fast + easy pregnancy skincare routine.

fast + easy pregnancy skincare routine.
(this post is not sponsored by Mama Mio--I just love their products that much.)

Disclaimer: A few of you have inquired about how my skincare routine has changed in pregnancy. This post is for you! I am not a medical professional, so don't take my words as gospel. If you are pregnant {or ever have been pregnant}, I would love to hear about your favorite pregnancy skincare tips. If you're not pregnant {but would like to be one day}, you might want to pin this for future reference. If you're not pregnant {and don't see that in your future}, I promise non-pregnancy posts in the coming days ;)

Before bedtime:
-I cleanse my face using my Clarisonic Mia and my favorite Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser. {This was a part of my pre-pregnancy routine as well.} I find that my skin is much drier and more prone to breakouts in pregnancy, so I like to use my Mia often to try and ward off blemishes. The Clarins cleanser has a soft and pleasant smell, which has never caused me any nausea in pregnancy.
-After sporting some pretty pimples for a few weeks, I was happy to discover the Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment. It doesn't contain salicylic acid {one of the ingredients I have chosen to avoid in pregnancy} and smells a bit like the organic skincare aisle at Whole Foods. In other words, it is unoffensive and very natural.
-As most pregnant women do, I extensively researched stretch mark creams. Most of my research pointed toward genetics--not stretch mark cream--as the predictor for whether you'd earn your pregnancy "stripes". My mother did not have any stretch marks after I was born, so I'm hoping I end up with the same fate. Even still, I wanted to stay moisturized because of the itchiness and discomfort which comes with the stretching skin of pregnancy. My research {and sensitive sniffer} all pointed to Mama Mio. At night, I use a few pumps of the Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil on my belly and rear. After oiling up, I use one {or sometimes two} pumps of the Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube on my "ladies" all the way up to my neck. I can't get enough of the light lemon smell--and {cv} doesn't complain either.
-Word to the wise: bring your pajamas into the bathroom with you as you slather on this Mama Mio goodness. Bringing the lemony smell to the bedroom isn't a terrible thing, but I personally want to avoid getting oil all over our sheets. If you sleep in your birthday suit, you can make your own call here ;)

After a shower (or in the morning):
-Mama Mio recommends two treatments daily, but I tend to reach for a different product in the mornings than I do at night. Before I pop on my outfit for the day, I take a fair amount of Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter and go to town from my neck to my bum. This stuff doesn't mess around--it truly lasts all day. I kid you not: when I change into my workout clothes after a crazy day at work, I can still feel the moisture from my Mama Mio Butter. I'm also thrilled it has helped me avoid excess itchiness and discomfort. As weird as it sounds, I will be the first to admit that I actually enjoy the time I spend rubbing on my belly. {I feel like I'm bonding!} 
-Worth mentioning {but not spending more time reviewing here}: I have been even more diligent about my sunscreen use during pregnancy. As if my previous melanoma didn't kick me into sunscreen mode, the fear of melanoma did. Whether you're pregnant or not, it is vitally important to stay on top of your SPF. Click here for an extensive guide to my favorite sunscreens.
-As an aside, I take my showers in the morning--thanks to my crazy curly hair. I always run the Clarisonic + Clarins play in the shower, so I'm often cleansing my face twice a day. If you're more of a night shower lady, I would still subscribe to the "before bedtime" routine and use this morning routine before you get dressed.

The long descriptions may have you scared, but I promise you that my pregnancy skincare routine is fast and easy. It may not be the cheapest routine in the world, but for me, it is worth it. I am a low-maintenance beauty girl, so I don't mess around with lots of different products. I find what I like and stick to it. My pre-bedtime routine takes less than five minutes; my morning routine barely takes two. I'll take that!

If you're pregnant now or ever have been, I would love to hear about your own pregnancy skincare routine. I know plenty of other options exist, so I am always eager to hear what worked for others. If I've learned one thing in pregnancy, it is that I'm not the first person to be pregnant--nor will I be the last. Sharing information is the best method for maintaining my expectant mother sanity! Can't wait to hear your two cents... xoxo {av}


  1. Oh good to know, thanks for the tips! I'll bookmark it for when the time comes :)

  2. I used the body shop Vitamin E body butter on my belly religiously through both pregnancies & escaped with no stretch marks to speak of! :) Looks like you have a great routine!

  3. Would love to hear your maternity clothes tips as well!

  4. check out ava anderson as well! her entire product line is designed to be non-toxic. i've heard from others that her sunscreen is amazing (i can't use it, or most other sunscreens for that matter... i'm allergic to zinc oxide) and i use some of her other products, all of which have been great. i especially love the body butter and lemon sugar body scrub. bonus: the company is based in RI!

  5. I love love Belli's Acne Control Spot Treatment. It really helped with controlling acne breakouts and the fact that it's free of all those chemicals that are harmful makes it an even better choice.

  6. oh good to know - my skin has not really loved this whole pregnancy thing and I've been needing something to replace my old spot treatment!

  7. I may have to check it out, I'm always up for great quality at a lower price!
    Irma Clay