it's time to plan ahead.

1) Erin Condren 2013-2014 Party Pops Life Planner {$50 with a 2-week lead time}
2) May Designs Notebook {starting at $19 with a 2-week lead time}
3) P.S. #Stationery - 15 flat A6 white cards with envelopes {$29 with roughly a 3-week lead time}
4) Jennifer Ann Style Personalized Double-Sided Blanket {$84 with a 4-week lead time}
5) Design Darling Monogrammed Coasters {$40 with a 3-week lead time}
6) Swanky Press Striped Monogram Cell Phone Case {$40 with roughly a week lead time}
7) Moon & Lola Acrylic Block Monogram Necklace via BaubleBar {starting at $58 with a 4-week lead time}
8) Mark & Graham Linen Satin Stitch Dinner Napkins - Set of 8 {$99 with only a week lead time}
9) Mark & Graham Rustic Leather Tray {$99 with only a week lead time}
10) Design Darling Navy Cuff with White Monogram {$54 with a 3-week lead time}

Though it is difficult to believe, the holidays are sneaking up on us. With a month until Hanukkah and eight weeks until Christmas, there are bound to be a flurry of gift guides coming soon. The one I realized I needed this weekend? A guide on how long it takes to get the best personalized gifts for your friends and family! 

Whether you're shopping for your impossible-to-buy-for dad, your picky teenage cousin, or your sister who just had a baby, the ten options above meet a variety of budgets and tastes. The best part? Your loved ones will know you really planned ahead with these gifts. (Ok, maybe they'll think you paid crazy overnight fees--but let's be honest, no one loves those rush fees.) 

What gifts do you struggle with finding? Have you found any other great personalized gifts? Even if it is a few weeks in advance, it's time to start sharing the holiday love. Have a great Monday! xoxo {av}

P.S. Don't forget about J.Crew's lovely monogram shop -- their options are endless!


  1. Love this, personalized gifts are my fave! Also, this post is totally timely -- I bought my first item off my christmas shopping list this weekend, I like to plan ahead ;)

  2. I love the Lilly Pulitzer planners, but they're 1 1/2 years! Once I graduate college, I'll definitely be on the hunt for a new one.

  3. Love monogrammed anything! You picked such cute gifts :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  4. great ideas :) you are the queen of perfect monogram ideas! xo JMC

  5. Lovely ideas...really love those coasters!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing the P.S. stationery set, lady!

  7. Great gifts! I love monograms and personalized items. Also, I never thought about it before, but you're so right: These types of gifts show how far ahead you planned! I love it.

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