eyes on the prize.

Whenever I find myself a bit overwhelmed, I often tell myself to keep my eyes on the prize.
When that happens on a Tuesday morning, it is clear a crazy week is on tap...

When I get overwhelmed, I count my blessings for the things which keep me busy. Whether it is my job, this blog, or all the things I voluntarily put on my plate, I have the health and the will power to tackle my to-do list. Last month, I realized something very important: my "prize" is the happy life I'm building with {cv}--and beyond. The reality is that my eyes are always on the prize. I will joyfully wade through these nutty weeks so I can contribute to our long-term vision.

As the calendar turned to 2013, I resolved to get real. I'm sticking with it. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to step back to 4 posts a week--without leaving me in the dust. With one month into 2013, more balance is definitely in sight. If you're a blogger, I hope you will give yourself the same luxury this year. How are you continuing to get real in 2013? Keep your eyes on your prize! xoxo {av}



  1. 4 posts a week sounds like heaven. im pretty sure i need to do that.

  2. It can all be very overwhelming in deed...And it is so true that it is all "voluntarily" placed on our own plate. Thank you for this reflection and moment of clarity!

  3. eyes on the prize.... & dress them up behind some cute shades!! xo :)

  4. When we get overwhelmed, it is hard to keep our eye on the prize. Sometimes, you gotta take a step back and take a breathe..Eyes on the prize! That's what I too have been doing. I don't want to get burned out or take anything (especially health) for granted. Hope your week isn't too bad.

  5. I take time to write a line of something I am grateful for in my planner everyday. When I get overwhelmed right under the lists are wonderful reminders to not stress, everything is good! Good for you for stepping back! You won't get this time back and house building is too much fun to miss :)

  6. That is fabulous advice A.V! I usually write a "to-do" list and get overwhelmed, so I need to break it down and figure out what it is I'm working towards :)


  7. My prise is my wonderful life as well. I am so happy you have come to that, it takes a lot of people an entire life to figure that out.


  8. I just read your get real post and I feel like you sometimes - it's all just so overwhelming at times - props to you for making changes - and all of us bloggers should give shout out of praise when bloggers have those days when we just can't blog. I think you are an amazing blogger and you have inspired me in so many ways! Thank you.

    World According to Shia

  9. totally inspirational! I have to keep my "eyes on the prize" this year too and it's nice to see that others have to realize this too :)