#seemyshowcase - april edition.

A very happy Monday to each of you! I've been excited for this Monday since I first shared the idea for the #seemyshowcase Instagram challenge in March. The #seemyshowcase monthly link-up will be your one-stop-shop to discover great new Instagrammers, whether they're bloggers or not. You can also showcase your favorite shots from other IGers by adding them below. See it as a way to give them a virtual pat on the back ;) The photo I chose for this month was taken on Cape Cod a couple of weeks ago. Spring still seems as far away as it did in this picture...

If you're like me, you have come to love Instagram for a peek into the daily lives of others {in a non-creepy way, of course}. As a lover of photography, Instagram is even more addicting. I love the photo-editing process {see this post} and now see Instagram as a place to share only my best. If you've never participated in a link-up, here's a little how-to guide to help make it easier for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Rememberyou do NOT have to be a blogger to participate. All you need to do is add the link to your favorite Instagram from the past four weeks--and you're done! Add only one from your account for each month's link-up. If you want to showcase others, you're welcome to add as many as you like :) Make sure to let them know using the #seemyshowcase hashtag in a comment on their photo! This link-up is all about sharing the love!
If you want to join in the link-up in future months, be sure to add yourself to the mailing list.

How do you chose what you do and don't on Instagram? Are you picky or do you just go for it? 
I can't wait to hear about your process! Have an amazing Monday! xoxo {av}



  1. That is a brilliant idea! I am still very new to Instagram so I'll have to learn a bit more about it first but I look forward to taking part!

  2. Great idea!


  3. Just linked up, thanks! It was tough for me to pick JUST one... and of course once I decided, I immediately wanted to change my mind haha oh well, next month I will be better at selecting :) Thanks for giving everyone a chance to link up... I will (eventually) link up to fridays fancies as well!