take two.

Happy Thursday! I promised another Parisian street style post...and I'm here to deliver ;) I said it last week and I'll say it again: they even make running errands look chic! I've got fuel for my fire to make more of an effort, even when I'm simply running across town for some froyo. Without futher ado...

A bow and stripes on a blazer? Paired with sweet little grey flats? Perfection.

This Parisian rocks the color pink, in her boyfriend-esque cropped pants and her ballet flats. #love

A white tee +  a bright maxi make errands much more exciting, especially down the street from Chanel.

Bold stripes, paired with just the right amount of slouchiness + the Arc de Triomphe.

Her bags may be functional, but she's a girl after my own heart with her white + cobalt combo.

This pint-sized fashionista deserved her own shout-out! She nailed the monochromatic look + the top knot!
For those of you who commented about being apprehensive to snap shots of strangers...here are my takeaways: Be respectful and polite--and few people will question you. I also have a large lens which means I can take pictures from far away {and seemingly taking a picture of a landmark}, without being noticed. It's all a bit creepy, but it's not intentional ;) 
I hope you enjoyed this infusion of color and stripes from the City of Lights. Thanks for indulging me in the slow reveal of our photos...it's helping me relive the vacation, little by little. See you tomorrow!

P.S. I hope you're as excited as I am for another round of Friday's Fancies tomorrow ;) Here is all the info you need to join the fun!


  1. Thanks for sharing the streets of Paris with us. I found myself feeling a little frumpy when I was there, so many wonderfully dressed women on the streets. I'd call my style comfortable, not fashionable. My style might be in line with Santa Fe: comfortable and easy, flouncy and layered, no panty hose, high heels or tight-fitting attire of big city fashions. Another city I loved for their everyday style was Barcelona. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  2. Aaaaw, the little tot is adorable!!!
    LOVE all the colours :)

  3. i love it TOO much! :) the white+cobalt girl looks like something out of the sartorialist...your next calling? :) can't wait to see you!!!!

  4. love these pics {AV} and your tips are very helpful -- i'm going to try this next time i'm out and about :)xx

  5. Wow this was a really neat post!! Loved seeing people's everyday fashion shine :-)

  6. I love all these photos! (And I really really want that striped bow blazer, so cute!) Parisians have the best style, they're just so effortlessly chic...thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Hahaaa I love it!! I would so do this and be totally awkward while doing so... but I love it, still!! Love the yellow maxi & the stripes/bows blazer! Great Parisian street style, fo sho!! Can't wait for tomorrow! xoxo

  8. Great photos! I am dying over that striped bow blazer! So darling!

  9. I wish I were Parisian fashionista... That striped/bow/peplum blazer is by far my fave!!

  10. I love this! All I could think when I was in Europe was how sloppy the people in Paris and Italy made us Americans look. All the women are always so chic!

    The Glossy Life

  11. Whyyy can't I just live there...and have that little girl!!!! Thanks for the pics again! xoxo

  12. These pictures make me want to go back to Europe! I loved looking at the women on the streets! Everyone in America asked me how I wore sandals while walking around every where when I was aboard...if the Europeans can wear heals all the time I can at least wear cute sandals! :) I love the first look with the blazer! The bow makes it so cute!

    go for the glam

  13. I'm loving all those stripes. Europeans are just so chic.

  14. that blazer is hands down the most amazing piece of clothing i have ever seen. every morning, i think what would i wear in paris, and that's what i wear for the day.

  15. Love this inspiration! Headed to France next week for a work trip actually... headed home to pack with renewed inspiration!

  16. Great inspiration photos - love the yellow maxi skirt. I think club monaco has something similar.

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  17. That's it? No more Paris fashion pics? ;)

    I love these. I don't know what city my style emulates... In spring I honestly might think it might be Paris. I wear lots of black (yes, in spring). The rest of the year, who knows. In winter I sometimes look like something from Alaska, I love big sweaters!

  18. I love these posts and you're great at capturing fantastic street style. I would love for my style to emulate Paris. I just think I need to spend a lot more time there to really get it ;)

  19. I loved your last Parisian style post, so it's nice to see a second one! I'm not sure I emulate any certain city's style... but I wouldn't mind taking a cue from Parisian style. I love that cobalt and white outfit too! I just bought a beautiful cobalt top from H&M today and can't wait to wear it now. (:

  20. Holy crap, that little girl at the end is absolutely adorable!
    And why is it that all the ladies look like they could be runway models?!

  21. Love these! I cannot wait to go there someday.