play the game.

Happy April--and happy baseball season! My first memories of {cv} include his beloved Red Sox hat, so the game quickly found a place in my heart when we started dating. Growing up in southern Indiana, I didn't have an allegiance to any particular team, so I quickly jumped on the Boston bandwagon. {Don't judge--I was really trying to be the cool girlfriend, ok?!} After moving to New England, my bandwagon status transformed into true fandom after my first game at Fenway.

This quote seemed only appropriate for the kick-off of a new baseball season. One of my sweet readers, Annie, suggested it :) Babe Ruth gave us the perfect mantra for this week--and for life

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What baseball team has your affection or are you happy to enjoy peanuts + beer in the bleacher seats?
Wherever you stand, keep Babe's mantra in mind. Have a great Monday, friends! xoxo {av}



  1. Such a good one, and one that I need to remember more!

  2. Go Boston! Your new left fielder is a Gamecock, so I am new bandwagon fan.

  3. Love this quote, wish I was going to opening day!

    I'm from NY, but I'm a Mets fan so we can still be friends ( :

  4. this is the best start to monday. xo

  5. I love baseball, no matter what team. I grew up on the Giants, became a Yankees fan during my NYC stint (because really, there is no other opportunity to root for them!), and now I love our minor league team. It's such a wonderful pastime and I can't wait for my first game of the season.

  6. I must admire I'm not the biggest fan of baseball as a sport but I adore going to the games. Something about the atmosphere, the drinks, the food. so fun.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  7. I love that your initial inclination turned into true love of the Sox! I have so much love for Boston teams :)