don't miss out.

A few weeks ago, I announced rendez-vous: new england! Along with {jd} from cornflake dreams, I have been working behind the scenes to pull together a fabulous list of events for all our attendees!

Check out all the fun updates below...

Be it the Boston Chocolate Tour, the blogger mixer at the Lounge at the Charlesmark Hotel,
or the SoWa Open Market adventure that we're beginning at Grey's Fabric & Notions, we'd love
to have you for all {or some!} of the weekend!

All final details {including timing of the events!} will be emailed to attendees the week of the
rendez-vous. We were able to get a special blogger rate for the chocolate tour, which made this chocoholic very happy and I hope it makes you happy too! Your other ticket costs cover a fun tote
bag filled with goodies from vendors around the world {yes, I said WORLD!}...seriously, I'm excited
to get one and I'm helping to pull them together!

And that blog directory you can add to your order? Totally worth it! You'll get a little cheatsheet for all the bloggers who are attending the will include their bios and photos to keep you on your toes!

Be sure to check out cornflake dreams today {and upcoming Thursdays!} for the announcements of all the seriously incredible giveaways we'll be hosting over the course of the weekend. You could win some serious loot--like jewelry, handbags, and lots of other surprises! {Last week, it was a piece of jewelry from the glamorous friedasophie--and this week, it's swag from stunning SAACHI! You'll want to stay tuned because that's just the tip of the iceberg...}

In the spirit of chocolate, what is your favorite type of chocolate--white, milk, or dark?
In the spirit of blogger fun, where else would you love to see a rendez-vous?

We sure hope you can join us! Let us know if you have any questions--we're happy to help :) For those of you already signed up, GET EXCITED! The rendez-vous is less than a month away! xoxo {av}

P.S. Many thanks to our friends at Boston After Six, Boston Bloggers, the Boston Daybook
and the Nightly Wingman for helping all of these fabulous events come together :) 


  1. This looks so fun! Sad I'm in Cincinnati .... Have so much fun fellow bloggers!

  2. Girl, I was so looking forward to this but I don't know if I'm going to be home that weekend anymore :( I hope you ladies have so much fun!

  3. ooo that charlesmark drink with the gummy bears looks delicious!!

  4. So excited for this darling! Quick question: I already ordered tickets before the charges were added; do you want me to pay now, or give you money at the event?

    I'd feel so terrible if everyone else paid and I didn't!

  5. Oh my gosh SO jealous I'm going to be missing out on those Saturday events but I need to move into my apartment that day! The chocolate tour sounds delicious and the Charlesmark is so much fun-- no one better miss out on the gummi bear martinis!! Excited for Sunday though! :)

  6. ok. now i'm really jealous that i'm missing out! my little bostonian heart will be there in spirit though, saying "wicked awesome!" the whole time.

  7. You're killing me! I wish I could come! It looks amazing!

  8. I wanna go soooo incredibly bad!! I don't think it's in the funds right now, as I'm going to visit my bff in nyc the week after. If I could win some money I would be right there with you guys!! :(

  9. I'm sadly not going to be able to come. I just realized that I registered for a 10k for Sept. 11. :( I was definitely considering it, but with the half marathon in October I want to make sure to get this race in. I hope y'all have so so much fun! Do you think you will plan another one sometime?

  10. I am so jealous and really wish I could come! Looks like you ladies have great events planned!

  11. I'm so bummed that I have another obligation that weekend. I look forward to meeting you guys at a future event! Best, Jodi

  12. Sounds like it's going to be a great event! So sad I don't live anywhere near you guys!

  13. I am so bummed- I'm going to be in NYC this week and weekend for IFB (are you going?) and to try and catch some shows.

  14. I hope I'll be able to come! My favorite chocolate is dark... the darker and more bitter the better!

  15. just bought my ticket for the SoWa open market adventure! i am extremely obsessed with dark chocolate and extremely sad that i can't make the chocolate tour on saturday :( can't wait for sunday though! :))))

    xx sharon/lemonontherocks