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Happy Tuesday, all! You have a special treat awaiting you today from my dear friend, Jillian--the mastermind behind cornflake dreams. Through the last three months, she has come to be one of my best blogging friends, but I know she's so much more than that ;) 
I could keep going on an on about this lovely lady, but I'll let her post do the talking...enjoy! Thanks again to jcd for this inspiring {and creative!} post!  
Have a fantastic day! xoxo {av}
hello there! it's jillian from cornflake dreams. i am thrilled to be guest posting for {av} while she is traveling. i love hearing {av}'s stories about her long distance relationship (which proved quite successful!) and her travels abroad (we both were lucky enough to study abroad in France!)

lately i have been loving from afar in a slightly different way...i am madly in love with everything India. i adore the bright colors, bold patterns and intricate architecture. and every time i see an elephant, my heart swells a little bit. 

my obsession with India is not a huge surprise if you have seen my apartment... my boyfriend and i like to decorate with vintage pieces and things from all around the world. we have a Persian rug from his family in Iran, Moroccan-inspired print pillows, and i've started collecting India inspired pieces. we have a hand printed table cloth, a set of photography prints (#3 below), a ceramic elephant planter and elephant bookends, as well as a hand-sewn Indian quilt (#7 below) that i won from one of my favorite blogs--cup of jo! 

all of the pieces are v special to me and add a little personality to our somewhat minimalistic apartment. here are a few other inspired by India picks that i adore:: 

please stop by for more fashion, travel and design inspiration on my blog cornflake dreams, and thank you again to the lovely {av}!

xoxo, jillian


  1. Gorgeous colors- Great post Jillian!

  2. one of the most fascinating aspects of India is their rich colors. Sounds like your apartment has been personalized to the point of perfection :) off I go to visit your blog. xo

  3. Amazing! And of course I love Jillian and her blog! :)

  4. i like you both so much! beautiful post jillian! i'm pretty obsessed too. you should see the film "monsoon wedding" if you want to live in colorful, magical india for 2 hours.

  5. Oh gosh, I love anything Voluspa! And, of course, all of the bright colors and patterns. My good friend spent a summer in India and she came back with the most bright and colorful saris.

  6. gorgeous!! that quilt is beautiful! ok, now i'm intrigued about the decor in your apartment. you should post pics!


  7. do you watch outsourced on nbc? my fave!

  8. Thanks for such an awesome guest post, going to check the blog out right now!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  9. Thanks for the wonderful post Jillian! I love indian inspired everything and was lucky enough to visit the country a few years ago. It was a life changing experience with so much diversity vibrance and life. Thanks for bringing back fond memories!

    ps I have indian inspired elephant salt and pepper shakers and I adore them!

  10. that quilt that you won is gorgeous! lovely post :)

  11. Such an awesome post! I would love to visit India!

  12. i <3 jillian too. she's a total sweetheart!

    ps i love your blog. i'm your newest follower : )

    happy weekend,