ohana means family.

When I married {cv}, I joined a fun and crazy Italian family. As an only child, I never had siblings, so gaining a sister-in-law was an amazing bonus. The truth is that I have many more sisters now :) Seven members of the {v} clan converged on Connecticut to celebrate my beautiful sister-in-law, {kv}. With her wedding three months away, there was no time like the present to celebrate her bachelorette

Words can't really describe what it feels like to be welcomed into a family with open arms. I will always love the family I was born into, but marrying into one so loving and supportive makes it even sweeter. This quote from Lilo & Stitch summed up the weekend pretty perfectly...

Family laughs together. Family cries together. Family makes everything better. No matter how many miles lie between us--a text or a phone call makes distance obsolete. I count my blessings for my "original" family and for the {v} family that {cv} gave me on April 10th, 2010. I am beyond excited for a lifetime of memories with both of our families. Ohana to the max ;)

Oh--and remember disposable cameras?! We used two. When we handed them to people to take our photo, they joked about the clock rolling back to 1998. Truth be told, I cannot wait to see what comes from those little guys. Seriously--let's bring back disposables. Who's with me?! I can't wait to share more details of the night with you soon! I've got a crazy work week on tap, but I promise updates as often as I can handle. Have an amazing week, friends!  xoxo {av}



  1. Ohana is everything to me! I'm from an Italian/Irish family and we have so much fun together. I'm so thankful for my family! Can't wait to see your updates! And I thought about disposable cameras the other day... are they even in stores anymore?!


  2. It's all about family - those that you were born into and those that you choose :)

  3. This is sweet. Italians are the best but I might be a little biased lol.

  4. My grandfather only uses disposable cameras.... he is probably the reason that companies still make them. Ha!

  5. did you just quote Lilo & Stitch? I LOVE this! :) i'm lucky to have a boyfriend who's family has taken me in as their own while my own family is thousands of miles away!


  6. this is so sweet! it really is all about family (blood relatives, in-laws, friends who become family!)

  7. I love the idea of using disposables! How strange that something that used to be so commonplace - & not that long ago! - now feels like a throwback novelty.