Mondays. In my book, they take an extra dose of courage. When I spotted this quote, I knew it was the perfect one to help me get through this Monday. After a weekend filled with family, close friends, and {cv}, I am making the conscious decision that my happy weekend will be the springboard for a fantastic week. It may sound simple, but for me, it is making the start of a work week a wee bit easier...

If a happy weekend is a recipe for a good week, then I'm all in. I'll be doing my best to put this simple concept to work from here on out...are you with me!? 

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  1. Definitely a poignant reminder that we can choose to have a good week if we want to! Happy Monday!

  2. i love your quotes. :) a great breakfast gets me ready and motivated for mondays!

  3. Thank you, I NEEDED this today! Here's to a happy week!


  4. What a great quote and a great way to start a Monday! I also try to give myself something to look forward to during the work week and keep my day full of tasks or meeting so when I look back at my to-do list I see a lot of things checked off! :)

    Beth @ Design Your Dwelling

  5. This quote (and color) totally brightened my day! Thank you for this, Alison! xo

  6. Thanks for sharing this awesome quote! It's giving me motivation to stay positive and be happy!

  7. I was just having a very similar conversation with my Mama yesterday–here's to courage (and happiness)!

  8. Love this quote and this idea. Girl, you are going to have an AMAZING week. Because you're amazing. Duh.

  9. What a great outlook on the week. I live for the weekends and Mondays are always the worst for me! I like your spin on the weekend being the recipe for a great week. Each day I look forward to spending the evening with my hubby and it's one day closer to the weekend. Thanks for this little inspiration.


  10. Happy live with this quote.. the sunshine is a bright.. :)

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