nyc: favorite eats.

where to eat in nyc.

Hello again! On Tuesday, I shared a few of my favorite things to see and do in NYC, but I'm back today with a few of my favorite places to eat. Truth be told, capturing all of the good food in NYC in one blog post would be impossible. My goal with this post is to simply share the places I've loved on my most recent visits. 

Case in point: Toro, a tapas restaurant with Boston roots. I would classify our meal there as a bit of a splurge, but it was definitely worthwhile. I generally love tapas, but tapas with your best friends is even better. As an admittedly picky eater, there were still plenty of options in my comfort zone. {I even took a few steps beyond it!} I also still dream of their grilled corn {pictured above}.

where to eat in nyc.

Next up, you'll find Buvette. I literally love Buvette. Both brunch and dinner at Buvette are worth the wait. If you love French food as much as I do, this little outpost will take you to Paris without the $1000+ plane ticket. The design of their menu is almost as incredible as the food it contains. {We tried to visit their second location in Paris in December, but we went on the one day of the week it was closed. I was so bummed!}

This photo is evidence of just how much {ch} and I love Buvette. We trekked in a snowstorm to get there. Not pictured: the coziest mulled wine of all time which greeted us inside...

where to eat in nyc.

Another favorite from my last trip to NYC was Commerce in Greenwich Village. I can easily say my favorite entrée from the trip was their impeccable short rib ravioli. If I hadn't been at the table with respectable people, I might have licked my plate. {This dinner also contained my only celebrity sighting of the trip: Padma Lakshmi's ex-husband, Salman Rushdie. I am not counting the moment earlier in the week when Allison Williams walked by me at the John Mayer concert. Yes, she is even more beautiful in person. #girlcrush} 

There may not be photo evidence of these favorites, but they are definitely worth adding to your list:
-Luke's Lobster: A trip to NYC is not complete for me without a pilgrimage to Luke's. The restaurant's namesake was actually one of my classmates from Georgetown. Luke brings in the best lobster daily from Maine. If you're not a fan of a lobster roll, trust me when I say you'll love a shrimp roll. If you are a fan of a lobster roll, you might want two; they are just that good.
-Hundred Acres: I met a sweet friend for lunch at Hundred Acres--and it did not disappoint. I went all out for lunch time with their Carolina shimp + grits. This adopted New Englander was in heaven.
-Jack's Wife Freda: We holed up here once for an entire afternoon, enjoying some rosé and some sunshine. I'd go back tomorrow if I could.
-Billy's Bakery: Back when cupcakes were more of a "thing", I preferred Billy's by a mile.
-The Standard Grill: Not only do they have a photo booth in the basement, they also have incredible waffles. Their location also serves as the perfect spot to hop on the High Line and explore. {I have also had great luck with celebrity sightings here, including Philip Seymour Hoffman and Selena Gomez. As a tourist, it was kind of fun. As an NYC resident, I'm sure it would get old.}
-Boqueria: I know, I know. Another tapas place. They once accommodated us for a late-night reservation and saved the day. Toro may be the new tapas in town, but Boqueria is still worth a try.
-Pommes Frites: Consider this place your late night fry heaven. Literally, they only serve fries. They also have twenty different dipping sauces, which are all pretty magical.

I am absolutely sure there are other things to add to this list, which is right where you come in: What other restaurants or eateries would you add to this list? Whether it is a quick lunch or a long dinner, I am all ears for great places to try the next time I'm in NYC! From one tourist to another, I hope this post is good food for thought for your next trip! xoxo {av}


  1. We're stopping in at Luke's Lobster for sure!!!

  2. Love this round up! There's this new app called NOTED Places, and I totally added some of these to my list so whenever I'm in NYC next, I can remember where to eat!

    xo, K

  3. this post is making me hungry :) have a great weekend lady! xo

  4. Great list! Food in NYC is like nowhere else ;) I would add Cafe Gitane in Nolita, Takahachi, sushi in the East Village, and Freemans off Bowery.

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