swift | Aw, Tay-Tay.
11) Good Girls Go Bad :: Cobra Starship | Pump-up song!
12) Ridin' Solo :: Jason DeRulo | Jason DeRulo: can do no wrong.
13) Shark in the Water :: VV Brown | Feel-good song.
14) We Are Who We Are :: Ke$ha | Dee-jay. Turn it up-up-up-up-up-up-up. My thoughts exactly.
15) Just a Dream :: Nelly | Still obsessed with this song.

Thanks for having me over Alison! 
Come visit my blog, bun&borough, for my weekend playlists! xoxox.


  1. Um, LOVE the playlist! :) Definitely making a playlist with these songs on youtube
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love this list! I really like that One Republic song!

  3. Perfect girls weekend playlist!... Brings back good memories!


  4. have fun! I so would love a girls weekend, its been far too long! And can I just say, your playlist is amazing, love every song!

  5. I always NEED help with music. I am challenged. Thanks!

  6. you are so lovely! hope you are enjoying new orleans!!!! xoxoxox

  7. don't hate me for saying this, BUT I can not listen to that Kesha song anymore without thinking of Jenelle from Teen Mom's "music video" it's insane

  8. Yesss! This girls weekend playlist is great! (:

    Although, I prefer the Glee-guy version of teenage dream ^_^

  9. oh how fun! and lol trisha - i prefer the glee-version of any song!


  10. I love this play list. These songs are so much fun.

  11. Love this playlist! MMBOP is a MUST!!!

  12. Excellent play list! MMMBop being on there made me smile! Also, Shark in the good. That is going to be my "spring approacheth" jam.

  13. yah! how fun :) im digging the BOB and sugarland picks. xoxo jcd

  14. Great playlist, Shark in the Water is one of my favorites

  15. sweet playlist! love love love 'teenage dream'.

  16. Just saw your link on Christine's blog... And I couldn't have found a better blog! My husband and I have also done 4 years of long distance loving, and then got married almost 5 months ago:)

    Looking forward to being an avid follower x

  17. oooh, i wanna make a playlist! fun idea. and best of what's around is my fav DMB song.

  18. i love the playlist!! happy sunday!! xx Katie

  19. I'm about to rock your world...but guess who actually DOES still tour?! The one and only HANSON. And yes, I have seen them in concert. 3 times in the past three years. They're amaaaazing. And let me tell you, the new songs are 9485 times better than Mmmbop (although it's a classic). Go download Penny and Me, Georgia, Kiss Me When You Come Home, and Lost Without Each Other--just to name a few. Yes, I'm a Hanson groupie--I admit it. Happy Sunday :)