mirror mirror.

1) Rope Framed Mirror from Furbish Studio  //  2) Songe Mirror from IKEA
3) Levanger Mirror from IKEA  //  4) White Mosaic Mirror from Serena & Lily {20% off}
5) Montara Mirror from Serena & Lily {20% off!}  //  6) Tortoise Mirror from Furbish Studio
7) Hemnes Mirror from IKEA  //  8) Sullivan Mirror from Serena & Lily {20% off}

As we attempt to round out the purchases for our apartment, I find myself struggling with my decisions on mirrors and lamps. I worry about the placement height. I worry about the size. Ok, ok, I generally worry a lot. Though I have taken an interior design class or two at RISD, I am the first to admit I am not a full-fledged interior designer. I know I need to trust my gut here, but when mirrors shine right back at you, I put more weight in the choices behind them.

The other limiting factor with mirrors? Their cost! Thankfully, these eight options hit a range of budgets. I never expected something so seemingly simple to be so...expensive? In fact, cost is the reason we passed on this incredible sunburst mirror in July. Our current mirror collection isn't shabby, but I'm aching to add a piece with a bit more interest. We own the IKEA Hemnes Mirror, which worked well in our previous apartment. I am tempted to paint it, but I know it will require more than a few coats. The other mirrors in our current space come from the mecca otherwise known as HomeGoods. I say it each time I write a home decor post, but I know patience is the best virtue in this situation.

Where do you find your favorite mirrors? What other home decor decisions frustrate you? I'm hoping I'm not alone in my battle with mirrors. I can't wait to see you back here tomorrow for the 150th celebration of Friday's Fancies! xoxo {av}


  1. I have had luck at Pier 1 finding unique and affordable mirrors!

  2. shockingly, TARGET. i just got the most gorgeous HUGE round mirror with a thick black frame for $40. insane!

  3. Why am I loving Tortoise so much lately?! I think it's no secret that #6 is my fave.

    xo, B

  4. I'm the same way when it comes to interior decorating. I can never make a decision because I put too much thought into it and then end up leaving the store empty handed. I love the first mirror and it's rope/bamboo'ish trim. I think that would be perfect for a bathroom (if it didn't already have mirrors, of course).