beach wedding ready.

Greetings again from the Dominican Republic! It's a special day for the {v} family--we have a beachy  wedding to attend! We booked this trip last August but nearly had to cancel it last week because of {cv}'s schedule, so I didn't get to rent dresses as I'd planned. If I had, one {or more} of these beauties would have been in my suitcase...

Since we're in major budget mode right now, Rent the Runway has been the perfect option for my inner fashionista. Sure, I may not get a dress to hang in my closet at the end of the weekend, but I look fresh and happy in all the photos--so that counts for something, right? At the end of the day, I'd rather spend $50 or $60 to rent a dress I love than on a dress I buy just to fit the occasion--and potentially never wear again anyway. On top of it all, their customer service is out of this world, so I never worry when I rent!

Color is one of the most important things I consider when I rent {and when I invest in pieces}. I tend to reach for solid colors--rather than patterns. Why? Until I try a florally dress on my frame, I don't know if it will look cute or make me look like a tent. I tend to operate the same way when I actually make purchases too. In my opinion, patterns come and go, but classic solids can be accessorized to match any season. Where do you stand on solids vs. patterns?

Off to the beach we go--with sunscreen in tow! Best wishes to {k} and {a} on their big day!!

Sidenote: {cv} and I steered clear of beachy vacations in recent years. After my diagnosis, I didn't go near a beach, pool, or lake for almost 24 months. Booking this vacation was a step in the right direction in accepting that I can be in the sun--I just have to be smart about it :)


  1. I love that red dress on top and purple dress on the bottom! Totally perfect for a beachy wedding. I tend to buy more patterns, then regret it because they're not as versatile and I end up wearing them once. This is great for my inner fashionista, but not so good for my wallet ;)

  2. That purple dress is so darling! I want to go to a beach wedding; that sounds like so much fun!

  3. So pretty! I tend to reach for solids but I'm really trying to try more patterns :)

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