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Remember how we went to Europe three months ago? Remember how I still haven't finished our trip recaps? Time is just flying! Here is one last post devoted to Switzerland before I share our final stop in Germany. After a great day in Lucerne, we took a rainy train ride to Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland. During our two days in God's country, we stayed at the Hotel Oberland--the most quaint, family-run inn on the planet. Both of our days were spent on the hiking trails and both of our nights were spent on our balcony, enjoying the views with wine. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but trust me on this one: if you haven't been to Switzerland yet, you need to put it on your bucket

With the rain, it was tough to take photos to adequately capture how high we hiked up to Wengen. After 150 minutes on the trails, we emerged in this perfectly picturesque village. Recommended by the parents of my Swiss-born bff {ch}, Wengen was the ideal introduction to the Bernese Oberland. For a girl who loves fondue, let's just say I was in absolute heaven.

After getting thoroughly soaked on our hike, I didn't complain about a quiet {and cozy} night at Hotel Oberland. Mountain views paired with great company and wine made for a fabulous Swiss night.

The sun began to show its face on our third day in Switzerland, though it didn't shine all day. {cv} finally had the chance to see the Alps which had been hidden under the clouds since we arrived. This gorgeous waterfall {and crazy views} made our nearly three-hour hike much more doable.

This is how you treat yourself at the end of a long hike: beers with a view in Mürren. 
Pardon the fashionable hiking gear and fleeces.

We spent our last night in Lauterbrunnen at the Horner Pub, affectionately known as the "only pub in town." Saying good-bye to this small town was beyond tough. {cv} and I are already plotting our return. For those of you thinking of making the trek, stop considering. GO.


  1. Those pictures look so familiar! Oh wait I was in Wegen less than a month ago!!! No worries about the apparel, you have to prepare the drastic weather changes due to the altitudes there! Did you end up going to Jungfrau at all?

  2. These pictures are so amazing. I'd love to travel out of the US - never been anywhere. I also LOVE fondue and that big pot of it looks really yummy. My boyfriend and I love doing our own fondue - it's fun and delicious!


  3. beautiful views! i LOVED switzerland when I went. i was 14 then so i definitely want to go back and see it from a new perspective.

  4. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! It looks like you had an amazing time =]

    xo Olivia

  5. wow! some of these photos don't even look real - how beautiful. i must visit here next year :) xx

  6. oh my goodness amazing pictures! that one of the mountains in the background is incredible

  7. Your photos tell a beautiful story, thank you for sharing them. Switzerland looks like an amazing place to relax and enjoy the view. You're right, I must add this to my bucket list. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  8. So many great pictures...your trip looks incredible! And that cheese fondue. Oh. my. gosh.

    The Glossy Life

  9. STUNNING photos alison. so jealous.

  10. Wow...So jealous!Looks beautiful. The hubby is always telling me how much I would like it there. Seriously craving a vacay now!

  11. Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  12. ALl great pictures!

  13. I would love to visit Switzerland.
    Honestly, I fell in love with it via The Bachelor, last Season. :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Eat Cake

  14. Wow, these photos are phenomenal! I especially love the one of the two of you with the mountains in the background. :)


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