sun savvy.

I promised big news on Friday--and I meant it. Today marks a big day for the blogosphere...
Along with Danielle from {breakfast at toast}, I am pleased to introduce:

Many of you read my skin story back in May. I am so glad I finally shared my story because it
helped me really come to terms with the changes I have made in caring for my skin in the last
three years. When I read Danielle's story a few weeks later, I commented on her post...
and a few short days later, an idea was born.

Sun Savvy is all about changing the mindset of a "tanner is better" generation. When I was 16, I started going to the tanning bed. Growing up, I never burned and I never thought about the repercussions of those ten minute bursts of "sun". When I was 19, I first noticed the mole which the dermatologist identified four years later as melanoma. That was my wake-up call. I cancelled my tanning membership and decided to embrace the olive skin my father gave me...without a tan.

Today, I'm having another suspicious mole removed. Though it isn't a melanoma yet, it has all the same characteristics my first melanoma did. I now know I'm at risk for the rest of my life.

Once every six months, you'll find me in my dermatologist's office for a check-up.
Every day, you'll find me applying sunscreen--even if it's raining.
This year, I finally decided to buy one pieces {since all of my suspicious moles have been on my belly}. Today, I'm hoping you'll join me in making changes in your sun habits and sign our pledge for safe sun.

Trust me: I didn't share my story to scare you. I shared my story to empower you.
Danielle and I are just hoping to encourage those around us to make smarter choices.
We're only given one body--and we should definitely respect that gift!

Remember: being sun savvy doesn't mean wearing long sleeves in the summer time...
it simply means that you're taking a moment every day to be aware of your skin.

Thank you all for taking a moment to sign the pledge over on Sun Savvy and for spreading the news about this sun safe revolution! Even if you're just an avid blog reader {and not a blogger yourself}, we want you to kickstart this movement in your own circle. Thank you so much for your support!
Have a very happy Monday! xoxo {av}

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  1. I just mentioned this on Danielle's post but I wanted to tell you, too, since it was both your stories that motivated me to go to the doc. After reading both of them, I decided to get my skin checked for the first time ever. I was a little nervous about a couple of moles but luckily my doc said they were nothing to be concerned about. (She even complimented me by saying I had much very few signs of sun damage, especially for someone almost 30!) Thanks for the push. I will definitely be betting checked more regularly now. :)

    Sending you positive thoughts for your procedure today!!


  2. i'm so happy you're doing this! what a great platform to reach thousands of girls and (hopefully) change some minds about the dangers of skin cancer. lots of love to you both and i will definitely be spreading the word.

  3. nice! i'm following because i need the reminder... i used to be a tanning bed faithful too. good job girls!


  4. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

    I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
    1. Why did you create a blog?
    2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
    3. How long will it keep going?

  5. i love this girl. everyone needs this reminder

  6. This is awesome! I'm so glad you are doing this. Ever since I read your story, I put sunscreen on my daughter almost everyday since we don't go outside every day and myself! My fiance didn't put sunscreen on one time and I told him he better or else ;) great idea girls!

  7. Heading over there now! You inspired me to go to the dermatologist last week (something I've been putting off for years) and I was relieved to find out I am skin cancer free...I definitely will be going back every six months just to be sure (I have a lot of moles and my grandma had basal-cell skin cancer removed when she was younger). You can never be too careful!

  8. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that but I admire you so much for spreading the word! My mom had melanoma removed several years ago and that was definitely my wake up call! Fortunately, there are so many great sunscreen products out there (spray on suncreen-genius!) now that it's so easy to protect yourself.

  9. I think this is great! as a ginger it's kinda forbidden for me to go to the tanning bed because of my sensitive white skin. I get burned really fast if i walk in direct snlight too. Every year I have to get a complete body check to see if there are no suspicious moles. Last time the doctor found one and it ain't pretty to get those scumbags removed! I sign this pledge! x

  10. DONE. I am so NOT into tanning, indoor or out. No cancer for me, please.

  11. Hope everything goes ok today! I love the empowerment!

  12. can't wait to sign the pledge! Thanks for making a stand for safe skin and skin cancer prevention. I know a lot of girls my age in college who tan ALL THE TIME just because it's what is considered beautiful. Thanks for working towards changing that perception. :)

  13. This is fantastic, {av}, and such a wonderful way to bring awareness to a topic that is often brushed off. You know I'll be signing the pledge and faithfully protecting my lily white skin!

  14. Thanks for your sharing this. Because of your post, I've scheduled an appointment at my dermatologist. Thank you and what a great pledge.

  15. This is so wonderful! I embrace my paleness (think Nicole Kidman pale). It wasn't always so easy though, growing up in Florida. But the risks aren't worth it. I lather up, wear hats and am proud of my pale, pale skin. Rock on.