california bred.

Hope your week got off to a great start! {cv} and I are making our way up the California coast today and I have another special treat for you! Megan from Across The Pond is here to share what she misses most from her home state. I always adore her humor, her wit, and her smile. I'm sure you'll love her {and this post!} as much as I do. She just needs to move to New England when she moves back from the UK. I'd be a happy camper then ;) Thanks again, Megan! xoxo {av}
Oh hey there..
I am Megan from Across The Pond
  and sometimes I wake up in the morning to the sweet smell of salt water
and then I realize it's my own body sweat
from the wall heaters in this british home
and the hot british comforter that is meant for winter.
except it is almost summer now
and I am in England..
not in California with central air conditioning.
But I'm not complaining..
especially after 7 months of being punched in the face by the frigid cold air.
now I'm complaining.

I am a born and raised Southern California Girl..
birthed out of LA’s lady parts..
better known as Suburbia.
same thing.

i spent many hours/lifetimes on this freeway..image via

I grew up in, and worked in, the entertainment industry for the majority of my young life.
Then I got married and moved to Orange County..
and four years later wound up here in England for a year..
studying neuroscience..
I know..
don’t even ask.
Because I don’t know the answer.

There is so much I miss about home..
such as, but not limited to:

1. The Beaches: I am convinced that next to Hawaii, SO-CAL beaches are the prettiest beaches in the US.

2. My tan skin..aka my normal skin tone..RIP

3. Laguna Beach and Malibu

at the bffs Malibu Beach House

3. San Fran clam chowder in bread bowls

4. Hollywood (which ironically would go under the 'what I don't miss' category)

5. yearly 70 degree climate parks and dog beaches

picking up my dog's poop while he eats poop.

7. Restaurants: Javiers, R&D Kitchen, Bandera, Italia Deli, In N Out (it's a restaurant okay?) Wilmas Patio, Taco Bell (also a resturaunt, and i dont care if the meat is fake) Wood Ranch, Jerry's Famous Deli, etc. etc. etc.

i promise i don't just ONLY eat fast food..i fine dine it up as well..sometimes..

8. being able to go to the beach, desert, wine country and mountains in a day..not that I have..but i think the fact that you can is pretty darn cool.

my Big Bear fashion. don't be jealous.
google images

google images

9. LA fashion.

10. Mexican Food. Oh sweet heaven...California does it RIGHT. And Europe doesn't do it at all.
 Doesn't this totally want to make you come visit California?
Or at the very least hang out with me..
 I know {av} does..
we are in a long distant relationship..
her and I..
that's why she started her blog
just so you know.


  1. Ahhh... Megan you miss everything that I miss about California and just made me miss Wood Ranch's BBq Chicken Salad even more.

    I'm so with you on Big Bear, IN-N-Out, Mexican food and all the rest!


  2. The pictures certainly make California seem enticing!I never really like the beaches much on the Atlantic coast...too gray and cold, but the beaches on the Pacific always look so inviting.

  3. I could go for some In-N-Out right about now...even though it's 9:13AM where I am.

  4. Dang jealous of you and your California life :) I am still learning to love Ohio and all its goodness. lol

  5. I grew up in So Cal and I am now missing the beach, the food, and the atmosphere too!! Great post!!!

  6. growing up with friends who love hollywood as much as I do always make me so excited to hear about California. It seems awesome. And because of what Megan wrote in this post, it sounds even more fantastic. I love the beaches!
    And you're right {av}, i love her sense of humor, especially on that last part where she said you and her are on long distance relationship haha

  7. I almost shed a tear over this post...

    I was meant to live in California...

    Yet I never have.

    Bleh life is unfair. Megan you need to leave England and come back so you can share more SoCal pics with us.

    oh wait my brother and sister in law move to SD in t-minus two weeks. Wonder if they'd notice an RV permanently parked in their driveway?

    oh and my sister in law would agree 100% that In-N-Out is in fact a restaurant.


  8. I miss home SO much. I'm from NorCal but I would spend summers in Malibu. Don't get me wrong, NYC does not suck but it just isn't the same!

  9. looove it. and i want to move to cali. xoxo jillian

  10. i have never been to california but am dying to go for a few reasons:

    1) going to frequent celeb hot spots and stalking until I see one

    2) Rodeo drive. Nuff said

    3) Beaches..specifically muscle beach so I can gawk at hot bods. or any beach for that matter

    4) did I mention celeb stalking? I really want to look for the OC and Beverly Hills Real Housewives

    5) to see megan because she seems AWESOME!

    but alas I am stuck in cold rainy are on my list of states to visit ASAP.


  11. I've been to Cali just once...2 years ago to go to Disneyland for my first time :) And Megan is making me crave Cali again!!!!! I want to go back with my sweetheart and soak up every bit that she described! :)


  12. lived in San Diego for 4 years; miss In N Out and mexican stands soooo much. going to San Fran tomorrow. be jealous! ; )

  13. Dear Megan,

    This post makes me sad.

    It is raining here. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Raining. And cold. I have the heater on actually.

    What has LA come to?


    your socal bffffffffffffffffffff....

  14. Moving to Cali NOW. Thank you for making my crappy rainy New England day even more CRAP friend. :) And i think that you may have some of the most gorgeous eyes I've seen. No joke.

  15. Clam chowder at Boudin? Been there SO many times!!! So good!!!
    I love the pictures from LA!! So pretty!! :)

  16. I miss CA too! Miss meg and I are meeting up in SF in June (: So excited. California has so many fun things to offer...agreed about the beaches. Speaking of skin color, mine is the whitest I've ever been! eek!

  17., AV. You are one of my new favorite blogs (even though I know you didn't write this post, I MIGHT have snooped around :)

    I, too, endured a long-distance relationship. After 5 years, we decided that enough was enough and tied the knot! So glad to meet (kind of!) a kindred spirit!

    - S from Following the Walkers (

  18. Oh California! It's true, no one does Mexican better! Hope you guys are enjoying the day!

  19. You just made me so hungry for so many types of fast food!!

  20. I'm going to London in September, so I can bring you some In N Out! :) Great post!

  21. haha. true about the mexican food..we do it right here. nothing like our quac and tacos. mm mmm..

  22. I'm right there with Megan!! and I'm super jealous that YOU'RE in Cali without me!! Love of my life, that place...siggghhh

  23. Having megan guest posting is like a Monday treat, and even though its Tuesday, its still a treat. I hope you're having a great time in CA {av}... xo

  24. This makes me love my new home state even more than before! Nice work. :)

    Stephanie (Big Mario)

  25. i went to Cali last September and had THE best time! You went a lot of places that we went, but you got better pictures lol.

  26. i need that clam chowder... and mexican food. and you.

  27. I love Meg. But then sometimes I hate her because she is so pretty and she eats fast food and stays skinny. Ugh.

    But I still love you Meg.

  28. obsessed with this post. love all these cali, and now i need to plan a trip there asap!! thanks megan for making my day at work so much better :) xoxo