puppy love.

So, my bff {ch} has been providing endless inspiration for posts this week...
starting with this video that you cannot miss
{It's not embedded sadly...you have to click!}
{click here to see the video!}
I couldn't help but smile after watching these kiddos :)
They definitely got me in the Valentine's mood!

And, as if I couldn't love Kate Spade anymore...
their loveliness EXPLODES in these free {yes, FREE} e-valentines 
to send to your favorite people. They enlisted some of our favorite bloggers and
internet phenoms to create these electronic smilemakers. Though I love snail mail,
I'd say these beauties are positively PRECIOUS, surprisingly green, and free

 If you haven't seen this Kate Spade goodness yet...hold on tight:
{screenshot of this not-to-be-missed gallery}

Here are a few of my favorites...
{design from a fellow Hoya and one of my absolute favorite bloggers...College Prepster!}

{design by Alice Lam via Kate Spade}

{design by Ralph Henry via Kate Spade}

{design by Joy Cho via Kate Spade}

{design by Hannah Berman via Kate Spade}
Which one is your favorite?

I know it's pretty hard to forget that tomorrow is Friday! Followers old and new should know what that means--Friday's Fancies! Are you going on a date this weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day? Or are you heading out with your girlfriends to toast to the "Hallmark" holiday? Maybe you're just staying cozy at home! Whatever you're doing, I'm sure there's something you'd love to wear that you've spied on the interwebs. Creating your own Friday's Fancies is a fun {and free!} way to "shop" for your Friday night...without worrying about your wallet!
I'll be hosting another Friday's Fancies link-up tomorrow and I hope you'll jump on board! 
I had 19 lovely {and very fashionable!} ladies who joined in the fun last week...
I know I'd love to have you dream with us tomorrow :)

Have a fantastic Thursday--and hopefully that video brought you smiles! 
I'm sure sending a few valentines would spread some smiles too ;)
Can't wait for tomorrow! xoxo {av} 

 {Apologies to those of you who thought this was going to be a post 
about puppies, by the way ;) puppy love = love from the kiddos!}


  1. I read about the e-cards too and absolutely love them...so stylish and GREEN! My favorite is the one designed by College Prepster. Have a great day!

  2. Kate Spade can do no wrong- love these. Looking forward to watching the sweet sounding video:)

  3. haha I WAS waiting for puppies!! :)

  4. Ahhhh, little kids are so adorable!!! Whenever I'm shopping I always take sneak peeks into the baby sections and fall in love. Then I hear some baby screaming and it all goes away:) Happy Thursday!

  5. I love those Kate Spade valentines! They just are so cheerful! That video is precious!

  6. ummm adding that video to my friday link love!! too cute! and i love the kate spade cards! i'll be posting a ff tomorrow :) xoxo jcd

  7. I LOVE that video! I saw it a few days ago and was dying from all of the cuteness. And the College Prepster's e-Valentine is probably my favorite... not that I'm biased or anything haha. So so so excited for Friday's Fancies.

    P.S. We should definitely go James Franco hunting! So weak-in-the-knees attractive. Sigh.

  8. those Kate Spade valentines are lovely. That video is adorable, they're too cute.

  9. Those e-cards are gorgeous and it's so hard to pick just one favorite but if I have to, I think it would be the snowy car saying Love You.

    I could definitely see leaving a snowy message like that for my husband on his car :)

  10. The alphabet soup and the I lOVE YOU in the snow are my favorites! so cute =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  11. eee yess i love those kate spade e-cards. did you see the one by dallas shaw? i love her work and her blog!

    mexico was amaazing..thanks for the sweet comment :)


  12. Love the kate spade valentines! so fun.

  13. Adore the matches e-card! These are such a fun way to remind your friends how much you love them :) Can't wait for Friday's Fancies tomorrow, I've already got half my outfit picked out!


  14. They're stylish, I totally love them!
    Cool blog!

    I'm following you, follow us back if you want :)


  15. oh my goodness I love the first one so cute!

  16. Oh, I love the kate spade cards. Her stuff is always lovely.
    P.S. Friday fancies, that sounds fun. I'll have to stay tuned.

  17. the kate spade cards are gorgeous! and i cannot believe they are FREE that makes them even more amazing! x

  18. omg, the boy with the blue sweather is so charming for his age! what a cute video! it definitely made me smile! :)
    my favourite card is number two. it is perfect!

  19. Oh, I'm swooning! Those kiddies are too cute, and I just adore Kate Spade's e-valentines!

  20. those e-cards are too awesome! thanks for sharing. sooo excited for friday - can't wait to see what beautiful outfit you come up with tomorrow! :)

  21. awe, those kate spade e-cards are the bomb! love the little matches one so much. thanks for posting about it. have a great rest of the week(end). ♥

  22. See you tomorrow for Friday Fancies! I already have part of my outfit picked out :)

  23. They look wonderful, I may have to look into that. You have such a cute blog. Please lets follow eachother.


  24. Listening to the kiddos talk about love brighten my day :) Thank you for sharing! They are so cute.
    le lenny face