the lucky ones.

Congratulations to Whitney from cheerios and beer on her big win! She's taking home a print from LilyGene, the book Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, and the cobalt Le Creuset utensil holder!
{Her big win is a result of the extra entry she submitted through her Friday's Fancies post on April 15th!}

Because of the stellar response from this giveaway, LilyGene Prints was so kind to 
offer a {surprise!} second print for another {long distance loving} reader! 

This second lucky lady is Katie from The Southland Life
She'll get a print of her choice from LilyGene Prints :)
{She went to Paris on her honeymoon too! Crazy!}

 Five months into this blogging adventure, I count myself blessed each and every day that 
you choose to spend a few moments at {long distance loving}. An enormous thank you to 
each and every one of you who entered--I seriously wish I could give you ALL a prize! 
Endless love to you this Monday! xoxo {av}