how to make great dough.

Though the title of this post may sound like a get rich theme, it is far from that ;) {cv} and I made our way to Johnson & Wales over the weekend for a cooking class all about pizza. While making pizza isn't super technical or healthy, we had an absolute blast learning the in's and out's of pie making. 
I adapted the recipe below with my notes from our class...

Traditional Pizza Dough (makes 10 servings)
-two pounds of all purpose flour
-two and a half cups of cold water
-two tablespoons of salt
-two tablespoons of olive oil
-one ounce of compressed yeast

Combine dry ingredients into a mixer.
Add liquid ingredients and then mix on slow for three minutes.
Slowly increase the speed until gluten is formed.
Let rest for at least two hours. Overnight is better if you have the time.
{If you refrigerate the dough, give it at least two hours at room temperature before working with it.}
Cover it in plastic to prevent a "skin" from developing.

Other notes...
You can also add some flavor to the dough with herbs like rosemary or thyme. 
Substituting the olive oil with infused oils can also give some great flavor.

My best advice is to be patient with the dough. It's more finicky than I ever imagined. Working slowly but deliberately also helps. Staying focused on the outer edges--rather than the center--will help prevent tears and holes. When doing the traditional pizza toss, use "claws" rather than flat hands. It will help to stretch the dough--rather than shred it.

I am no dough expert, but I loved the whole experience. I've taken a cooking class by myself before, but this was the first time {cv} and I had done one together. We have another class coming up in March...and I'm already counting down the days! If you're in Providence {or close by}, join me for the macaron class in May. I. am. SO. excited. for that one :) {Email me for details!}

Do you have any other tips on how to make great dough? xoxo {av}



  1. Well, if you take it further and make great pizzas and sell them, you'll make great dough, the not so edible kind, as well!

  2. Some day I would love to make my own dough for pizza or bread! Bread is one of my favorite foods- or food groups, rather!

  3. I absolutely LOVE pizza - I could eat it all day everyday. A class sounds so fun!!! I've never had a macaroon though. Need to try them!


  4. haha I love your qualifier. but maybe if the edible dough is really good it will turn into the cashmoneyblingbling dough?

  5. WAIT. Macaron class!? I may have to come out for that.

  6. Making dough is one of those little things that makes the BIGGEST difference. YUM!

    The Glossy Life

  7. Oh how cool! My uncle makes bread and every time I see him I feel as thought I have eaten million os loaves!

  8. oh my goodness that sounds like SO much fun!! i may have to look into some around here too.... xo

  9. Ohhh my gosh it may be finicky but it is so worth it, am I right?? I haven't worked up the courage to make real life pizza dough yet but maybe I shall someday...

  10. I love cooking classes! I love to cook and can't wait to get better at it.

    By the way, I tagged you to do the "you're it" tag and I would love for you to do it!:)


  11. what a great idea! and a super fun weekend outing! :) you two are adorableee!

  12. I make pizza just about every Friday. Such a "fun" food to make and eat! And oh how I miss Providence!!!

  13. I love making pizza at home, but while I prefer my toppings to the takeout kind, I'm still trying to perfect my dough so thanks for the recipe! I'll definitely be giving it a try :)