home alone.

After surprising my mom on Wednesday, I have been enjoying a quiet few days at home in Indiana. The peace and quiet has been so refreshing, literally. Thanks to my Jawbone, I confirmed something I've always known: my childhood bedroom is the best for deep sleep. Though these vacation days may not be spent in an exotic locale, I am in one of my happiest places with a few of my favorite people--my parents.

Since {cv} couldn't get away from work during the week, I made the trip home by myself. {cv} and I revert to our long distance ways so quickly when we are apart. I find it incredibly reassuring to know we haven't "lost" those skills. Communicating with your significant other long distance is definitely an acquired skill. Our days apart are like glances through the window of the life we left behind.

Thanks to mother nature and the impending snow, {cv} is staying back east to avoid the storm coming this weekend. It is so strange to be home without him, even though we met out of the context of my hometown. Since we married, I can count my solo trips home on one hand. I feel like I immediately revert to my 18 year-old self when I walk in my house, especially as an only child. The only difference is that I now have a self-imposed curfew, my own bank account, and my own "home" in Rhode Island {as picture above--because I couldn't think of a better graphic for this post!}.

My plan is to soak up another day in the peace and quiet before my return to the hustle and bustle of my daily life. I can't wait to get home to {cv}, but these days apart help me appreciate waking up to him every day. I'll spend the night alone in my childhood bedroom and say a grateful prayer for finding the man I only dreamed of for years in that same room. For those who have survived long distance, where do you find your most acute reminders of how far you've come? xoxo {av}


  1. I find it at my parents' house too! Because I live so close to them - a 20 minute drive away - and Jon and I are still long distance, I go over there every week or so. We moved into the house when I was 5 so it holds all my dreams from childhood and adolescence, but I never imagined that one day almost every conversation I'd have between these walls would include mentions of my husband.

  2. have the best time at your parents house! i always like to raid my parents fridge...it's amazing how much MORE food they have in stock than we do hahha :) xo

  3. I love trips home! For me, they are always what grounds me, takes me back to what is important and provide a sense of comfort, nostalgia and peace that I can rarely find elsewhere. Have a fabulous time with your parents!