a is for.

I don't know about you, but this weekend passed in the blink of an eye! Friday night, I spent the evening at the first birthday bash for the PVD Lady Project--a group I just joined here in Providence. As a transplant in the Ocean State, I am counting my blessings I discovered such an A+ group of women in a place so far from home. 

On Saturday, I decided to hop in the car and make a last-minute trip down to NYC. Maybe it was because {cv} was working or because I was sad I wasn't out in California celebrating my dad, but whatever it was, I made my first drive down to the Big Apple. For a girl who grew up driving around cornfields and dodging cows in the road, I was pretty proud of myself for managing the streets of New York. I had a wonderful night in on Saturday with two of my best friends and a few of their co-workers, complete with homemade molten lava cakes. {I promise a recipe soon!}

Brunch is one of my favorite meals, so when Sunday morning rolled around, we decided to go to Buvette--a wonderful little French place the three of us had been for dinner in November 2011. I indulged in a little croque monsieur to fuel up for my drive back to Rhode Island. Before heading north, I grabbed a hot chocolate with my favorite fellow Georgetown blogger. After navigating the city this time, I know I can make many more trips down in the future ;)

Sunday night, I came home to my favorite Indian food on the table--just in time to watch the Academy Awards. {cv} knows how much I love the red carpet, so he was prepared! My favorites {though it was hard to choose!} were Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts, and Jennifer Lawrence. {jl} gets major props from me for recovering so well from her fall up the stairs! 

Though Mondays may not be my favorite, memories of a great weekend will make today just
a little easier. Having a fun Boston Bloggers event on tap tonight doesn't hurt either ;)
What moments from your weekend deserve an A?! xoxo {av}


P.S. If you blogged about Oscar fashion, don't forget to add your link to Friday's red carpet round-up!


  1. sleeping pretty much all day on saturday. that gets an A. for sure.

  2. so glad you had a fun weekend!! xoxo

  3. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

  4. Driving to NYC gets an A in my book!! Sounds like a fab weekend!! Looking forward to seeing you tonight!!

  5. Sounds like a good weekend! I could never drive in New York so props for you!


  6. What a perfect weekend! Jessica Chastain was my favorite from the Oscars - such a glamorous choice :)

  7. The BB event definitely was an A in my week! Thanks as always for hosting. It was lovely to see you!

  8. love this graphic! A is for Alison, Allison, and awesome! :) haha